Grand Theft Auto 6 should take players to the Midwest

Since its inception in 1997, Grand Theft Auto The series takes players to fictional cities across the United States for mayhem. It has become one of the biggest gaming franchises, and the streets of its cities have become a staple of the open-world genre. However, Grand Theft Auto It’s been back to the same three cities for years, so it’s time for Rockstar to build a whole new city for the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto Takes players to fictional Miami, Los Angeles and New York City. In fact, with the exception of its 1999 stint in London, it almost completely revisits these areas. Rockstar barely scratched the surface when creating a satirical version of America, and Grand Theft Auto 6 A great opportunity to expand into a new language environment.Specifically, Rockstar should look to the Midwest for inspiration, as this will allow it to create a city like no other Grand Theft Auto.

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Grand Theft Auto explores the same city

first Grand Theft Auto Introduce players to three cities that will be the heart of the franchise. The game takes players through Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City, each based on real-life New York, San Francisco, and Miami. Since then, players have visited these places several times.

Liberty City is not only used for Grand Theft Autobut it also appears in Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. San Andreas appears in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and grand theft auto 5, There it expands as an entire state rather than a city, and introduces players to Los Santos – a fictional Los Angeles.Sin City is one of the least explored cities in the series, as it only appears in Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto: Vice Citybut the rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 Might point out that it will be back again soon.The series’ exploration of London is just Grand Theft Auto.

The three main cities offer players vast playgrounds to cause chaos; worlds full of satire and some very engaging stories. These cities have become a huge part of the gaming industry, and Rockstar will no doubt continue to explore and expand within their sandbox.However one day a series has to change its formula and the best way is Grand Theft Auto A whole new city is being introduced.

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Other open world games have explored similar cities

This Grand Theft Auto The series isn’t the only franchise exploring fictional versions of New York, California, and Miami. New York City has been explored by many video games: Tom Clancy’s The Territory Shows a post-apocalyptic New York, prototype Let players create chaos in infected New York as players travel the streets as Spider-Man Marvel’s Spider-Manand Assassin’s Creed 3 Allows players to see New York during the American Revolutionary War.New York is even featured in non-open world titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Metal Gear Solid 2.

Los Angeles and San Francisco also get a lot of attention in video games. black los angeles A detective story about Los Angeles in 1947, watchdog 2 Let players explore technologically advanced San Francisco, life is weird 2 road trips that take players to California, and Driver: San Francisco Have players drive through the streets of their titular district.the only city Grand Theft Auto An exploration that hasn’t seen a ton of games is Miami, but even this exploration hotline miami and driver 3.

Open World Game Undeveloped Midwest

Many video games choose to explore the US coast, the Old West or New York City.Few video games choose to explore the Midwest, and one of the few in recent years is watch dogs In 2013, players were introduced to dull Chicago.If Rockstar is looking for a new city to create Grand Theft Autothe Midwest has untapped potential.

Grand Theft Auto can choose to follow watch dogs example and create your own version of Chicago, but that might be too similar to Liberty City. It could also take inspiration from the Twin Cities and create neighborhoods inspired by Minneapolis and St. Paul. These cities may be filled with lakes, parks, and art that will make them feel different from cities that have been explored before. If Rockstar isn’t interested in Minnesota and Illinois, it might focus on cities like Detroit or St. Louis. Rockstar could even try to create smaller cities for players to create chaos, inspired by Deadwood, Fargo, and even Wisconsin Dells.

These cities will also provide Rockstar with huge story potential, satirizing new regions. It could create a world and story that uses the seasons more efficiently because the Midwest is known for its harsh winters, unlike Miami and Los Angeles.These cities also have low crime rates, and Grand Theft Auto 6 No doubt some fascinating criminals will be produced to follow. There are many stories to tell in the American Midwest, and many cities to explore, waiting for the gaming industry to tap, and Rockstar can take the first step.

Although most rumors point to Grand Theft Auto 6 It would be great if Rockstar tried to create something completely new for the franchise. The Midwest has unique and beautiful cities to explore, and the gaming industry hasn’t really tapped that potential. Grand Theft Auto Should be a franchise that makes the leap, Rockstar just needs to be willing to take risks.

Grand Theft Auto 6 in development.

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