10 Animes Worth Season 2

July 7th, Vinland legend Received the first official trailer announcing that the amazing Tale of Sophon Viking is currently in production and the animation is expected to be a success. But while some anime are lucky enough to run for years, others are just waiting for a second season.

For some anime, it seems impossible for them to get there, but for others, it just takes a while.It took six years blue exorcist The second season is out, fans are still waiting for the next season full time hunter 8 years later. But some anime don’t even have a second season in the pipeline, no matter how worthy the story is.

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10 King ranking

Prince Boji on the king list.

King ranking The sudden appearance of this anime surprised many fans. In this fun fantasy adventure, Prince Borgi, who stole a lot without his knowledge, tries to find his purpose and become a worthy king.

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The anime can seem childish at times, but suggests it can be darkened by the gore of some deaths.although King ranking To end in a way that could be the conclusion if need be, the manga is still a work in progress, and Wit Studios has done such a great job with the animated series that it seems unlikely they’ll let it pass.

9 triangle gun

Vash from Trigun.

anyone familiar triangle gun It might not have been thought at first that a sequel would work. After all, the original animation gave the story a very solid ending and wrapped up the story arcs of several characters. In some ways, it just doesn’t work.

However, triangle gun Adapted an unfinished comic. That being said, there’s still a lot of material that could fit into a second season. The second would be better, and more likely, an updated version of the anime, re-adapting what the original anime already had and continuing to complete the manga. This treatment has been given to series before, such as the amazing anime that every anime fan should watch, full metal alchemist, And will allow anime viewers to get the full experience of the story.

8 blood boy

Staz from Blood Lad.

blood boy Always a hidden gem in anime and manga. It’s hard not to love the main character, Staz Charlie Blood, a vampire who loves anime and video games. He even pulled a Kamehameha in the middle of a fight!

although blood boy Received a single season, also received OVA and ONA, but still no second season. blood boy It’s an interesting enough story, and the first season was well adapted. So why Brain’s Base or other studios didn’t choose animation and give it a second season is a mystery, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

7 Dragon Ball Super

DBS Broly poster.

although Dragon Ball Super Haven’t had a second season yet and the manga is still going strong, having released two films in the past few years –Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes.

Why Toei Animation Hasn’t Decided to Pull the Trigger and Start Adapting Season 2 Dragon Ball Super Weird from the comics. There are a lot of materials that can fit the Moro arc, but maybe they’re waiting for the current arc to finish first.Currently Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes hope is enough dragon ball fans, but the new season needs to come soon.

6 Yona at dawn

Yona of Dawn protagonist.

although Yona at dawn Few people talk about it, it’s a hugely popular anime adaptation, and shoujo manga is one of the most popular manga among the population.

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Yona at dawn is a beautiful story, well adapted and animated. While the series did get an OVA in 2016, the series barely did its justice. It’s been six years now that an anime sequel of any kind has been announced, and many fans of the series may be dismayed, but some series do take longer than others to get a second season.

5 Bang!

Btoom protagonist.

Bang! is one of those anime that seems to be everywhere.The plot and ideas are interesting Hungry Games That feeling. Some scenes are a bit over the top, but it’s ultimately a compelling, high-stakes story.

The animation was completed in 2012 and the manga ended in 2018. Ratings for the series are generally pretty average, but if the budget and animation are right, the anime could really come back strong for a second season.

4 Horimiya

The protagonist of Horimiya.

Romance anime has become more popular in recent years, and last year’s anime helped. Horimiya As well as giving the romance of one of the best slices of life for couples.

Some comic fans of the story are clearly not happy with this approach Horimiya was adapted and claimed that a second season was impossible. While others are more positive that a second season could easily work and go on to adapt the manga. With the manga completed in 2021 and the first season of the anime debuting in the same year, it’s certainly possible that the anime will be continued soon as well.

3 black clover

Black Clover Cast.

black clover Anime fans have had a diverse and likable cast over the years. black clover Growing in popularity, especially as it nears the end of its first season and begins to drastically improve its overall animation.

black clover Manga fans will know that the manga is coming to an end. Currently, during the hiatus, it will soon begin the final part of the story.and black clover Recently received an untitled movie, and it’s a while before the second season arrives. Most likely, they will start season 2 sometime in 2024. At that time, black clover The manga should also be nearing its end.

2 Rogues don’t dream of bunny girl senpai

Bunny girl-senpai character.

much like Horimiya, Rogues don’t dream of bunny girl senpai (a mouthful of titles) has always been a big part of making romance anime more popular.

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Without a doubt, it’s one of the most popular romance animes released in the past few years and even got a much-loved movie in 2021. With the franchise’s popularity, it seems unlikely they’ll wait too long to start working on the next anime adaptation. In fact, fans should hear something this year or next.

1 full time hunter

Kurapika by HxH.

full time hunter Always one of the most popular shounen manga, if Togashi hadn’t taken that much break (note: his break was due to health reasons), the manga is now complete. However, it’s important that everyone gets the rest they need, and Togashi deserves every rest he gets.

full time hunter is a widely loved anime that ranks among the favorites of many. This year, fans recently learned that Togashi is briefly returning from his hiatus and will publish ten chapters this year. This is exciting news that will lead to the publication of a new volume in the series. While the comics are a bit slow, there’s actually enough material for them to fit into a second or even third season.

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