GTA 6: Seven things that make it brilliant

Grand Theft Auto 6— or, most likely, “VI”; or, who knows, there might even be a cursive neon pink “six” — coming soon. According to a recent report, the game is “at least two years away.” Apparently, it’s set on a Miami-like continent. A solid guess is that it will be named after Sin City. It will feature a woman as its star who, along with her lover, makes a living robbing banks. Think Bonnie and Clyde meets Miami Vice – more like a Michael Mann 2006 movie than a Michael Mann 1984 TV show.Anyway, here are seven things that will make Grand Theft Auto 6 outstanding.

1. Option to wear Hawaiian shirts

the hero Grand Theft Auto: Vice City It’s Tommy Versetti. Tommy’s dressing taste was criticized by his business partner Ken Rosenberg this way: “I mean, no offense, but I think you might turn heads on the runway for the wrong reasons.” Still, he began The outfits worn on crime quests — turquoise Hawaiian shirts, stone-washed blue jeans, dirty white sneakers — have achieved legendary status.exist Grand Theft Auto 6Give us the option to buy, steal or assemble costumes and pay homage to Sin City’s number one criminal.

2. Cuba

Now, what we know Grand Theft Auto 6– Admittedly, our heroines rob banks very rarely. That’s not to say she won’t brush past her predecessors in other industries. The drug dealer.In a similar way Red Dead Redemption Let’s ride south into Mexico, if Grand Theft Auto 6 Let’s head south into Cuba by speedboat. According to recent reports, Rockstar plans to include “territories modeled after large swathes of North and South America” ​​before the company fulfills these ambitions and reduces the main map to a fictional version of Miami and its environs. Perhaps, though, we could see Cuba — or a fictional version of it — in a post-launch update. We do know that there will be post-launch content, “with new missions and cities regularly introduced”.

3. Everglades

Back in the days of the PlayStation 2, there was only so much country Rockstar could cram into a disk.and Grand Theft Auto 5, we have vineyards, deserts and large woodlands.and Grand Theft Auto 6, let’s take a look at the Everglades: that vast expanse of tropical wetlands in southern Florida.Think Lemoyne, from Red Dead Redemption IIimagine skimming it on a hover boat and taking a drive-by-shoot on any animal that wants you for lunch.

4. Drug Dealing Games

One of the best things about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars its attitude towards drugs. This is definitely one of Just Say Yes. Its protagonist, Huang Li, drives back and forth, taking advantage of the market’s dips and rallies—buying low and selling high, actually.and Grand Theft Auto 6which would work well with that setup, considering Miami is where Tony Montana’s powder trades go.

5. A more focused story

As time goes by GTA 5, many seem to have grown lukewarm about its three-star approach.if Grand Theft Auto 6 Featuring a Bonny and Clyde style duo, it would be nice if we only played one of them. The broken and tangled stories of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are no substitute for more bizarre stories.

6. Danny Trejo

Overall, Rockstar likes to separate its eras. Characters from the 3-D era (PS2 trilogy) will not step into the HD era (Grand Theft Auto IV forward). However, there are some exceptions. Lazlow, former host of Chatterbox and co-host of V-Rock, appears Four, Fernando Martinez appears in its expansion.We Dare to Dream Danny Trejo Returns Grand Theft Auto 6? Trejo in Sin City, voiced by Umberto Robina, the leader of a Cuban street gang and a regular at Café Robina, his father’s café. Idea: Bring back Umberto, but put him back on as a radio host – Robina FM. simple.

7. Nico Belich

This sounds rather odd. And it’s likely that Rockstar doesn’t want to limit its new characters in the presence of the old ones.But we know Niko Bellic, the hero Grand Theft Auto IV still somewhere.exist Grand Theft Auto V, Lester described to Michael he was “an Eastern European man operating in Liberty City”, before saying that Nico was “quiet.” Well, Sin City is a nice and quiet place. It has beaches and golf courses and is the perfect place to retire. If our new hero needs help robbing a bank, Niko definitely has the expertise needed. What better way to celebrate a successful heist than bowling?

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