5 Ways to Improve NPC Behavior in GTA 6

GTA 6 is just a few years away, as industry insiders and experts expect the highly anticipated game to release in 2024-25. Rockstar Games has informed fans that more resources are being allocated to the project.

That being said, fans have been talking about what the game might look like, what it should contain and where it might be set for a long time to come. Speaking of what it should be made of, it’s better NPC AI.

This article discusses how developers can improve existing NPC mechanics.

Note: This article only represents the author’s personal views.

GTA 6 should have improved NPC AI, here’s how

1) Regular


NPCs or non-playable characters are not just fillers in the game. They should always have a goal and a set routine to make things more immersive.

GTA NPCs are good, but Rockstar outdid itself in Red Dead Redemption 2. As the video above clearly shows, three random NPCs (which also include a dog) have a series of quests to complete throughout the day.

During the start of the game, the farmer behaves like a real person. Same goes for lumberjacks. However, this dog is the icing on the cake as it’s not really needed and hardly any player will notice the effort put into it.

2) Variety


With huge maps in open world games, it’s hard for developers to introduce variety in terms of NPCs. GTA 5 did well for the 2013 game, but RDR 2 once again knocked fans out with some unique NPCs.

NPCs could be random people walking down the street, gang members, police, etc. That is, the more realistic the changes, the more immersive the game is.

However, varieties should also not be introduced arbitrarily. For example, a population of young NPCs can hang out near a nightclub, or a suspicious character can hang out near a bank/casino/jewelry store.

3) Interactive


GTA 5 does an excellent job of NPCs interacting with the world. People in Los Santos can often be seen indulging in activities such as rides at the marina, police chasing criminals, and more.

However, these instances are few and far between, especially in Story Mode. As one huge open world space, Los Santos and Blaine County have a lot to do in various places.

More details can also add a lot of value. As shown in the clip above, the taxi driver did not respond after the LSPD cruiser rammed into his car. He may be hurt, unconscious, angry or just scared.

4) Interaction with players


Most modern games allow gamers to interact with NPCs. Earlier, it was just called NPC, but players can chat with any stranger at will. In GTA 5, these were triggered automatically, and there was a very noticeable instance when following an NPC for a while.

However, in RDR 2, the protagonist also has the option to reply, which is great. For example, after the initial bar brawl on Valentine’s Day, the town was fed up with Arthur’s presence. In his way they threw out a series of negative comments, which players could respond by apologizing or hitting back.

Likewise, when the law calls for finding John or Arthur, there is an option to apologize and get away with a petty crime like disturbing the peace.

GTA 6 improves on this tried-and-true mechanic and opens up even more possibilities.

5) Police


LSPD in GTA 5 has become a meme at this point, with players finding something funny to share almost every day. The game’s wanted system was also broken.

GTA 6 could work on this to make things more believable and closer to the real world. As the video shows, people don’t get shot for hitting people.

Los Santos police are also ignoring collateral damage in their pursuit of criminals. They can be seen vandalizing property and crushing civilians at will.

Thanks to GTA 5’s continued success, there’s a lot to expect from the upcoming game, and some of the biggest shoes to fill.

The NPC AI in Grand Theft Auto requires a lot of work, whether in online or story mode.


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