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Just four years ago, Lizzo is a rising star of the killing flute who worships BeyonceNow, she and Queen Bey are releasing two of the summer’s most anticipated albums two weeks apart.

Lizzo’s fourth album, specialthe follow-up to the 2019 Grammy-winning album Because I love you. Arriving July 15th, the album received hit number 1 “About the Damn Time,” a disco-inspired anthem, reached the level of the artist who inspired her the most. (Beyonce’s seventh studio album, Renaissance, is due July 29.)

Detroit-born Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, moved to Bey’s hometown of Houston when she was 10. Beyoncé was just starting to write Destiny Child when Lizzo started developing her flute skills – the inspiration began.

“I was in fifth grade when I first saw Destiny Child, and it made me want to sing and make music,” Lizzo told interview Year 2014. At the same time, Lizzo heard freestyle on the radio, which also sparked something inside her. “All these influences and these styles are starting to come together,” she added.

Over the next few years, she ended up getting involved in Houston’s indie scene. After joining a progressive rock band at the age of 19, Lizzo knew he had found his way. “That’s when I started saying, ‘Well, this is something I can take seriously.'”

Lizzo’s musical path is a balance between her love of flute and singing, and she describes herself as a band geek who entered college at the age of 20. But as she got older, she realized she was being pulled in two different directions musically.

“It’s hard,” she told CBS News 2019. “I left college. I basically had to choose between the flute or the other lifestyle I pursued, and I slept late with my friends, went to parties, tried to rap on the show, and woke up early, Going to the band hall, rehearsing, on the field, taking math class, it’s torture.

“I’m playing a lot of lifestyle,” she continued. “Meanwhile, in my personal life, my family, you know, was torn apart. So, I didn’t really get that kind of support at the time. My dad started getting sick. And my mom moved out, Because she needs money to support my dad and what he’s going through and support her kids.”

In a few years, Lizzo’s future may have become more uncertain than ever: She dropped out of college, her father died, she quit the rock band she was a part of. “Twenty-one was the worst year of my life,” she revealed to Teen fashion 2018. “I was addicted to the gym, I didn’t eat, I slept in a dusty car, it was all about the music. I thought that was the end of my life.”

but Through all the hardships, one constant remains: Beyoncé.

“When I dropped out of college, I was really depressed and I listened to [Beyoncé’s 2006 album] Birthday repeat, i can sing Birthday All the time,” Lizzo said on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in June. “I was like, ‘I’m going to be a singer, I’m going to be a singer. ‘”

“The way she made people feel is the way I want people to feel the music,” Lizzo added. “She’s always been my North Star.” (Beyoncé even inspired the name of Lizzo’s beloved flute: Sasha Floot, a tribute to Bey’s 2008 album, I’m…Sasha Fierce, and the alter ego it introduces. )

In 2011, Lizzo moved to Minneapolis, hoping for a fresh start. She soon met Sophia Eris, who went on to become her best friend, key collaborator and one of Lizzo’s touring DJs.The duo with Claire de Lune Holy Grail, a pop-rap trio inspired by – you guessed it – Destiny’s Child. Lyrics to songs like “Push It” also pay homage to artists like Salt N Pepa and TLC, and make fun of the genre fusion style that Lizzo will eventually adopt in her own material.

The Minneapolis music scene fueled Lizzo’s creativity and helped her change her mindset from wanting to give up to aggressively pursuing personal success.Her first album, a rap album, was called Lizobanger, debuted on Minneapolis-based indie label Totally Gross National Product in 2013; reissued by Virgin Records in 2014. On the album, Eris appeared with Lizzo on “Batches and Cookies” — also the first song Lizzo wrote — while songs like “Faded” and “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” helped establish her own ‘s audio track.

After taking her talent by storm, prince Invite Lizzo and Eris to write the song “Boy’s Troubles” On his 2014 album with 3rdEyeGirl, pick. Her raps and princely screams in “Boytrouble” contain all the early signs of bad-b The energy that dominated her later songs. “99 questions, but these boys are not one,” she rhymes on the track.

“I feel like I kind of went from a singer to an artist,” Lizzo said in a 2017 interview fuse About the cooperation with the prince. “It’s a huge confirmation of what I’ve done for me and my mom. It’s surreal.”

