Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry opt for chaos this week

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If I were to describe my ideal night at the club – even though “ideal” and “club” are not two words I use in the same sentence – it would involve Katy Perry throwing pizza at me. (Frankly, anyone throws pizza at me.)

My dream became a reality for some lucky revellers.One Video goes viral The pop star at this week’s Las Vegas party, she’s hyped behind the DJ booth. “What really keeps them going?“She seemed to be thinking.”The beat drops? Some confetti?“No, that won’t work.”I get it: they have pepperoni in their hair.

in a sequence as thrilling as a climax No, the video shows a paper plate mounted with slices spinning in the air, like a UFO in the movie looking for a human target. Satisfied with himself, Perry ends again, this time removing the slice from the plate as the crowd grabs it like a bouquet tossing at a wedding. (Tip to myself: top-notch wedding ideas.) It’s the only Frisbee game I’m willing to play.

My review of this whole ordeal echoes that of my colleague Kyndall Cunningham, who flagged it earlier this week: “It’s safe to say that this video has brought me tremendous joy.”

What I love about this clip is how fast it spreads. I appreciate the various reactions people have had to it: hilarious! Total! Classic Katie! But, for the most part, we all just enjoy all its unexpected absurdities in unity. How often do we wake up from the doomsday summer slump of a video of one of the world’s most famous people throwing pizza into a crowd living for it? They risk all their stomachaches by eating a gluten-dairy combo just to get their mouths dropped. Better than manna from heaven: it’s Katy Perry’s junk food.

obsession of the daily beast

We can’t stop loving, hating and thinking about everything in pop culture this week.

Little did I know that Katy Perry’s Pizza Party was going to have an absolutely pop-star chaotic week.

Think of all the headlines, little news cycles, viral outrage, memes and jokes, and waves of — get ready for an ugly word —discourse This week revolves around our ruling heroine. Those of us with appetites have been eating well.

Beyonce: Music Thief! Taylor Swift: Climate crime! Katy Perry: Attack with cheesy weapons!

Our musical celebrities are usually so tightly controlled. Saying a wrong word is not allowed. No untimely steps are allowed. Airborne pepperoni is not allowed.

Beyonce and Swift, in particular, are notorious for the aggressive nature of the micromanagement around them. Their respective publicists are notorious in media circles for seemingly suppressing, denying or clarifying any unflattering story with a wizard-like speed.

Our musical celebrities are usually so tightly controlled. Saying a wrong word is not allowed. No untimely steps are allowed. Airborne pepperoni is not allowed.

As a fan of both, I’m not happy to witness their commotion this week.but as a [redacted]- year old remember when music superstar means being an absolutely ridiculous person who keeps making mistakes, I miss this kind of controversy circus normal. In fact, I think the reason these news stories have been so popular this week is because we’ve moved in the perfect direction of control.

The most shocking thing about the Beyoncé mini-scandal is that the Beyoncé mini-scandal doesn’t even exist.

after posting regeneration, her latest album and the only reason serotonin is detected anywhere in my system, got a backlash for using a capable slur in one of her songs, and then she changed. She was accused of “theft” by artist Kelis after one of the tracks borrowed an interpolation from her song, but no credit or compensation was given to her. Beyoncé later removed the interpolation. That uproar also led respected songwriter Diane Warren to question why she had so many author credits in her songs in the first place – the idea being that once Beyhive arrived, I’m sure Warren will regret ever having.

Outside the confines of the elevator, Beyonce doesn’t have Do scandal. Beyonce controls the story.

These are things fans expect her team to have documented and explained long before they go abroad for scrutiny.competent language regeneration The same problem that Lizzo had to solve a month ago. One of the most talked-about issues in the music industry right now is artist salaries and credits. With so many samples of the album, how is everything not considered?

Although from a superfan perspective, there are a few things that strike me as admirable in the way this is all handled. In both cases, Beyoncé’s team addressed the issues immediately. No overwrought statements, excuses, defenses, or counterattacks. Just a brisk, quiet remedy. It’s as if she’s saying, “We’re going to focus on the music and not any other noise around it.”

In other words, the opposite of what Swift does.

I have to say these memes made me laugh when a report called the singer the number one offender for serious carbon emissions from using private jets. There are GIFs of planes flying with captions like “Taylor Swift heads to Starbucks across the street.” daily mail This title made me cry:

Until then Photo of Swift getting off the plane An oversized umbrella came out against her – if I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me either! – I laughed dizzily. You have to find the humor in it to avoid anger. Here I drink from paper straws like a goddamn idiot while celebrities treat the ozone hole like the hottest club in Hollywood.

Her team’s response – that Swift’s jets are often lent to others, and all the travel attributed to her is not for her – is fair, because when it comes to A-listers overusing pajamas, She’s not the only one with such an argument.

This week, as three pop divas became agents of chaos, I took a quick look at what the others were up to. Demi Lovato is updating her pronouns to include her/her after a year. Lizzo is eating spicy chicken wings. Rihanna is living her best life, ignoring us all, and bless her for that.

Then there’s Lady Gaga, who never disappoints.Unfortunately, she Confirmed this week She will join the cursed sequel clown, offensive to homosexuals everywhere. Why, Stephanie? I guess there might be 100 clowns in a room and 99 of them tell you not to make this movie. But all it takes is a Joaquin Phoenix — and a week of chaos — to believe it might be a good idea.


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