GTA 6 will get better with fewer playable protagonists

While we might love GTA V’s acerbic writing, dense world and limitless modding potential that have helped the game last for years since its release, it has to be said that its story is pretty bad. The decision to split the whole thing into three separate characters – who act like the heroes of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas – was ambitious, but it didn’t work out well, and now it looks like Rockstar is taking it from GTA 6 backtracks in that format.

The latest reports suggest that Rockstar has decided to whittle down the original four playable protagonists to just two – apparently a “Bonnie and Clyde” type couple – and it seems the studio has learned that stacking protagonists will create The pace and story complications that aren’t worth the trouble. The “Bonnie and Clyde” frame of the story suggests that the pair of protagonists will cause carnage together from early in the game, rather than fleshing out a weak story that later fuses into one narrative.


It’s almost certainly for the best, because Rockstar knows better than anyone that putting together a story around multiple equally-weighted protagonists isn’t easy. It’s one thing to have a flashback sequence like The Witcher 3 when you control Ciri, because it provides an important context for today’s narrative. Ciri is in grave danger, and playing her and seeing things through her eyes reinforces that danger. simple.

Resident Evil is another interesting case study of multiple protagonists, as the series has implemented them in various forms over the years. In Resident Evil 1 and 2, your story changes slightly depending on which of the two playable characters you choose at the start of the game, and Resident Evil 7 does a good job of Take advantage of flashbacks in a single main story. In Resident Evil 6, you’ll see four stories of similar length, one of the weaker narratives in the infamous series’ history. Kind of like GTA V, where the focus is too distracting to foster an investment in any story, and as a result they become noticeably unmemorable (to be fair, Rockstar has written far more than almost any Resident Evil game).

That doesn’t mean the split-story format is inherently weak, but it doesn’t fit into the witty but rather superficial world that almost every GTA game is set in. The series isn’t known for its deep thinking or complex characters (though GTA 4’s Niko Bellic does). Fulfilling the series’ hilarious and gorgeous comic book cast often hinges on fairly linear story progression, which allows the characters to build a bit of narrative momentum. Obviously, in GTA’s open world there’s always a risk of being distracted by side events and forgetting key story threads, but in the fifth entry, this problem is exacerbated when the story is split into three pieces and you’re very It’s easy to forget to switch between. For example, going back to psychopath Trevor (I don’t really like him) after playing with Franklin and his stories for hours would be a little jarring – kind of like going back to a character you haven’t played in a long time Play games.

It’s hard to jump between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin’s stories without feeling like you’re just bouncing around in a “typical GTA protagonist” comic – sure fun, but not like San Andreas’ CJ Nico Emotionally engaging as Belich says, or Marston or Morgan in the Red Dead series. Franklin is the most sympathetic character of the bunch, but like CJ in San Andreas, from south of Los Santos, doesn’t have much screen time to shine, and he’s always in the shadow of his spiritual predecessor (indeed. There is little mention of the decline of the Grove Street family in GTA V, highlighting CJ’s strong legacy).

One of the two co-protagonists in GTA 6 is expected to be a female — the first playable character in GTA.

A “Bonnie and Clyde” type story, which shows you’ll play a dynamic duo who rob a bank, go on a crime, and (maybe) fall in love, this will be the first time Rockstar will feature your protagonist as the The protagonist’ can switch freely. While this has its own narrative challenges, it means the protagonist pair’s stories are likely to be more intertwined, have more common quests, and may even have the ability to perform some of the same tasks. Discord’s story jumps have less volume and more space to group characters together.

Having four playable characters suggests that GTA 6 will revolve around a gang or team, which will make it a dynamic not unlike Rockstar’s last game, Red Dead Redemption 2. Seeing as we just had it (and it’s doing well), it’ll be interesting to see Rockstar narrow the focus to a tighter group (or pair) of characters. We’ve had a lot of team-based crime games in recent years – from Red Dead Redemption 2, Mafia 3, and the Saints series – as well as “you and me vs. the world” type stories (which will likely come to nothing) probably Just what the genre needs.

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