10 things Naruto stole from other anime

Naruto The original story of how a loser made his dream come true by proving he could change his destiny. It takes viewers on an incredible journey through the world of ninjas, making it one of the most successful animes of all time.other anime shows apparently from Naruto It has a similar dynamic system, a team of three protagonists, and a mentor comparable to the protagonist.

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However, Naruto Also plagiarizes other anime in many ways, as not everything is completely original.From battle scenes to the characteristics of each ninja, viewers can easily discover Naruto Take inspiration from other anime.

10 The writing wheel functions like Kurapika’s scarlet eyes

writing wheel eye Naruto These are the eyes that allow the character to gain incredible abilities, such as anticipating the opponent’s movements. It’s kind of like “Scarlet Eye” full time hunter, as both are awakened by the characters’ strong emotions. Like the Shaker Eye, the Scarlet Eye can significantly improve the character’s physical abilities. For example, Kurapika showed that he could punch harder when Scarlet Eye was activated during the Hunter exam.Although it is not clear whether Naruto The Shaker Eye and the Scarlet Eye are deliberately similar, and their similarities cannot be ignored.

9 Naruto and Sasuke Copy Teen Compete

The tried-and-true template for Shonen competition involves two characters constantly trying to outdo each other.The rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke exemplifies this dynamic as it mimics the rivalry of the previous anime Naruto.

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Their competition is similar to other shows such as slam dunk, which depicts the tension between a completely inept basketball player and a basketball prodigy. Naruto embodies the underdog, and Sasuke sets the standard for Naruto to catch up. Viewers love watching Naruto and Sasuke outdo each other at different points in the story, and seeing their rivalry culminate in the final battle.

8 Naruto’s Goofy character is similar to other teenage protagonists

While Naruto can sometimes use tactics to defeat his opponent in battle, he makes some of the dumbest decisions on the show. For example, he forgot that he needed to use the holy energy to attack the Ju-Tails Shuri Obito. He also had the worst grades in his class at the academy, and as a child, he deliberately used pranks to get attention. Compared to the other teenage protagonists, his quirky personality doesn’t make him stand out.Many main characters of the shounen genre such as Goku dragon ballmaking up for their lack of IQ with incredible strength.

7 Naruto’s Rasenshuriken and Krillin’s Destructive Discs Look Alike

Looking at Krillin’s Destructive Disc side by side with Naruto’s Rasenshuriken, it’s easy to notice how similar they are. Naruto developed the Rasenshuriken, a spinning chakra in the shape of a shuriken, and used it as a projectile to eliminate opponents.like Krillin’s destructive disc dragon ball, he holds a powerful energy body above his head, which he can also use as a projectile by throwing it. therefore, Naruto Not only the tropes are ripped out, but the little details like what the characters use to attack and how they use it.

6 Naruto is as powerful as Goku

When Naruto uses his chakras to power up, a vibrant energy builds up around his body, causing him to glow. Naruto’s chakra is so bright that he can be noticed from a distance.A bright halo also surrounds Goku from dragon ball when he powers up.

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Unlike Naruto, Goku’s hair color and shape change, and he also screams for long periods of time to build up his energy. Nonetheless, both Naruto and Goku have more or less the same appearance while preparing themselves for powerful attacks.

5 The power of Naruto shows the huge potential of the teenage protagonist, albeit a weak one

Although Naruto is a weakling who has difficulty connecting with others, he was born with great potential because his father sealed the Nine Tails on him before he died. Naruto struggled to develop his skills at first, but with the power of the Nine Tails, he showed that the sky is the limit. As he grows stronger, he develops enough speed and strength to take down members of the notorious Akatsuki.Characters from other anime such as Sakuragi slam dunk A similar progression was followed as Sakuragi started as a rookie but has the potential to become a great basketball player.

4 Naruto and Goku can transform into animals

Because Naruto was born sealed in the Nine-Tailed Fox, he was in danger of being occupied by the Nine-Tailed Fox. Nine tails made it clear how much he hated humans and therefore tried to take over Naruto’s body without caring about Naruto’s life. Multiple instances show how vulnerable Naruto is when he loses control of himself and the power of the Nine Tails, as he almost turns into a beast on several occasions. Goku can also transform into a beast under special circumstances, because whenever he sees a full moon, he transforms into a giant ape.

3 Naruto builds close relationship between brothers like other teens

Naruto Having a plethora of brotherly relationships illustrates how brotherly love can play an integral role in developing the multiple narratives that make anime special. Characters like Itachi and Sasuke, Madara and Izuna, Hashima and Flying are just some of the many brothers on the show. Their relationship contributed to the love-hate theme that runs throughout the show. Likewise, other teenage brothers, such as Illumi and Qi, full time hunter Be an important part of the story in many different ways.

2 The Uchiha clan is similar to other anime groups, with only one survivor

Itachi Uchiha killed everyone in his family except his younger brother Sasuke, known as the last survivor of the mighty Uchiha clan. While The Fall of the Uchihas is a great storyline, it’s not all that different from other anime.

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Many other anime have stories of characters becoming the last survivors of their group.Like Sasuke, Vegeta, etc. dragon ball Become the antagonist of the protagonist and the last survivor of his clan.

1 Naruto has unique hair like other teenage protagonists

Naruto stands out among the actors at first sight.He’s one of the few characters out of all the characters Naruto with bright blonde hair. When Naruto enters pommel chakra mode, his hair becomes brighter and even glows in the dark. Other teenage characters exhibit similarly quirky looks that make them stand out, even in a world where the bright, spiky hair doesn’t match the rest of the characters.For example, the characters from slam dunk Always pick on the main character Sakuragi because of his bright red hair.

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