GTA 6 shouldn’t have an American protagonist

“I love a lot of things about LA (d), which is why I moved back here after my first job eight years ago: perfect weather, laid-back people, creative people, Latino talent, really The diversity, the food scene, the artistic vibrancy. In LA, I feel like I’m at the center of the universe, where dreams can come true. Or at least I used to be.

“Unfortunately, the ills are worse than ever: wealth inequality, unaffordability, gentrification and displacement, racial tension, poverty and hopelessness (over 50% of LA residents are renters), traffic, dangerous potholes Roads, rubbish, filth, homelessness, lawlessness, gang violence. Despite all the BS, I still love LA and will be here for a while, but unfortunately I feel like the sun is shining on this iconic The city falls, not rises.”

This is a direct quote Two Star Yelp Reviews city ​​of Los Angeles. Yes, there are Yelp reviews of the city. Imagine condensing the entire metropolis—a metropolis as large and complex as Los Angeles, with all its ring highways, burger joints, tourist attractions and unique districts—into a few hundred words and a five-star rating System. It’s almost as absurd as trying to review an open-world video game in a week.

Of course, a more appropriate way to criticize a city is to make a virtual imitation of it. Look at Los Santos, GTA 5A satire of Los Angeles, down to the potholes – Fox News becomes Weasel News, American Idol becomes Fame or Shame, Mark Zuckerberg becomes Jay Norris, founder of social media site Life Invader .

Los Santos itself is a critique of a media-driven America, from billboards to TV shows, web pages and radio shows. It’s a city full of shady politicians, narcissistic celebrities and pharmaceutical ads. The motto of its police department is “Obey and Survive”.

Out of town for a trip to Blaine County, all the hillbillies drive off-road recreational vehicles and hulking pickups. Swim to the skate park and you’ll see young people standing and staring at their phones – they’re there posing, not skating, like big guys on Muscle Beach, flexing while standing instead of exercising.

Through Michael, one of its playable characters, we see the American dream come true. He faked his own death and left his criminal life behind, and now he hangs out by the pool every day, reminiscing about the glory days or fantasizing about classic movie scenes. He lives in his own head while his wife cheats on him with a tennis and yoga instructor. As he puts it, “I’m a cuckold, a snob, and a cliché.”

Michael is critical of capitalist America but is reluctant to do anything about it. He still wants more money, more excitement. He ignores his children, who are spoiled because he thinks buying them things is a good substitute for being a father. He owns a yacht so he can drive to the marina and watch it float in the sea in his cargo shorts and sandals. On the surface, he has everything he needs. Inside, he was empty—like the Santa Monica Pier, which looked fine from a distance, but the symptoms of system damage were hidden in tents beneath the woodwork. He told himself he was a good man.

Franklin Clinton, another player character, is the closest we get to a good guy.he is a classic Grand Theft Auto The archetype, starting at the bottom of the crime ladder, struggles to escape poverty. But even in him, we can see that white-collar crime is often overlooked. During a series of assassination missions, Franklin was given the opportunity to manipulate the stock market and engage in some insider trading. Although the crimes made far more money than his violent criminal activities, they never elicited a police response.when he joined GTA Online Lately, Franklin has become the big cheese. He played them at their own game and won.

With end-player character Trevor Phillips, we get to the truth. Trevor, the real psychotic killer from Canada, has no hypocrisy. He knows exactly what he is – the embodiment of the player’s worst impulses.

You see, the world is full of things that don’t involve violence—tennis sims, TV shows, yoga classes, competitions, skydiving, mountain bike trails, and more—but there are things that appeal to us for immediate gratification with violence either way. Similar to Rockstar’s little known video nasty, manhuntwhich holds up a mirror.

exist manhunt, you are hunted by a group of killers and you must murder your way to freedom by using stealth and wit. There is a mechanism where you can hold down the kill button longer to perform a more gruesome kill. You run the risk of being discovered by doing so, as it forces you to track your enemies for longer, with no reward other than a more gruesome execution animation. So why are you doing this?it forces you to face yourself, trevor GTA 5Of course, people can distinguish between real people and video game NPCs, but you can’t blame the game for your actions in the game.

Trevor is a foreigner who sees the city for what it is. When he met the self-appointed civilian Border Patrol agent, he said, “Well, I’m glad you proud patriots are here to defend this beautiful American desert…sand.” When he confronted a terrorism suspect While waterboarding, he called himself a “real government man”. He transcended the facade and embraced the chaos.

exist GTA 4Niko Bellic – an illegal immigrant from Yugoslavia – we also saw Rockstar look at New York in a whole new light – Liberty City. Nico’s childhood dream of becoming an astronaut like the American hero who landed on the moon was forced to fight in the Yugoslav war. In his years outside the Armed Forces, he snuck aboard a cargo ship to America, a land of hope and dreams, where his cousin awaited his chance. In fact, his cousin runs an old musty taxi stand and has gambling problems, but it’s still an improvement compared to Niko’s life.

Niko soon faces reality and he’s back to living a life of crime. Forget this land of hope and dreams, Liberty City turned out to be the land of expectations and reality, the Big Mac advertised versus the mushy abomination that arrives in your burger box. You can see it on the game’s version of the Statue of Liberty – formerly a beacon of hope for refugees, now reduced to an ad for a Starbucks-style coffee chain, with the iconic torch replaced by a disposable cup.

This Grand Theft Auto The game is at its best when they show us America through the eyes of a foreigner, which makes sense for a series developed primarily in Scotland.

Former Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser said in 2018 that he’s glad he didn’t launch Grand Theft Auto 6 In the age of Donald Trump. “Both the strong liberal progressives and the strong conservatism are very militant and very angry,” he said in an interview GQ“It’s scary, but also weird, but the two of them seem to occasionally veer to the ridiculous. For those reasons, it’s hard to be ironic. Some of what you see is simply beyond irony. It’s going to be out of date in two minutes, and everything changes like that. fast.”

Since then, Rockstar has confirmed Grand Theft Auto 6 under active developmentNo matter what form its American satire takes, I hope it is seen through the eyes of someone who is far from it all. Maybe it’s Latino couples crossing the border to get a better life only to find the streets aren’t paved with gold, or gangsters on the run facing culture shock. No matter which president is in power, ICE is always there, and if the Japanese step into America’s gun culture, they’ll feel like they’re on another planet. Arguably, the point of view is more important than the goal of the satire itself. After all, for every two-star Yelp review in Los Angeles, there’s another one that gives the city top marks.

Written by Kirk McKeand on behalf of GLHF.


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