Cloudflare Helps Partners Deliver Complete Zero Trust Solutions with Cloudflare One Partner Program

One of the strongest incentive programs in the industry for channel partners built around Cloudflare’s comprehensive zero-trust platform – the only cloud-native provider at web scale

San Francisco, June 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), the security, performance and reliability company that helps build a better Internet, today announced the new Cloudflare One Partner Program. The program provides channels with a new way to integrate and extend Cloudflare One, the only cloud-native solution at global web scale, and now offers partners a direct path from full enablement to powerful incentives. By building on Cloudflare’s comprehensive Zero Trust, Web-as-a-Service and Cloud Email Security offerings, the Cloudflare One Partner Program enables partners to provide the architecture they need to secure today’s organizations while accelerating their devices, applications, and and the speed of the entire network.

“To protect today’s business environment and remain productive, organizations need a unified solution to protect their distributed workforce while accelerating workforce systems. But another key part is widespread adoption, and that’s what we’ve been working on for seamless tiering. Why Cloudflare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince said. “A critical architecture like zero trust shouldn’t be complicated, but we hear every day from businesses that don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve modernized how our partners fully implement and deliver what organizations of all sizes need most today. “

Legacy systems involve complex integrations and disruptions to employee workflows. To protect organizations, employees, and networks of all sizes from today’s threat landscape, the Cloudflare One Partner Program offers a full suite of best-in-class zero-trust capabilities and support for a broad range of partner services. Through this program, Cloudflare bundles what partners need to ensure simple deployments with just a few clicks for any customer, lightning-fast performance no matter where users are, and across endpoints, networks and strong security for email.

Cloudflare Channel Partners

Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust solution built into Cloudflare’s global network, one of the largest and most interconnected in the world, spanning more than 270 cities in more than 100 countries today. Now, all types of partners, including resellers, distributors, distributors, and global system integrators, can help protect enterprises and midsize businesses, no matter where their users are located in the world. The Cloudflare One Partner Program is the result of Cloudflare’s fast-growing relationships with AVANT, IBM Security, Opticca Security, Rackspace Technology™, Wipro, and more.

“As a member of AVANT’s Security Council, Cloudflare has been a close innovation partner for AVANT as we enable our network of trusted advisors to help their clients adopt the latest cloud technologies,” said Shane McNamara, executive vice president of engineering and operations at AVANT Communications . “Through this new Cloudflare One Zero Trust Partner Program, Cloudflare is introducing a first-of-its-kind integrated product suite and partner service package that will provide our Trusted Advisors with a compelling solution to market .”

“With the launch of this new Cloudflare One Partner Program, including an integrated zero-trust-focused solution bundle and partner support, we look forward to further expanding our market with Cloudflare and helping by adopting zero-trust Clients transform their cybersecurity smoothly and quickly, said Deborah Jones, senior product marketing manager for the IBM Security Services Alliance.

Joey Campione, Managing Director of Opticca Security, said: “We’ve seen the comprehensiveness of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solution in the industry, coupled with the design and implementation services provided by Opticca Security, is key to our comprehensive support for our customers.” By partnering with Cloudflare, we’ve been taking a holistic approach to security, seamlessly helping businesses mitigate cyber threats with a complete zero-trust model.”

“By further strengthening our partnership with Cloudflare in the new Cloudflare One Partner Program, Rackspace Technology is able to deliver Cloudflare’s leading zero trust solution as well as Rackspace resiliency engineering and professional services at scale, with ongoing implementation support,” said Vice President Said President Gary Alterson, President of Security Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “Since partnering with Cloudflare to develop a zero trust solution, we’ve seen close collaboration with clients and prospects such as one of the world’s largest creative companies.”

“Cloudflare’s product suite plays an important role in advanced threat detection and the zero-trust service Wipro provides to its customers,” said Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President, Wipro Global CRS Lead. “The Cloudflare One Partner Program provides a quick ramp to build our practice. We are already seeing significant market use cases from our partnership, Wipro CyberSecurists from Wipro’s 16 global cyber defense centers Application Security, Implementation Services and Ongoing Managed Services.”

Benefits of the Cloudflare One Partner Program

Over the past year, Cloudflare One has seen a 100% increase in the number of customers and a 6x increase in average daily traffic. Cloudflare’s deeply integrated approach, combined with a direct path to channel partners, creates one of the strongest incentive programs available today to scale Zero Trust, enabling partners to:

  • Guide customers at every step: Deliver on the promise of zero trust by helping lead customers through the journey from architectural review and product evaluation to implementation and support. The Cloudflare One Partner Program introduces service certification, enabling partners to provide the architectural assessment and implementation support that customers need to successfully adopt a Zero Trust model.

  • Provide comprehensive solutions: Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solution is one of the strongest in the industry, with integrated products including ZTNA, Secure Web Gateway, CASB, DLP, Browser Isolation, IoT Security and now Cloud Email Security. Cloudflare’s network uniquely supports all features of its suite of security, performance and reliability in each of its locations (spanning 270+ cities in 100+ countries), making it fast and efficient no matter where users are located take action.

  • Automatically protect users from phishing attacks: Email is one of the largest cyber attack vectors on the Internet, making integrated email security critical to any true Zero Trust network. By combining the leading phishing protection of Cloudflare’s recently acquired Area 1 Security with Cloudflare’s cutting-edge browser isolation, malicious links will be automatically isolated in remote browser sessions.

  • Secure every connection with zero trust controls while accelerating users and services: Whether a user is connecting to an internal resource, the internet, or just opening an email, Cloudflare’s global network allows zero-trust filtering to be applied to everything without slowing things down.

To learn more about the Cloudflare One Partner Program, check out the following resources:

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