All the controversies since the album’s release

Beyonce’s latest album, regenerationwhich was well-received by critics and fans alike when it opened on Friday, has also caused some well-publicized controversy.

Beyonce on Tuesday regeneration track. The move comes after Kelly, who was a hit with “Milkshake” in 2003, accused Beyoncé of “theft” because she allegedly didn’t tell her about the samples.

The news about the Kelis sample could be the latest in the controversy surrounding it regeneration, but questions about the album started even before it was officially dropped.The album was reportedly leaked online just days before its release date after being released in Euro Records regeneration Shelf early. While many fans condemned the leak and vowed to honor Beyoncé by waiting for the official release, others began sharing songbooks and deciphering the lyrics.

Kelly’s complaints aren’t the only criticism of songwriting credits, either regeneration. Diane Warren, the songwriter behind the hits “If I Could Turn Back Time” (Cher) and “I Don’t Want to Miss Anything” (Aerosmith), angered Beyhive on Monday ask On Twitter, “How can a song have 24 authors?” at reference regeneration Track “Alien Giants”.

The-Dream – collaborator regeneration—Among the many critics of Warren, he wrote harsh message Tell her about sampling credits and black culture on Twitter.After that, Warren Say She wasn’t saying her comments were “disrespectful.”

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” drew controversy and praise. In this photo, Beyonce appears on stage during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards at the Los Angeles Convention Center on March 14, 2021.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty for the Recording Academy

The lyrics on the album also drew a public backlash, particularly Beyoncé’s use of the “s**z” slur on the song “Heated.” The term comes from the word “spasmodic” and refers to the disability “spasmodic cerebral palsy”. Fellow music superstar Lizzo used the same slur on the single “Grrrrls,” but changed the lyrics shortly after the track was released in June. Likewise, a recent statement from Beyonce’s rep announced that she would remove the word “heating.”

During the outcry over “Heated,” Monica Lewinsky also called on Beyoncé to change the lyrics to an old song “Partition,” which was included on Beyoncé’s 2013 fifth album of the same name on the album. The song references Lewinsky’s romance with then-President Bill Clinton.

“[U]Well, while we’re doing it… #Partition,” Lewinsky wrote on Monday tweet It contains links to articles about the “fierce” controversy. Beyoncé didn’t say she’d change the word to “division,” but Lewinsky received an angry response from countless fans on Twitter.

Many social media users celebrated some regenerationvulgar lyrics, while others expressed disapproval. Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade agreed with the audience, who said Beyoncé’s words went too far.

When filling in as guest host Ingraham Point On Monday, Kilmeade discussed removing “s**z” from “Heated” before condemning other language on the album.In contributor Raymond Arroyo mentions Beyoncé in regenerationand “a dirty term for male/female genitalia,” which Kilmead chimed in to say that the singer shouldn’t be using the language because “she’s a parent.”

“We haven’t really seen her in a while. Barely dressed, dancing around, and now she’s coming back meaner than ever with X-rated lyrics,” says Kilmeade.

Fans of the pop star were quick to express their dissatisfaction with the conservative pundit’s comments.

“Beyoncé? Messy? You know moms don’t stop being sexy when they have kids? If you schedule biweekly sex with your wife, that’s your business. I think what you think of American women is distorted,” reads a tweet This is the typical response of the hive.

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