Game Inbox: Will GTA 6 still be fun?

Will GTA 6 have a different sense of humor? (Image: Rockstar Games)

Mondayresi’s letter page wants to go with the Escape from New York video game, as a reader asked if GTA 6 might be on PS4.

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adult joke
If reports of GTA 6’s relaxed frat boy humor are true, then I honestly think it could be a really good thing for in-game satire. A lot of times GTA feels like it’s written by a 12-year-old boy who’s sure you know how tough and manly he is, so you get stuff like every company’s name is a lazy sexual innuendo, Or Lamar comically using the N word twice per sentence. The satire potential is far greater, the equivalent of a Netflix comedian who keeps repeating “But you can’t say that anymore!” just to stop it.

In particular, I wish they’d always had a right-wing talk radio show that made fun of the kind of people who complained about cancel culture, while also being outraged at a video game featuring a Latino woman.
Professor TGN

sooner or later
So, how long do you think it will take before we start looking at Resident Evil 9? I checked the Village release date and I could have sworn it was earlier than last year. Even so, I’m sure they already know what they’ll be doing next, and I’d love to know if it’s first person or third person and who will be the protagonist.

I know Village isn’t universally popular, but I don’t think anyone hates it, and I certainly enjoy my time with it. I’d love to know how they wrap up this new trilogy and if Ethan will be involved or if they’ll reveal what happened to Duke.

I’m sure they’ll also find a way to bring Mrs. Dimitrescu back, although this pandering to my experience rarely works. We need more Resi though, I’ve started to experience withdrawal symptoms.

GC: While work has almost certainly begun, Capcom will be busy with Village’s DLC right now, so you’re unlikely to hear anything – official or otherwise – until then.

Purchase history
Forget Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, the $300 million acquisition of Tomb Raider and the whole thing about two major developers will go down as one of the wildest financial events in video game history. The irony is that Hollywood really wants to make video game movies now, so it feels even more stupid that the new owners might just make money off the movies.

If the new Tomb Raider game, whatever it is, is a huge success, Square Enix will look even more stupid, which I hope will happen.

Although I don’t envy Crystal Dynamics for making new games because I’m not sure where it will go. The problem with Tomb Raider is that the platforming and puzzle solving of older games is now considered outdated, so there’s nothing to hold on to. That’s why the original reboot seemed so oddly violent, because combat was the only thing they could make a big splash about, even if it was a tiny fraction of the original.

I hope it turns out well as I’ve been a fan of the series and would love to see it popular and impactful again.

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rising star
Haven’t written in years, but have been reading since the digital age. I just sat there watching my 8 year old son finish New Game +2 on Elden Ring and was totally in awe of how easily someone so young could go through it.

I’m on the new game +3 myself, but still kinda stuck on some bosses; he just killed the Elder Beast and didn’t get a single hit. It’s evidence of how integrated digital technology is in our children’s lives and how easily they can use it (if needed). keep up the good work.
VFRMonkey (gamertag)/BJRMonkeyButler (PSN ID)/Monkey_Butler (Steam ID)

GC: It sounds like more than just knowing how to use an iPhone, he seems to be naturally good at video games.

Too much
I appreciate all the positive reviews of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and the instances where it’s actually easy for new players to pick up, but just looking at screenshots or combat videos, I’m instantly bored.

Most of that game has the most complex interface I’ve ever seen, and considering how many bars, numbers, and information are there, I’m surprised they have any room for graphics. I know you control a lot of characters at once, but there must be a better way to show it than this.

Does it really have to be a number? Can’t you show damage with a health bar and some effects? Punching a giant enemy in the face with a math equation has never been fun for me.

Original Plisken
So I sat watching Escape from New York tonight and wondered why no game company thought about making a game. Now I know that Metal Gear Solid is technically character based, and some other games have taken inspiration from it over the years. But watching it now (and I always thought it was a great movie), I can’t help but think it’s going to be an amazing open world game akin to The Last of Us.

We now have the technology to actually make a great game based on this movie, and let’s face it, movies paired with games tend to be mediocre, but I think now is a good time to make this game​​​. More than 30 years after the movie came out, there is a game based on the Warriors! Yes, you have to update the technology included in the movie (because it was outdated around 2000), but Metro Games has shown how to have a game in a post-apocalyptic setting that utilizes old technology, so it doesn’t There is not much extension.

If the look and gameplay are tight, it’s definitely the game I’m looking forward to. What do others think about this? !
Escobar 9009

GC: John Carpenter is actually a huge fan of video games, which isn’t really what you would have guessed.

ghostly image
Having owned Luigi’s Mansion 2 since its release, I’m somehow only now aware of the glow-in-the-dark cover.

The kids played together late at night, tell me the next day. I’m skeptical, but it’s true. It’s funny how something like this can go out of sight for so long.
half empty 80

GC: We only tend to ship cartridges with 3DS games, so we don’t know. Are you sure it’s not haunted?

detailed rebuttal
What an awesome submission from reader Anon on Friday in response to a leak about GTA 6. Let’s dig a little deeper and break down how many logical fallacies they use in just a few paragraphs.

“So GTA 6 seems to be waking up.”

“My concern is whether they will shy away from sarcasm.”

scarecrow. Typical logical fallacy. The leak doesn’t say this, other than that they will avoid making jokes about marginalized groups. Last year, Jamie King thought he thought the game might be less “edgy”, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking away the sarcasm, he has nothing to do with the game right now, so it’s just his educated guess, not fact.

“Marking male players as misogynistic is the default argument, but the truth is that most people have been playing games with female players for years. I don’t remember players complaining about Lara Croft being a woman?

This is advanced stuff. Anon threw a casual straw man/sloppy generalization hybrid at the start, then subtly transitioned to something illogical. First of all, I don’t think it’s anyone’s “default argument” to say that the male gamer collective is “a bunch of misogynists”. Second, it doesn’t mean they’re not just because they’re not complaining (3D sex doll) that Lara Croft is female.

“Anyway, my concern is whether they’ll shy away from sarcasm because to me, that’s what Grand Theft Auto is all about. It’d be dull without it. Given that some people are going to look offended in 2022, I’m Imagine the worst case scenario for this game.

The slippery slope fallacy, another classic. Is God of War ironic? Are you bored? Why is the end result that the game will be boring and “worst case” just because they remove the sarcasm (as we’ve already established, there’s no evidence they do)? I really doubt Rockstar will stay away from satire, but if they do want to be serious and dramatic, it’s still entirely possible that the game will be good.

you have it. Sorry to be so hilarious, but it’s jarring to see this letter…whatever that letter is, in a place where so much communication is thought out and respected (by internet standards).

To be fair to good old Arnon, the coverage of this stuff elsewhere is far worse. I understand why it would cause such a reaction. It’s easier to bash mean, inappropriate content that isn’t valued than to check what the fact that you like it might say to you.

I’m glad Rockstar stopped making jokes about marginalized people, in my opinion this material is just very easy to achieve and try before you start thinking about more serious issues.

The inbox also ran
Waluigi Pinball on the big TV, my gaming needs for this year are done.
John Atkinson

In response to Ed about the Project Gotham Racing game. These are not backward compatible, so you won’t be able to play them on the Xbox Series X console.
Addax 89

GC: Oh this is surprising.

Is GTA 6 available for PlayStation 4?

GC: Rockstar didn’t say, but while it’s not unthinkable, it seems unlikely — as it probably won’t launch until 2024 or 2025.

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