Carol G salutes Selena, Shakira; brings Becky G to the Coachella stage

Karol G’s “Bichotella” performed at Coachella on Sunday night, showcasing the young Latin star’s glamour in a thrilling stage show.

“Next stop – Coachella!” Her voice can be heard as the reggae and Latin trap singer enters the barrio-themed stage, emblazoned with the words “Tusa” and “Bichotella”. The blue wigs filled the rows of ecstatic fans as they watched Carroll serve every line with a smile that ran throughout the hour-long performance.

Dressed in an all-denim bodysuit (a Coachella trend picked up by Megan Thee Stallion the night before) and sporty diamond hoop earrings, Karol G performed on stage with a dozen dancers throughout the show, But set the singer to open with “El Makinon.”

In true “Bichota” fashion, Carroll stopped for a photo with her audience in the middle of the show: “Hoy es díade brindar, porque los sueños se cumplen, porque estoy aqui compartiendo con ustedes, y lo mas importante nos vamos a tomar [el shot] Ball Elmore. “

In English: “Today is a day of cheers, because dreams come true, because I am here to share this with you, and most importantly, we will take [the shot] For love,” she said before a hallway-style prickly guitar riff on “200 Copas.”

Karol brought two special guests: Dutch DJ and producer Tiesto, with whom she performed their bilingual dance tune “Don’t Be Shy” on the Coachella stage, and later, Becky G for their surprise performance Empowering Women National Anthem of Power “Mamiii”. With Karol at the foot of a giant staircase and Becky at the top, the two meet in a steamy dance and finish their song, while Karol heads out early to get ready for her next outfit change.

Paying homage to those who paved the way for Latin artists in mainstream pop, a visual pops up on the big screen offering a musical timeline of influential hits, starting in 1953, by Rich Valens “La Bamba”, then Santana’s 1970s classic “Oye Como Va” and Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine’s 1980s smash “La Conga.”

In a nod to her native Colombia, Carol reappeared in a yellow, blue and red two-piece, boasting: “Tonight, I feel so great for representing my country and the Latino community around the world. Delighted and proud. Now I just want to take a moment on my show to honor the Latin songs that were number one in the world but never played on this stage — but they have a chance here.”

As the screen behind her flashed a legendary scene from Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla (who turns 50 on April 16), Karol went on to pay tribute to her with a cover of “Como La Flor.”

It was followed by Ricky Martin’s “María”, Los Dos Rio’s “La Macarena”, Celia Cruz’s “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” and Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” – the second time “Gasolina” Honoring the Latina pays homage to Coachella, the first of which is J. Balvin’s ground-breaking 2019 Coachella suit.

She also paid homage to Shakira’s global hit “Buttocks Don’t Lie,” with her dancers wearing the white breathable outfits Shakira’s dancers often wear when performing “Columbia Columbia!” Karol ends the medley with Luis Fonsi’s Cultural Transformers “Despacito” and J Balvin and Willy Williams’ “Mi Gente.”

Leaving Latin America and Colombia at an all-time high, Carroll’s genre-fuzzy Coachella set ends with Nicki Minaj’s feature “Tusa” — a song she finished on the platform with a triumphant laugh.

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