Jay DaYoungan arrested: How escalating gang beef between rappers in rural Louisiana led to 2 deaths | Crime/Police

Last summer, the birthday bash at a remote clearing in the Pinewoods of Tangipaho Parish took a horrific turn when a gunshot broke a wet Louisiana night.

Shortly after sunset on August 8, 2020, detectives arrived at a vacant lot on Vernon Township Road in Roseland—about 20 miles south of the Mississippi Line—to find hundreds of people crowded as they took off from Pop Hall. to their car. The popularity of high-powered rifles.

Investigators later said the brawl between rival gang members had broken down and spread to a crowd of more than 500 people who had gathered for a night of revelry. Dozens of bullets killed an innocent bystander — a 21-year-old mother from Baton Rouge — and wounded several others.

“Everyone out there has potential witnesses and we don’t know who they are or who they are not,” said Lt. Jacob Schwebel, commander of the Tangi Paho Parish Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division. “It’s really an active shooter situation.”

Law enforcement later linked the shootout to clashes between rival gangs at the southern and northern ends of Tangipaho Parish: La Familia from the Hammond and Ponchatura areas, and the Purple City Boys at the northern end. However, beyond announcing several arrests, law enforcement has provided few more details about what sparked the so-called Roseland Trail Ride shootout.

Residents of the rural area east of Louisiana’s capital, where gang crime isn’t as prevalent as Baton Rouge and New Orleans but have become a part of local life in recent years, have questioned the incident.

Now, Soundcloud famed Bogalusa rapper Javorius Tykies Scott (stage name JayDaYoungan), who was arrested in mid-September, has revealed new details about how a music dispute fueled an escalating gang fight between the two parishes and claimed the lives of both .

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a popular Louisiana rapper in Tangipahoa Parish as an accessory to second-degree murder and obstruction of justice…

Tangipahoa deputies arrested Scott on a Sept. 16 warrant for second-degree murder and obstruction of justice, saying he helped a key suspect in the Roseland shooting evade law enforcement, who spent weeks He is being searched for after another murder earlier.

Among the evidence against Scott in the hands of prosecutors is an unreleased music video.

On Aug. 6, Scott filmed a video with Jaylohn Mitchell, 19, in Hammond, according to Tangipahoa Sheriff investigators and Assistant District Attorney Jennie Perkins for the 21st Judicial District. Unpublished footage showed the two men surrounded by “multiple weapons” and “multiple convicted felons,” Schwebel said.

At the time, Mitchell was wanted for the June 21, 2020 murder of Tykeith Harold Jr., 19, in the nearby Parish of St. Helena. Court records say Mitchell shot and killed Harold at a Father’s Day party on McDaniel Road, west of Tangipahoa-St. Helena Parish Line.

Jaylen T. Mitchell

Jaylen T. Mitchell

Perkins said Harold and Mitchell had been bickering over gang ties and attacked each other in music videos posted on social media, the altercation that led to Harold’s death, and investigators said they had no relationship with the two The gang was linked and later clashed in Roseland.

Fifteen days after Harold’s death, Mitchell and Scott allegedly filmed a music video in Hammond. Two days later, Mitchell allegedly shot and killed Hutcherson in Roseland.

U.S. Marshals arrested Mitchell in Houston on August 22, 2020, and extradited him to Tangi Paho Parish.

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In addition to Jaylohn Mitchell, “this is a different group of defendants” involved in the two shootings on June 21 and August 8, 2020, Perkins said.

“But it involved the same two gangs,” she clarified.

Scott did not respond to multiple direct messages seeking an interview, and it was unclear whether he had retained a defense attorney since he was released on Sept. 20 on $175,000 bail from the Amit City jail.

The 23-year-old rapper has been on a warrant since last summer. He is best known for singles like “23 Island,” “Elimination,” and “Opps,” which have totaled 170 million streams on Spotify.

1 dead, 2 injured, 3 arrested, 2 pursued in Tangipahoa off-road ride

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New Orleans defense attorney John H. Thomas, representing Jaylohn Mitchell, questioned whether evidence like Scott and his client’s music video would hold up in court.

He said that while prosecutors and the general public may view videos with weapons and rap music as evidence of a crime, the activity is often more posturing than anything.

“I always thought that if it was a country music song about the Dodge City shootout, people wouldn’t treat it like a rap video,” he said.

Many attendees of the Aug. 8 party in Roseland were not involved in the dispute that led to the shooting. The bystanders included Zion Hutcherson, 21, a Baton Rouge resident and the mother of a child who died at the scene.

For defense attorneys and prosecutors, cases can be very complicated, Thomas said. By the time detectives arrived, the entire crime scene was packed, as was the area that could be used as evidence, he said.

Two more suspects arrested in deadly Tangipahoa off-road ride, 6 so far

In August, a 21-year-old woman was shot dead during a cross-country ride in Tangipahoa Parish, and two other suspects were arrested.

“In these cases, I relied heavily on this book called Crime Scene Reconstruction,” Thomas said. “There’s nothing in the book about this case – it’s very difficult to determine who was where[at the scene]when it happened.”

Detectives recovered dozens of shell casings from the Roseland site – some from AR-15 rifles with armor-piercing rounds. According to Schwebel, pacifiers and baby rattles belonging to Hutcherson’s one-year-old were kept in her car yard away from her body.

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