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I am a cardholder of Beyhive. Not on the creepy, swarming internet somehow attacking Beyoncé haters. But this type of person appreciates not only her musical vibe, but also her business acumen and brilliant marketing strategy. So as you can imagine, the news of her latest album release was a big deal for me. In true Beyoncé form, her latest new album announcement is nothing short of marketing genius.

If you want to market yourself, your brand, or your business like Beyoncé, do these five things.

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1. Create consistent quality content

The truth of the matter is that at this stage in her career, Beyoncé can announce the release of rock and people will line up to buy it. But that’s because since the late ’90s, despite several changes in her career and life, she has consistently produced high-quality work.

From the success of girl groups to solo artistes, marriage, motherhood, marital crisis and more motherhood, to multiple world tours, and even a film career, Beyoncé has now been consistently active for over two decades. No matter the lifespan of your business, consistent lessons are a key element of the marketing process that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Consistency breeds mastery. It also keeps you ahead of the curve in the eyes of consumers. With consistently high-quality content, you’ll end up building your own fan base—perhaps not as enthusiastic as Beyhive—but your tribe will be watching, waiting, and anticipating your next hit at their seats. When you keep pouring on them, they’ll be more willing to buy.

2. Forge your own path

Beyoncé’s latest news allows her to purchase her new album on CD. Yes, it’s 2022 and she’s selling CDs. I can’t remember the last time I listened to a CD, let alone bought it – but like countless others, I pre-ordered mine right away. This is just the latest example of the genius she brings to her marketing efforts. She is the embodiment of job-hopping marketing strategies when everyone else is jumping. The worst thing you can do for your business is to do the 5,011th version of the same thing everyone else is doing. How can you be different? What is unique about your approach? Do you think this goes directly against the norm in your field? The more you can move in a unique direction, the better you can set yourself up for game-changing marketing success.

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3. Establish Anticipation

Although Beyoncé announced her upcoming album on June 16, the actual release date is July 29. This allows for a full six weeks of pre-promotions (and pre-sale) before the album is actually available. One of the biggest beginner mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is not understanding that marketing takes time. From planning book launches to populating live events, or anything in between, the key lesson here is that while you can do a lot of last-minute things in your business (if you absolutely must), marketing is not one of them one of them. Establishing an appropriate pre-promotion time is critical to success.

4. Overall Market

While most of us intuitively know that it’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket, most entrepreneurs are comfortable with only one way of marketing. At this moment, mind you, you can see Beyoncé’s latest music almost anywhere.

While her initial statement came on social media via a tweet from her husband’s Jay Z’s music streaming company, the “news” is also becoming news. It was widely covered on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines – including the perfectly timed release of the cover of British Vogue. Marketing broadly in this way not only expands the brand’s reach, but it’s free. Now, of course, cost may not be a concern for Beyoncé, but for most business owners struggling to keep up with the rising costs of social media advertising and most other things, learn how to get the most out of organic marketing strategies, including using traditional media, is required.

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5. Incentivize multiple purchases

My girl is selling boxes. box, you. It’s full of things you can’t see! But people like me are buying them anyway. In another genius marketing ploy, Beyoncé pre-sold four different outfits for her new project. Generally, buyers know they will receive a T-shirt, the aforementioned CD, and a brochure, but they have no idea what any of these items look like. Each set can only be distinguished by the pose number assigned to each set. There are four poses to choose from, and conveniently, each buyer is limited to four purchases. A true Beyhive lover might buy one of each pose. What can you learn from it? Think of ways you can incentivize multiple purchases of the same or similar product or service. Why stop making one sale from every customer or client when you can get two, three, four or even more?

While most people don’t know what it’s like to be a global music superstar, every entrepreneur can take advantage of at least one lesson Beyoncé offers in this area, her latest way to change the marketing game.

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