‘GTA 6’ release date, possible settings, protagonists and latest news

After years of rampant speculation, it has been nearly a decade since the last entry, Grand Theft Auto There will be new mainline games in the future. Grand Theft Auto 6 It’s been officially announced, but in true Rockstar fashion, the finer details are currently being kept under wraps.Thanks to some recent rumors, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what Grand Theft Auto 6 looks like, now GTA 5 Already out on next-gen consoles, hopefully the new entry is Rockstar’s number one priority right now.

Grand Theft Auto 6 There is currently no release date…or release window. There have been some leaks that suggest we may be hearing more soon, with gameplay trailers rumored to show up later this year. With the upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 6 particularly difficult to determine. Rockstar is usually very wary of leaks, and so far, not much has slipped through the cracks.

Even so, we do have some details to share Grand Theft Auto 6 Likely, where it might be set, and when we can actually play it.To keep you up to date, we’ve rounded up all the latest news, rumours and official details Grand Theft Auto 6. We’ll make sure to keep this page updated as more information becomes available, so check back for the latest news.

latest news

As more information is disclosed Grand Theft Auto 6 We’ll collect our coverage below:

GTA 6 release date

As we mentioned before, Grand Theft Auto 6 There is currently no release date. It also doesn’t have the usual release window. Earlier this year, we covered a story about Take-Two’s projected revenue of $9 billion in 2024.Analysts predict that this growth can only be attributed to Grand Theft Auto 6suggesting that 2024 could be the game’s planned release window.

Last time we heard, Rockstar revealed Grand Theft Auto 6, and this development is “well underway”. This suggests that the game is indeed in active development, but until we see more, we won’t know when it will be released.

Grand Theft Auto 5. Image credit: Rockstar.

Thanks to Bloomberg’s recent report, Grand Theft Auto 6 It’s “at least” two years away from launch. That’s according to a developer interviewed by Bloomberg.

possible settings

So far, Rockstar has not announced any Grand Theft Auto 6 surroundings. So where can it be set? Well, there are several candidates, which we will discuss here.the first is Grand Theft Auto 6 Can be set in some kind of theme park version Grand Theft Auto The setup so far in the series. That means Vice City in the ’80s could be a district, and San Andreas, of course, that’s just speculation. New settings are also possible.we have Grand Theft Auto Take on cities like Los Angeles and New York, why not pick up others.London is a demanding location for fans, but it can be tricky to implement GTA Online are taken into account.

Industry leaker Tom Henderson posted a video on the subject as early as 2021. In the video, he covers all the rumors he’s heard over the past few years.In this video, Henderson reveals that he has heard Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a “modern title”. That means modern surroundings, excluding the Sin City of the 80s for the time being. The reasoning behind this is reportedly that modern settings are easier to scale in the game’s online settings, as modern technology can be added without feeling harsh. He also revealed that Sin City may appear in the game in some capacity, albeit a modern version.

We previously mentioned a recent report from Bloomberg that also provided a wealth of information on possible setups Grand Theft Auto 6. According to reports, Grand Theft Auto 6 It will be primarily based on the fictional version of Miami, with additional regions and cities added after launch. This is reportedly to help ease the crunch in the development process, and if that’s all true, GTA 6 could be an evolving game.

main character

A recent headline from Bloomberg is Grand Theft Auto 6 The first heroine of the 3D series may appear. There will reportedly be two main characters. Sources familiar with the project told Bloomberg that the characters were influenced by Bonnie and Clyde.

How will GTA 6 Online work?

Maybe everyone’s biggest question is how GTA Online go to work once Grand Theft Auto 6 start up. GTA Online Undoubtedly Rockstar’s most profitable asset right now, and likely regardless of Grand Theft Auto 6 That is, it will be closely related to the online equivalent. In the aforementioned Tom Henderson video, he mentioned that the single-player map will be expanded with new map locations and DLC, which can be accessed through online mode. This way, Rockstar will be able to start fairly small and build up GTA 6 Online over time. Henderson compares this approach to the Fortnite model, where map changes are associated with events.

When will we hear more?

As reported by Sportskeeda GTA leaker Tez2, it seems to believe we might get one Grand Theft Auto 6 Game trailer for 2022. You can check out the tweet below.

Here’s what we know so far Grand Theft Auto 6. Real, tangible details are few right now, but hopefully we’ll hear more this year. In the meantime, be sure to check out our article on 10 games to look forward to in 2022. For more on GTA, review GTA 5 cheats to use in-game.

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