Astrologers Analyze Beyonce’s ‘Virgo’ News

While many people on the internet, especially Leos, thought it was shady for Beyoncé to release her song “Virgo’s Groove” during Leo season, it really was a typical Virgo move.This zodiac sign is known for being convenient and organized in their work, which is probably why all Virgo queens drop her albums Act 1: The Renaissance and her latest astrological trajectory before her return to the sun.

To all Leos worried about the “Virgo’s groove” stealing their limelight: Calm down. Stop being selfish and dramatic! Don’t let your bravado and ego get past you. Learning to share the spotlight once in a while is good for you, especially with Queen Bey. After all, Virgos need some love too.Plus, Virgos have a low tolerance for drama and immediacy and will never That Messy. And most people in America are Virgos, so we’d better let the patient sign have its time. Its benevolent nature will allow it to do the same to other signs.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce has sung about her zodiac sign. “Gift From Virgo” and “Signs,” both containing full lyrics about the mutability of Earth’s signs and similar traits that identify the man she wants, appeared on her 2003 album dangerous love, which won the singer a Grammy the following year. “The Gift of Virgo” discusses reflective and tender conversations she shares with her lover. “Horoscope” is about how her boo fits into the worst qualities of the zodiac and all the zodiac signs she’s dating, but she still longs for a Virgo lover, someone like her. However, “sexy Scorpio” can also.

However, “Virgo’s Groove” is a little different from Beyonce’s various other astrology songs, which were previously sexy and sultry. Unlike “Signs” and “Gifts from Virgo,” she talks about her favorite topic: touch. It’s a feeling Capricorns and Taurus also crave because it connects them to their bodies. Her lyrics are a direct expression of her sensuality with lyrics like “I want it right here, right now / Curled up on the couch / Jet Ski, baby, spinning / out of my shirt in slow motion”. Beyonce sings unapologetically trying to strike up a conversation; no shame in her game: “So use me (use me) / go after me (go after me) / kiss me when you hurt me (scarred) / taste Me (taste me), that fleshy part/I scream so loud, I curse the stars.”

The song explores the sexual aspect of the earth sign, which doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, as it gracefully brings seductive energy to everything it does. Is it fair to say “Virgo’s Groove” might be the next great booty call song? Yes, this doesn’t just apply to signs ruled by Mercury. No matter which zodiac sign you belong to, you’ll probably love bumping and honing Bey’s classic neo-pop on the dance floor or in your bedroom. Compared to the disco vibe of “Summer Renaissance,” “Virgo’s Groove” has a lively rhythm that makes love especially fun.

In fact, Virgos are known to be very perverted. Many astrologers consider them one of the wildest signs because they work hard and believe in playing harder. Their hedonistic desires and curious minds often lead them to exciting trysts.

Looking at her birth chart, Beyoncé — who was born on September 4, 1981 at 10:00 AM in Houston, Texas — has a Scorpio Moon and a Libra Ascendant. These aspects provide additional depth to the way she communicates herself through words and music. With Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in her Libra Ascendant, which refers to the energy we project into the world, it’s no wonder she’s so expressive about her thirst. Venus rules Libra, which brings raw sexual energy to her natal chart, and the Libra constellations are clusters of three or more planets in the same sign that show a desire for love, sex, and passion.

So instead of hiding her sensuality and desires, Beyoncé opens up and lets them see. So while the song is perfect for a one-night stand, “Virgo’s Groove” is a lot more powerful than one might think when you first hear it. It’s about Beyonce embracing her strength, authenticity, and passion while encouraging her fans to do the same.This theme of empowerment runs through regeneration In the lyrics of “I’m That Girl” and even on the album’s lead single “Break My Soul.” Her Scorpio Moon — which rules comfort, family, and emotions — aligns with the Destiny South Node and refers to what makes us feel whole, meaning she seems confident in putting her Virgo traits and passions into it and opening it up to the world. .

Love can be a game for Virgos, as their ebullient nature often allows them to play with the emotions of others through back-and-forth rather than commitment. However, kissing and hooking up are necessities for those who are guided by earth signs, and they love being touched when making demands on their partner. Hopefully this song will give every Virgo the power pop and desire they crave every day of the year.

Lisa Stardust is an astrologer, his third book, love deckAvailable now.

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