Exclusive: GTA 6 Story Details, Release Date and New GTA Online Map

The GTA 6 rumor mill never stops. Whether it’s rumors, leaks, or announcements; fans usually find something new about GTA 6 every time they go online — right and wrong.

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Exclusive: GTA 6 Story Details, Release Date and New GTA Online Map

This time around, the latest information we have about Grand Theft Auto VI concerns the game’s potential storyline and when and where GTA 6 will be set. We also have some GTA Online and GTA IV information as a measure.

thanks Matthews Victor, we’ve uncovered some exclusive new details about GTA 6. According to veteran Rockstar insiders, the story of Grand Theft Auto 6 will follow a pair of twin siblings, a boy and a girl, who separated in 2003 after their parents died at the hands of a cartel. The game will reportedly explore the tragic event in its prologue, which could be set in Brazil.

The main event itself will be set sometime in the 2020s, possibly 2023 or 2024, as the two siblings will eventually meet as adults, but on opposite sides.

Apparently, the male sibling became a DOA agent, a parody of the real-world government organization, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). However, his sister would get revenge on the cartel in her own way, and she made her way up the ranks of the same cartel that killed their parents to become female killers.

Will GTA 6 look this good?

Matheus couldn’t elaborate on how the two would meet or if players could play both at the same time, but did mention a brother-sister cartel confrontation, where siblings get to know each other “the hard way.” Aside from the main characters, the leaker describes the next GTA game as the “first” game in the video game industry to really dive into the cartel/military lifestyle.

As for the setting of GTA 6, Matheus has denied rumors that the game will be set in the 70s, 80s or 90s, as we’ve been told this is mostly fake.

Instead, he said the game’s setting will be Carcer City, and the Cuban, Colombian and Miami-style Sin City in 2002’s GTA: Vice City. Rockstar is said to be focused on enhancing gameplay and features to make development time meaningful, rather than making the game span a decades-long storyline, a development task that’s clearly “too demanding” in comparison.

Carcer City has previously appeared in a different Rockstar IP – Manhunt. While typically part of the 3D-era GTA universe, this connection is a minor Easter egg, with GTA and Manhunt never meaningfully crossed. Whether the name reuse in GTA 6, if true, means something in this regard, or is just another Easter egg, remains to be seen.

The game’s open world will reportedly feature destructible buildings.

The intelligence we have also mentions the “ambitious technology” the military will have in Grand Theft Auto 6, and how Rockstar wants the game to reflect the current era, something the studio “can’t accurately do in GTA” 5. “

Finally, when asked about GTA 6’s development progress or release date, Matheus said it’s planned for 2024.

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So, all in all, here’s what our latest GTA 6 leak has to say:

  • The story is about twin siblings who find themselves on opposite sides of the law.
  • The prologue can be set in Brazil.
  • Armies and cartels will have modern weapons never seen in a GTA game.
  • “Some” of the information found in the original Project Americas leak was real, but most of it was fake, like the timeline.
  • Rockstar plans to release GTA 6 in 2024.

As for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about the indie title. Matheus claims Rockstar will expand the map and add Liberty City as well as more events such as “Cops and Liars Mode,” featuring a battle between players and main GTA antagonist Don Percival. The leaker also told us that as many as 20 new stations could appear in the game, including one called Carcer Soul FM.

Also, for those hoping to get their hands on the Grand Theft Auto IV remake that was rumored last November, it’s finally apparently planned. It will be bundled with two other GTA games.

Even if this all proves to be accurate, we must remember that GTA 6 is still in active development. After being confirmed earlier this year, GTA VI may not arrive until 2026, according to other leaks. Obviously, the game will evolve over time. The leaker knows this, and says that while things could change, GTA 6’s “basic” story about the cartel and two siblings is likely to continue.

All GTA 6 information known so far.

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