Chapter 1053 Sweep away

chapter One piece 1053 published in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 29 (2022) on Monday June 20, 2022 in Japan. Chapters are officially appears in french Sunday 19 June 2022 on Manga Plus FR and Glénat Manga Max.

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chapter One Piece 1053: The New Emperor

Coloring page dedicated to the video game One Piece Odyssey.

page 3
Gorosei: What photo is this? ! We don’t allow this content to be posted…! ! We tell them not to put a “D” in their name! !

Navy: Sorry sir! ! We have not received such instructions! !

And this picture is from the CP0 agent Mr. Guernica! !

Gorosei: Reprint! We can’t make such a thing public! !

Marine: We… we can’t reach the printer! !

Chapter 1053: “New Emperor”

Gorosei: Stop posting at all costs!

Morgans: Wow! !

Check out this mysterious appearance! !

Spread to every corner, my workers!

The last message from Kazuhi’s CP agent before we lost contact was “This is Big Mom’s boat!!”

It’s like I’m going to let them manipulate information now! ! In this ever-changing world…the truth is the most intriguing! ! !

4-5 pages

Morgans: How enthusiastic! ! I will never get tired of this!

【Emperor Kaido and Queen Big Mom are defeated! !

It didn’t take long for the world to be enveloped in this vast message.

The three pirate captains Monkey D. Luffy, Eustace C(aptain) Kidd and Trafalgar Law managed to defeat two emperors who ruled the seas for decades.

In this way, the government gave them an introduction of 3 billion yuan each, which is not a small amount! ! ! 】

【Wono Udon】

Pirate Kid: Boss! ! That’s 3 billion berries? ! !

Captain is awesome! ! !

Apoo: Hey, where did Kid go? His expression completely changed.

Killer: Probably in Huadu

Fafa, exactly what I expected him to do.

We are going there too! I heard there is a party today! !

Kid Pirates: Perfect timing! Let’s celebrate! !

page 6

Maid: cloud ear mushroom crown chrysanthemum soup…

In a Pingwan bowl, it’s Gisei dofu…

As an accompaniment we have kimchi…

In a Suimono bowl…

Listen, we don’t accept mistakes in serving these important guests.

Always make sure everything is cooked correctly at the proper temperature and taste the poison at least three times…

Now we introduce you to…

The dishes we put our heart into…

A meal worthy of a general! !

Good luck with your appetite…! !

Shenbing: Wow, haha, waited for two hours, right? !

It looks very tasty! ! thank you for your kindness!

It’s getting busier outside, eh?

page 7

Residents: Everything is free today! ! That’s right, it’s free! !

Luffy/Yamato/Chopper: Shooting Game!
Catch red fish!
Banana Boat! !

Luffy: Fried noodles! ! Takoyaki! !
Yamato: Grilled Octopus and Apple Candy! !
Chopper: Marshmallow! !

Yamato: This is my first time at a music festival! ! it’s great! !

Luffy: Hey! ! go ahead! !

Brooke: Yeah! ! Watch out for our next track, Worshiped by Oden aniki…

Hiyori: “Princess of the Moon” ♡
Resident: Princess Hiwa Ritsusan♡

page 8

【Under the Castle】

Hitetsu: Are you interested, Nico Robin?

Robin: Tengu-san! ! How did you know my name…?

Nippon Steel: These are my favorites…Aren’t these kokeshi dolls cute?

Robin: Not really…

Why is your collection here?

Hitetsu: This is my hobby’s secret room…

…and where I was locked up for years…

Robin: Imprisoned? ! who are you? ! Aren’t you a blacksmith…?

Nippon Steel: I’m good at making swords, but that’s just my hobby…

…because politics is really boring…

page 9

Robin: Huh? !
Nippon Steel: My name is Kozuki Sukiyaki! Kozuki Oden’s father! !
【The former general
Kozuki Sukiyaki]

Robin: Momo sauce…?

Nippon Steel: No…and I’m not going to tell him.

However, the princes must have noticed…

I let the serpent take over the country…

What right do I have to… tell them “I’m alive”? !

I was barely alive when I escaped from this room… But Oden is dead and the earth has changed.

I immediately thought of cutting my belly…

Robin: Tengu-san! !

page 10

Robin: He should be in this country!

Nippon Steel: ? !

Robin: The ancient weapon “Pluto”…

The ponéglpyhe of Alabasta once said…

Nippon Steel:  …
And there are indeed…

【Udon noodles, former prisoner mine】

Beast Pirate: ! !
what! !

page 11

Pirate: …ah…
Babanuki: Uh..
Beast Pirates: Wang Sang! !
Wang: Uh…
Beast Pirates: Queen Sang! !
Queen: ah ah ah! ! !

I’m wrapped up for a reason…

Ryokugyu: I told you not to, right? ! A person of my level cannot be defeated by a simple commander! !

The Navy doesn’t have enough people to “clean the house” right now, you know… as I thought, you are…!

Queen: Woohoo! !
Ryukyu: ah ah ah

page 12

Ryokugyu: I wouldn’t say this beer is good…you should let it mature longer…

Den den Mushi: …this is…
Ryukyu: Hey, I’m with
Send warships through! !

Bakelite: Huh? ! Oh! green space…
Ryukyu: Don’t let Sakazuki know about it, okay? ! goodbye!

[Navy Headquarters, Admiral: Ryukyu (Aramaki)]

Ryokugyu: I like the extreme way he does things…

“You did a great job!”…
…that’s what I wanted him to tell me…after I brought back the baby’s head…! !lahaha

page 13

【Flower Capital】

Luffy: Now! ! Ninja Pirates Mink Samurai! !
Resident: Who is it?
Luffy: The king’s vassal! ! Yakuza!!..from Wa!!!!
Resident: Yes, man!
Luffy: You played well! ! !
Locals: Cheers~~Party Captain~~! !

Luffy: Don’t tell the people about me.

Momo: But why? He will definitely be recognized as a hero…! !

Momo:  …

Child: Straw hat! ! !
Luffy: Huh?
Child: If I kill you now..!!!
Luffy: Sawtooth! !
Resident: The fireworks are coming~~~~
Luffy: Good! ! For tomorrow’s meals… let’s get started! !

14-15 pages

Luffy: Chin Chin! ! !
Have fun! ! Let’s drink all night! !

Takashi: Pirates are all extravagant guys, right?
I’ve never seen a party like this…the level is incredible…! !

Pages 16-17

Kid: Damn, why are you getting me involved in this? !

come and see! !
I’m here to kill you…

I don’t know what’s going on out there, but…

Luffy:! ! !
Kid: …These are the new emperors, the “Four Emperors”! !

Red Shanks (SHANKS)
Straw Hat Luffy (MONKEY D LUFFY)
SUV “Joker” Clown (BUGGY)

Luffy? : what? ! !

Ryokugyu: Well, the music at this party is good…
But the Navy doesn’t have time, damn kids…

The outside world is in chaos…

One Piece begins month-long hiatus. One Piece Chapter 1054 will be released on July 22, 2022 and will be featured on the cover of the magazine in color pages.

Chapter 1053

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