10 better villain anime than Jujutsu Kaisen

Jiu Jitsu Kai Immortal One of the biggest games in shounen anime right now, arguably part of the unofficial new “Big Three” my hero academia and Demon Slayer. This anime features some incredible animations, a smooth, curse-based fantasy combat system, and great protagonists like the kind-hearted Yuji Itatori and the tough Kushizaki Nohara.

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at the same time, Jiu Jitsu Kai Immortal There are useful but otherwise unremarkable villains. These villains have been a proper challenge for Yuji and other heroes so far, but their designs are a far cry from the legendary villains of other anime series past and present.

the bad guy my hero academia not just knockoffs X-Men Villains – They are serious commentaries on the plight of modern society and some of its harsh double standards or pressure norms. Many of these villains are the product of a strict society that strictly adheres to heroic beliefs, and some fall into the cracks.

That doesn’t mean the villains are blameless for their actions – far from it. But even so, cool villains like Kimiko Toga, Tomomura Shigaraki, Spinner, and Dabi could be different if society were more accepting of them and their quirks.

9 Naruto’s villains embody visceral and mundane themes

Popular Teen Series Naruto There are memorable villains like businessman Kato and bully Zagu Abuhai, but it also has some of the most memorable and exciting antagonists the teen has ever had, including members of the Akatsuki gang and for a time Sagara.

Gaara suffers from being isolated as Hiroshima, but when Naruto reaches out to him as a friend, he sees the light of day. Then, Powerful Pain embodies the eternal theme of the cycle of hatred and violence, and he proves that achieving world peace is no easy task.

8 One Piece’s villains are powerful and imaginative

Countless villains piece Their outfits, abilities, goals, etc. vary widely, some work in teams while others are tyrants or loners. For example, Captain Blackbeard manages the entire crew and has become one of Luffy’s greatest villains. He even stole Whitebrard’s powers somehow.

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But that’s not all. piece Features the villain-turned-anti-hero Sir Crocodile, who scours Alabasta in search of blueprints for ancient weapons. Then, Luffy took on the fearsome tyrant Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc and narrowly defeated him in the Battle of the Ages. But Doflamingo isn’t just the ultimate boss — he’s a fascinating character in his own right.

7 Bleach’s villain has a very good design

the villain bleach Can be divided into several groups, factions, and even species, from a single Hollow to ten mighty Espadas and Sternritter, or elite Quincy. Some of them are one-off antagonists, while others are truly memorable, like the nihilistic Ulquiorra Schiffer, who finally learns to understand “heart.”

bleach The arrogant fallen king Barragan is also depicted in his vain attempt to rule over all creation and, most importantly, the scheming Sousuke Aizen trying to claim a celestial throne for himself. Other villains like Coyote Starrk, Grimmjow and Giselle Gewelle have also captured the imagination of fans.

6 Demon Slayer’s villain somehow sympathizes

The most popular shounen anime so far Demon Slayer Notorious for his many sympathetic villains, even if they look like grotesque beasts on the outside, such as oversized hand demons. These demons shouldn’t be spared just because they have a sad background, but even so, Tanjiro often sympathizes with them and may even cry for them.

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It took some real creativity to get the audience to cry over the killers, but somehow, Demon Slayer Did it, and more than once. Even the brash princess-like Daki and her twisted brother Gyutaro had their heartstrings pulled when their tragic backstories were revealed shortly before their deaths.

5 The villain of Hunter X Hunter is creatively designed

popular juvenile series full time hunter Known for its constant interruptions, but even if the story isn’t over, fans have met more than a few cool villains along the way. A notable example is the rogue Hisoka Morrow, who wants to fight Gon at his best as a Nen user.

Then there’s the Phantom Troupe, one of the strongest and most colorfully designed villains in all of anime. Its members range from Bonolenov, who has a body like a living flute, to Shizuka, who has the Nen technology based on the vacuum cleaner.

most Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodThe villain is the homunculi, supernatural beings born from the power of the Philosopher’s Stone. It all started when “The Dwarf in the Bottle” tricked Hohenheim and Xue Xianwang into a huge alchemical ritual to give him enormous powers. Now he’s freed from his seven sins as a “child,” ranging from pride to anger.

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Not only do these cool androids possess charming fighting, and sometimes sympathy, but they also all die in symbolic ways. For example, Pride died from being humbled by Ed, while Sloth died from overwork, and Gluttony was devoured by Pride.

3 The villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is unforgettable

even though most of JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureThe villains are “Monsters of the Week” and they always have bizarre powers and cool designs. An example is Prosciutto, who can make everyone around him age quickly, or Daniel J. D’Arby, who can steal the soul of anyone who loses to him in a game of chance.

And of course, Jojo’s The main villains are downright legendary characters, from the brash blonde vampire DIO to the sinister murderer Yoshikage Kira, and of course the mighty Pillar Man. Their toned physique and cool theme song will forever be remembered by anime fans.

2 Attack on Titan’s villains are so human

In a cruel and chaotic world Attack on Titan, it’s not always clear who’s friend and who’s foe, and the border is a fuzzy one that tends to move left and right. But that makes the story engaging rather than confusing, and the villains are exciting, both temporarily and permanently.

Characters like Reiner Braun, his cousin Gabi, and baseball-loving Zeke Yeager have all been rivals, but that’s not all. They are real, living people with their own emotions and goals, and not all of them will be villains forever.

1 Tokyo Avengers’ villains are realistic and chilling

time travel juvenile juvenile series Tokyo Avengers Villains with full humanity – no quirks, no Nen, no titan transfers. But that makes them more exciting and gripping, not less, because such people do exist. Punks, criminals, and gangsters are largely a reality.

These villains, like the scheming Kisaki Tetta, have captured the imagination of anime fans with their ingenious schemes, chilling personalities, and most importantly, how solid they are as antagonistic characters.Sometimes less is more, and Tokyo Avengers Prove it with its villains.

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