Beyoncé’s 10 Best Music Videos (Ranked by YouTube Views)

Beyoncé needs little introduction, but not to mention the revolutionary career of the reigning queen of music that continues to leave fans in awe. Her freshest offering, regeneration Another masterpiece celebrated as a celebration of individuality and a dark powerhouse, even if fans only received the music without the visual assets to match each tune.

Beyoncé is known to pay great attention to the videos that accompany her music, many of which remain iconic to this day. These Beyoncé videos, ranging from elaborate stories to messages to legendary dance sequences, have hundreds of millions of views on Youtube.

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10 Beyonce – Irreplaceable – 453 million views

Beyoncé drops the microphone on stage

Beyoncé is known for blending relativity with art, and one of her best singles, “Irreplaceable,” remains one of her most-viewed videos. The breakup song about a woman who kicked her partner out of the house for being unfaithful certainly served as a wake-up call for Beyhive and even regular listeners.

The video shows visuals that match the song, with Beyonce seeing her cheating partner in a gorgeous home and pointing out to him how replaceable he is. This video is a typical Noughties video, filled with the singer performing with her band.

9 Beyonce, Shakira – Beautiful Liars – 458 million views

Beyonce and Shakira dance in beautiful Liar music video

The collaboration of two music masters, Queen Bey and Shakira’s “Beautiful Liars,” is an aural and visual treat for fans of both musicians. The abstract video has Beyoncé and Shakira emerging from the fog and dancing in beautiful forests and shallow water for a gorgeous image.

They look strikingly similar when they show off their famous dance moves, which is probably why this video is so popular. It’s rare to see Shakira and Beyoncé in the same video singing about a man they both love but choose each other over him.

8 Beyoncé – Love On Top (Official Video) – 499 million views

Popular Videos on Beyoncé Love

One of Beyonce’s most played songs on film and TV, “Love On Top” is one of her happiest ditches on finding love and enjoying the good parts of love. She keeps her videos simple as her amazing vocal range takes center stage, ruining some dance moves with the studio crew.

With minimal costume changes and simpler choreography compared to her other videos, this one from her fourth album, aptly named 4, as happy and funny as this song. Fans will apparently keep coming back to it for a dose of serotonin.

7 Beyoncé – Run the World (Girls) (Official Video) – 542 million views

Beyoncé in the Run the World (Girls) Video

This female empowerment anthem is a regular on the playlist to date and is also considered a Beyonce song that could make a great movie. The Mojave Desert is transformed into a post-apocalyptic war scene, as Bey and her troupe of strong women take down the men with stunning dance moves and ferocious dominance.

The “Run The World (Girls)” video was a huge production value and had stunning visuals (think: Beyoncé in couture with a hyena on a leash.) The singer’s dance moves were impeccable, and she even enlisted Mozambican band Tofo Tofo to help her with the Perform video.

6 Beyoncé – If I were a boy – 550 million views

if i were a boy beyonce

lead single from I’m…Sasha Fierce, “If I Were a Boy” is a heartbreaking song about the unfairly different roles men and women play in relationships, and the video goes a step further by depicting the singer as a man and her partner as a man promoted this idea. A woman is expected.

The role reversal is a clever idea, and the video gets a dramatic black and white treatment. As always, Beyoncé’s vocals are evocative, and the reversal at the end of the video is a kicker that fans still love to see.

5 Beyonce – 7/11 – 577 million views

Beyonce wears a feathery white dress on stage

Beyoncé broke the mold of her well-crafted perfect video, showing her casual and lighthearted side in the “7/11” video, even though the song is definitely a trap and hip-hop song for the club.

Shot in home video style, the RnB queen can be seen kicking back with some quirky dance moves, relaxing with her girlfriend (and some moves, of course), usually having a good time on the balcony, hotel suite, her home , and bathroom. Seeing her take some time off is a welcome break from her usual fare.

4 Beyoncé – Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z – 627 million views

Beyonce in Crazy in Love video

Easily one of Beyonce’s biggest hits when she debuted dangerous love, which also follows one of her many signature themes: singing about true monogamous love. The funk and soul tunes feature a rap poem by her future husband Jay Z, which makes the song even more special.

It’s safe to say that this video is a pop culture moment that will never be forgotten. Beyoncé brought the heat with her amazing dance moves in the street, in photoshoots and in the elements with her rapper husband.

3 Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z – 665 million views

Beyoncé holds a trophy on the beach in Drunk in Love video

Black and white is Beyoncé Knowles’ go-to, and her video with boyfriend Jay Z is once again one of her most popular. While the actual visuals are limited to a dark beach where the singer dances with Jay Z in the waves, the chemistry between them makes this a fan favorite.

The bass beat captivates listeners, and lyrics celebrating female sensuality and her happiness with Jay Z are the highlight of the video.

2 Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Video) – 874 million views

Beyoncé Single Ladies cover art

Uplifting women and restoring their sense of worth is something Beyonce seems to have been working on since the beginning of her career. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” was a hit with women all over the world, but the iconic trio of black bodysuits is the most memorable part of the tune.

The “Single Ladies” dance move, imitated and imitated countless times, became a monumental moment in 2008. Even two decades later, it’s still relevant and watched over and over again.

1 Beyonce – Halo – 1.2 billion views

fall in love with beyonce video

Crossing the hallowed billion-view mark, “Halo” is synonymous with Beyonce and always will be. The shimmering piano and bass-filled tunes are heartwarming, and the video echoes that feeling perfectly.

As the songstress sings about her angelic partner, the video shows Bey’s dream sequence with her partner, doing the mundane chores of life, embracing the mundane beautifully, and falling in love. Few songs are as popular as Beyonce’s love songs.

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