“And I get paid! My first big check.Thank you, Prince, for my laptop,” she told NPR in 2019. (The prince later proposed make an album For her, but before his death in 2016, a project had not come to fruition. )

While she never lost faith in Lizzo’s music, her signature body positivity songs began to take shape on her self-released second album in 2015, Big Grrl Small World, with tracks like “My Skin” and “Humanize”. After meeting producer Ricky Reed, she signed with his label, Nice Life Recordings, which struck a deal with Atlantic Records.they released her Coconut Oil EP In 2016, important work to promote self-love and self-esteem continued.

“I think I need to run and find someone to love,” she sings on the title track. “But I just need some coconut oil.”

The next single, “Truth Hurts”, was released in September 2017, but it was three years before Lizzo’s next album was released. She later revealed that her mental health was tested during this time.

“The day I released ‘Truth Hurts’ was probably one of the darkest days of my career,” she shares with people 2019. “I remember thinking, ‘If I quit music now, no one’s going to notice. This is the best song I’ve ever made, and no one cares.’ I was like, ‘F-it, I’m done. “A lot of people came together; my producers, my publicist and my family, and they were like, ‘Go on, because this is the darkest hour before dawn.'”

A 2019 re-release of “Truth Hurts” on the deluxe edition of Lizzo’s third album, Because I love youdue to its popularity on TikTok and its inclusion in a movie called Netflix great person. Within six months, Lizzo went from obscurity to center stage: “Truth Hurts” reach first in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019.

The following year, the song won a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. Lizzo – the most Grammy nominated actor of 2020 with eight nominations – also won the Grammys for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Jerome,” and was nominated for Album of the Year, Song and Record of the Year “Truth Hurts” New Artist of the Year, “Exactly How I Feel” Best R&B Performance.

“The song that makes me want to quit right now is the one where everyone fell in love with me, and this song is a testament to the journey: your darkest day becomes your brightest victory,” she told people In a 2019 interview.

Because I Love You (Deluxe Edition) Also includes lead singles “Juice”, “Water Me” (originally released in 2017) and Miss EliotAs people embraced her and her music, Lizzo’s self-confidence grew and she started to build body positivity in her daily life. In 2022, she launched her own line of shapewear called Yitty and released Watch out for big problemsthe Emmy-nominated reality show on Amazon Prime, highlights how she chose plus-size dancers to perform with her on the road.

With three Grammys and a string of hits, Because I love you Be an album that is hard to follow. Even Lizzo himself said that a song has to be perfect to be released.

“You can finally listen to this album that I’ve been working on for three years, I know it’s been a long time, I got it out when I damn,” she said in “From Lizzo, a closing song after the song” special. “But you know, I take my time for myself, but I also take my time for you. I wrote almost 170 songs for this album to find these 12 perfect songs to bring to you, because I think it’s not just It’s me who needs to hear, but you need to hear, the world needs to hear.”

Make partial clips of 12 songs special Tracklists were written over and over – including “About the Damn Time”.she revealed in april interview Working with Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles, she wrote “75 Versions” of the song in pursuit of perfection.

“There are elements to a perfect song,” she told Big Boy. “The lyrics, the way the chorus lifts and makes you feel, the sound it’s made, the length of the song, what I’m saying at this exact moment and how it affects people in 2022. Not 2020, not 2021 – how it affects People nowadays.”

She shares some of the many questions she asks herself while creating special See if the song is worth making this album. As Lizzo alludes, fans can keep these questions in mind when listening to the album.

“Is it timeless? Can it be sung forever? How do I sound on it, how do certain words come out of my mouth? Can you make it an Instagram caption?” Lizzo poses to the big boy. “Songs have a lot of things that have to make them perfect. It may not be the most popular No. 1 song in the world, but it’s a perfect song Song, like a perfect sandwich. “

special It was Lizzo who was open-minded and ready to give love to the world. No matter how perfect the final product is, “Special” remains true to what she set out to do from the start: to give people the confidence Beyoncé gave her. But with or without Bey’s influence, Lizzo’s purpose was driven by love — and now, she’s made a full album about it.

“I think love is at the heart of this album,” she told Zane Lo In an interview with Apple Music in July. “I think everything I’ve done special is in pursuit of love. Because I love you Pretty much this autobiographical album about who I want to be…and now special It’s a celebration of who I am now. It’s very present, and I think that’s the only place love really exists – right now. “

she elaborated specialLove-driven inspiration in “A Very Special Message from Lizzo”, adding that the songs are “what the world needs to hear”. As she ended it with a heartfelt thank you, Lizzo added an uplifting message: “If you didn’t take anything away from this album, I want you to know that you’re special and I’m so happy for you” Still with us.

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