All 5 GTA side events that only appear once

Five unique side events have popped up in GTA since then, including some memorable ones like burglary, comedy show, and bowling.

highly successful throughout Grand Theft Auto In the series, optional side events and hobbies have become a major pleasure for players, with five of them appearing only once. While events like competitions and vigilante missions can be found in multiple games throughout the series, it’s the one-of-a-kind events that really catch the eye. Grand Theft Auto fan. From true endurance tests to light-hearted performances, Grand Theft Auto Instead of the main quest, players are given a variety of content.

with the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 With the series coming up and in development, fans of the series were quick to speculate whether Rockstar would test the waters with a new sideline event Grand Theft Auto Never tried it.Ideas circulating around include police or detective missions, something like black los angelesbut with Grand Theft Auto 6The possibility of a possible criminal protagonist seems remote. Still, back catalogs of side activities and hobbies from past titles have provided hours of fun for fans of the series.

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Five of these events were featured in just one game of the series and captured the hearts and eyes of all Grand Theft Auto fan. From simple movements with surprisingly good mechanics to laid-back hilarious performances, here are five of the best activities players have spent in previous games. Grand Theft Auto 6 It’s likely to be released between Spring 2023 and 2024, and Rockstar’s performance could be far worse than taking inspiration from classic side events from past games.

Bowling is one of GTA 4’s best side activities

Nothing stands out Grand Theft Auto 4 Fans have more tangled calls than Roman asking his cousin Niko to go bowling (honored by MrAnsonic), and it’s been well-parodyed in future titles and other media. Still, the bowling-side event is certainly enjoyable and offers fans a way to take a break from a serious and sometimes emotional adventure.Of all the side events, bowling is not present at GTA 5especially given the comedic way it might be used.

GTA: San Andreas lets players go to the gym


While many side activities are just for exercise and competition, the gym GTA San Andreas Offers a unique ability that can really change the look of the main character, CJ. If the player visits Cluckin’ Bell too many times during the game, a few workouts on the treadmill at the gym can repair CJ’s physique and improve their stamina. It’s also useful for hand-to-hand combat to learn new moves and abilities in the ring.Apart from the notorious Grand Theft Auto Side quests for paramedics, the gym is San Andreas’success.

Comedy show brings the world of GTA 4 to life


One of the most famous side events Grand Theft Auto History, thanks in large part to real-world performers, comedy shows in GTA 4. The base game contains routines from Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams, while the DLC Lost and Damned Introducing Frankie Boyle’s material.The shows are really fun, it’s a shame the comedy club didn’t quite last Grand Theft Auto 5.

Golf in GTA 5 may be the best minigame in the series

GTA 5 Golf

play golf Grand Theft Auto 5 At first glance, this might not seem like one of the game’s strongest features, but the mechanics and gameplay are better than they seem. Should Rockstar make a PGA series, it’s already on the right track, and it’s probably the most well-made side event in the entire series.also dedicated to GTA 5 It’s tennis and yoga, although the quality is certainly not as good as golf.Are these appearing again in Grand Theft Auto 6 to be observed.

GTA: San Andreas provides opportunity for direct burglary

Theft of GtaSanAndreas.jpg

Stealing from someone’s house seems to be more of the kind of content that many people expect Grand Theft Auto games, and San Andreas provided these a long time ago GTA 5more sophisticated robbery.The iconic side game is exclusive GTA San Andreas and available after completing early missions.With over 20 houses to steal throughout the map, side quests are something fans of the series won’t forget for a while, and Grand Theft Auto 6 Even thefts can be brought back.

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