“GTA 6’s most controversial rumors may not happen – here’s why

in all trends In the entire game in 2022, crypto is at the same time the dumbest, the most outrageous, and the funniest. Publisher after publisher asked, “Don’t you want to make money playing our games?” Only to be told, “No, we want to have fun.” Still, everyone from Ubisoft to Square Enix Taking a shot at NFTs and other blockchain-based offenses. This has led to rampant speculation about who will fall into the crypto trap. A recent rumour has been circulating that Rockstar Games may be introducing cryptocurrencies to its biggest franchise. That’s why this is unlikely to happen (or at least a very bad idea).

Rumors abound Grand Theft Auto 6 Cryptocurrencies will be involved in some way. The most common claim is that completing certain tasks will grant players cryptocurrency instead of in-game funds, and allow them to trade this fake money with other real players.This particular idea actually dates back to June 2021 in a tweet from a famous leaker Tom Henderson.

Cryptocurrencies promise easy riches, but gamers still don’t buy it.NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Henderson attributed the leak to unnamed sources with an unclear connection to Rockstar Games. This dubious claim has been circulating over the past year, and it was recently rediscovered by multiple outlets and leakers on Twitter. This time, the claims are more sketchy, from people who don’t have accurate leak records, and most don’t even bother to mention a source. Rockstar Games itself does not Grand Theft Auto 6 Cryptocurrencies will be included. That’s not surprising, as Rockstar Games has a very tight grip on leaks, even compared to other notoriously secretive gaming industries.

It also doesn’t necessarily prove either side’s arguments. Every publisher that has announced plans to include a “pay to earn” mechanism in its games has met with backlash from players.When Ubisoft introduced NFTs ghost recon breakpoint, it was met with strong disinterest. In just a few months, the market for its cryptocurrency Quartz has plummeted.Ubisoft has stopped selling breakpoint NFTs but still inexplicably still plan to release more content for future games.

Due to the backlash, other publishers didn’t even hold out long enough to actually mint their in-game coins. Undoubtedly, the most gloating example comes from Team17, an independent publisher who canceled the crypto integration less than 24 hours after it was announced. In this case, it wasn’t just feedback from players, as Team17-owned developers like Aggro Crab announced they were considering cutting ties with the publisher over the plan.

Publisher Team17’s NFT program only lasted The Hangover.Team17

It’s clear that most players simply won’t tolerate in-game cryptocurrencies, so even if the rumors are true, it’s unlikely Rockstar Games will get their hands on it right now.Grand Theft Auto is notoriously loud, often threatening or even boycotting GTA Online For all kinds of contempt.It’s true that video game “fans” are also outraged by games being delayed, failing to meet their unbelievably specific expectations, or just existing games, but Rockstar Games could face outrage for injecting cryptocurrency into it Grand Theft Auto 6 Possibly on a completely different level.

The reason NFTs and other crypto bullshit appeal to publishers is the hope that it will allow them to make more money than the numbers we have. However, Rockstar already has that. Grand Theft Auto 5 Just over 165 million copies sold and over $6 billion in revenue, primarily through GTA Online microtransactions. Just in 2020, Rockstar made $2.5 million every day From its online chaos sandbox. Of course, the concept of “enough money” doesn’t exist for public companies, but Rockstar (and its parent company, Take-Two) may be reluctant to risk a cash cow in a gamble that has so far only proved disastrous. those who have tried.

Rockstar Games has no good reason to repeat Ubisoft’s Quartz bug.Ubisoft

There’s good reason to suspect that Rockstar will risk huge sums of money in exchange for the chance of even more huge sums, but that doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies won’t show up in the Grand Theft Auto 6 Not at all.The full gist of Grand Theft Auto (at least from Grand Theft Auto 3) to satirize American culture and all its absurd, transparent excesses. It’s hard to imagine recent trends combining tech bro rants, disruptive individualism, and get-rich-quick grinds into a ludicrous package like the cryptocurrency craze.

So yes, you might be in Grand Theft Auto 6, and like all encryption schemes, whoever buys it will be the subject of jokes. The difference between that and something like Quartz is that, this time, players will laugh.

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