10 Anime Characters That Will Make Great Power Rangers

by. . .start Mighty Morphine Power RangersThis Power Rangers Franchising has been an integral part of many childhoods around the world. With their awesome weapons, brave personalities, and colorful costumes, the Power Rangers have managed to impress generations of kids who love acting, flaws, and everything.

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However, not just anyone can be a power ranger. It takes enormous willpower, determination, and courage to even consider becoming a power ranger, let alone being a successful ranger. Some anime characters have all of these traits and more, making them perfect candidates for the next generation of Power Rangers.

10 Megumi has huge potential (jiu-jitsu naval battle)

Megumi Fushiguro is a first-year student at Tokyo Jiu-Jitsu High School Jiu Jitsu Kai ImmortalAs a member of the Zenin family, Megumi has a huge reserve of power, which he slowly discovers when he starts training under Satoru Gojo and fighting against cursed spirits with his classmates and seniors.

Megumi is a serious, no-nonsense person who is fully committed to the task at hand. His favorite familiars are his dogs, which chase cursed souls. Megumi will be one of the most successful black rangers, taking down monsters as he goes.

9 Nezuko is a born fighter (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister, Nezuko, is a skilled fighter whose kicks can take away all her enemies. Root Bean has a strong sense of family and can tell right from wrong even when he turns into a demon at the beginning of the series.

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Nezuko would make an excellent pink ranger and be the strongest member of her team. Her sense of justice and desire to protect her friends and family will be her assets as a Power Ranger.

8 Goku can overwhelm most of his opponents (Dragon Ball)

Monkey King is a super-powered alien who strays from his original mission after hitting his head and losing his memory. As he continues to protect Earth from other alien forces, he begins to explore his potential and grow stronger.

Goku’s Power Ranger will be out of his team. He will fight for the safety of his team and his world.Goku from dragon ball The franchise will allow him to push his limits and destroy all monsters.

7 Shorter will die for his friend (banana fish)

banana fish Is an icon in the Boys’ Love or BL genre. Shorter Wong is a friend of Ash Lynx and belongs to a rival gang. Despite belonging to rival gangs, Ash and Shorter are close friends. Shorter is an outgoing and friendly person who doesn’t find it difficult to make friends.

Shorter will be an easy-going and laid-back Power Ranger who will befriend the rest of the team. While he would be a fun-loving hero, he would also be serious and would risk his life to fight.

6 Sasha has keen observation (Attack on Titan)

Shy and reserved at first, Sasha Blous was part of the investigative team Attack on Titan With protagonists Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Sasha is a girl from boonies who spends time with her teammates. She has keen eyes that can notice the slightest anomaly in a situation.

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Sasha’s upbeat personality and love of food make her a great person to hang out with. With her archery skills and training as a member of the Survey Corps, she’ll be an excellent power ranger.

5 Aki figured it out (Chainsaw Man)

chainsaw manAki Hayakawa is a demon hunter on a mission. With his past tormented after the Gunslinger loses his family, Aki vows to avenge the Gunners and fights to make them pay the price they deserve. Aki is a patient and strict man who cares deeply about the people he works with.

A no-brainer leader, Aki would make an excellent power ranger capable of many great things. He’ll make sure the villains don’t cause irreparable damage and harm civilians, while he’ll put them in their place.

4 Robin can clone himself (one piece)

Nicole Robin is the sixth member to join the Straw Hat Pirates piece. She has the ability to replicate her entire body or parts of her body on any surface she chooses. She cares deeply about her teammates and makes sure they don’t stray from the right path.

A talented archaeologist, Robin is a curious cat searching for the historical text of Rio. Robin is going to be a great Power Rangers team. She will be the glue that holds her team together. Her ingenuity will be an asset to the team, allowing them to identify weaknesses in their enemies.

3 Illumi’s dominance is second to none (Hunter X Hunter)

Illumi Zoldyck is Zoldyck’s oldest sibling full time hunter. Although he seems to have no feelings, Illumi is not without his desires and feelings. His telepathic abilities are superior to those of most of his peers, allowing him to control his younger brother, Qiu, without needing to be near him.

Illumi will be a powerful and ruthless power ranger who will not hesitate to put an end to the monsters and villains he faces once and for all. He would make a good green ranger, able to fight the final boss alone.

2 Suzaku has a strong moral stance (Code Geass)

Kurume Suzaku is one of Lelouch’s closest friends Code Geass. His dark past makes him one of the most understanding and toughest characters in anime. Suzaku wishes for world peace and no unnecessary violence and bloodshed. Although he prefers diplomatic dialogue, Suzaku is an excellent soldier.

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As a power ranger, Suzaku will be his team’s moral compass. He will ensure that all their actions are justified and serve the greater good. His experience with Knightmare Frame, Lancelot, will make him a Zords pro.

1 L is for Prodigy (Death Note)

L is a hermit tasked with finding vigilantes who wreak havoc in Japan, and he is a genius who hatches a plan to capture Kira in Japan Death Note. Although L looks like a sleep-deprived sick child, he is a very intelligent and observant man. Police hope he can end Kira’s madness.

L will be one of the savviest Power Rangers out there. Like Billy Cranston, L will come up with new gadgets and technologies to help them defeat villains and keep the planet safe.

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