Grand Theft Auto 6 must do better with female characters

One of the most popular gaming franchises of all time is Grand Theft Auto, allowing players to wreak havoc in the city and traverse the criminal underworld with the most memorable characters. The latest in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5, was a record-breaking and financially lucrative success for Rockstar, leading to the game being released over three generations.although GTA 5 It brought countless hours of fun to gamers, and viewers naturally began to wonder where its sequel was.Fortunately, Rockstar has confirmed the next mainline Grand Theft Auto game, probably Grand Theft Auto 6in development.

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and Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar has a chance to prove again why it has a great reputation in the game. It does this by pushing visual boundaries and expanding the freedom available to players in open worlds made by developers. However, Rockstar should also focus on its female characters, an aspect that critics and gamers have been complaining about for over a decade. After years of heavily fumbling with female characters, Rockstar should finally apply the kind of nuance, depth, and subtlety that it does in male characters.

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The History of Women in Grand Theft Auto

since the first Grand Theft Auto The game was released in 1997, and the series has always had a masculine identity. As such, it never features a female protagonist, and female characters only appear in peripherals as secondary characters or nameless one will argue Grand Theft Auto is a gaming franchise that anyone should look for role models, however, there has always been a stark difference in the performance of male and female characters. Regardless of the character’s moral orientation, men have the potential to be in positions of power, while women rarely have the chance.

This trend can be seen whether analyzing a playable character or a character against a player. The protagonists in the past were all male, and they came from different backgrounds. For example, Crowder, a silent jailbreaker seeking revenge, Carl Johnson from Gang Life, Johnny from a vile biker gang, and Michael Townley, who retires to a lavish life in Los Santos after a successful heist after the author’s career. No matter where they come from, through hard work and a knack for disregarding the law, they have access to unimaginable wealth, an arsenal and, in essence, living gods in the city, capable of taking on an entire police force single-handedly.

By contrast, the women in the game have never shown the same powerful or influential image.An exception might be Catalina, who appears in Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA San Andreas And aggressive enough to intimidate Cloud and CJ. However, she was portrayed as unhinged rather than remotely controlling her actions. Plus, she fell victim to a common trope that plagues nearly all female characters, that of oversexualization.

Oversexualization of women in Grand Theft Auto

female in archetype Grand Theft Auto Bland, mindless, materialistic, annoying, and most importantly, overly sexualized.Examples in the game of overly sexualized women Grand Theft Auto There are too many to list, but some particularly egregious cases are worth discussing.It is worth noting that in several Grand Theft Auto In the game, there are female NPCs who act as strippers, lap dancers and prostitutes. Conversely, male sex workers are not found.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Introducing Candy Suxxx, a pornstar who always shows up in skimpy bikinis.In a series known for its vitriolic satire on modern American society, Candy Suxxx could be the game’s way of critiquing several social issues related to the sex work industry, and it doesn’t feel out of place Grand Theft Auto It criticized many other aspects of society, including crime, police corruption, and religion, to name a few. However, Candy Suxxx herself is the butt of most of the humor.Likewise, it’s possible that Catalina could be the exception to the rule and become a strong female character in the series, but that opportunity was missed GTA San Andreas Instead, she chooses to sexualize her and focus on her BDSM fetish.

How GTA 6 Included Better Female Characters

there are many ways Grand Theft Auto 6 The franchise could be redeemed and provide better representation of female characters.The best way to do it is in Grand Theft Auto 6This time, however, one of the protagonists should be a female. By doing so, players will have the opportunity to see the character progression of both male and female characters, giving both genders the opportunity to be portrayed as complex individuals. Even with a female protagonist, Rockstar can still get out of hand by overly sexualizing her, so developers should take care to ensure that even if they choose to explore the sexual aspect of her character, it doesn’t become the only aspect of it.

Also, it might be time for Rockstar to drop prostitution minigames in most games Grand Theft Auto title. While it may have pushed boundaries decades ago, it currently appears to be an immature addition that does little other than denigrate women and downplay violence against female sex workers while adding nothing in terms of plot or tone. Nothing works.Although it may cause complaints from fans if omitted from the next Grand Theft Auto game, it’s hard to imagine that too many gamers would miss it.

The number of rumors around Grand Theft Auto 6 A good indication of its high expectations.Some claim that the game will span different decades, namely Grand Theft Auto 6 It will take place in Sin City, and the map will be dynamic and constantly updated.same as before Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto 6 Likely to push the game forward and set a new standard for other games.Hopefully one of its innovative ways is to give up Grand Theft AutoBe more thoughtful about female stereotypes.

Next Grand Theft Auto The game is currently in development.

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