LA Neighborhood Love, CA Apartments Costs, LGBTQ+ artists and Beyonce.

Ggood morning los angeles It’s Monday, August 1st.

I can’t believe it’s already August.Hope to regain some of So Cal’s sunny, dry heat after this Weird weather over the weekend. But maybe a few more days – this Monsoon moisture likely to persist into today high surf watch until wednesday. Stay safe outside.

Now for some LA love. With 88 cities and a ton of neighborhoods in each, we at KPCC/LAist can’t capture the brilliance of Los Angeles County communities alone.

That’s why we asked you last week to Share what makes your community special. You sent us mini history lessons, restaurant recommendations, small business outreach, and love for the way you and your neighbors create and maintain communities.

Wiki G. gave some love San Gabriel Valley:

This is the real Chinatown rich Every Authentic Chinese Food You Want. We have the old and famous Japanese American family business San Gabriel Nursery, the Grapevine Arbor and Mission Playhouse with beautiful Spanish architecture and the brand new Blossom Market Hall… offering everything from Korean dumplings to artisan ice cream. This is a hidden gem in Los Angeles County. “

Gabe S. shout loudly north hollywoodand what you’ll find if you look at all the past studios.

“I grew up here. Many businesses are centered around supporting a studio work culture, but restaurants have been around for a long time. When I think of my childhood, I think of Andre’s gumbo Friday at Uncle Andre’s Soul Food. My family reunion at Art’s Deli. School activities at Carney’s Hot Dogs. The first Menchies Frozen Yogurt appeared unexpectedly when opening. Sushi Don’s Mall Chirashi Bowl. “

for Patrick V., it’s all about Fairfax – its convenience, its history and its fashion. He wrote:

As a resident of Fairfax for 18 years, I’ve seen it change a lot. I love that it retains a unique historic culture even though the latest trends in retail and food make it a destination for many tourists. … I brag to all my friends that I’m in the best position because I can go almost anywhere, but I’m also in the center of LA, so it’s not too far east, west, or valley. “

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By the way, if you’re around, Patrick recommends Cofax Breakfast Burritos or Bagel Broker Bagels.

what makes Your Community features?let us know via form We may feature your community in a future episode of a new podcast coming out this month. We will also continue to share your love for the community in this newsletter.

As always, stay happy and healthy, guys. There is more news below the fold.

What else do you need to know today

  • we told you last week The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has seen a 56 percent increase in complaints about water waste. But where do the complaints come from? The most prosperous and most water-intensive neighborhoods.
  • Mango smoothies might be coming to a school cafeteria near you! Los Angeles Unified School District experimenting healthier food choices for students.
  • California Attorney General has Charges against Silver Saddle Ranch & Club employeesa remote resort in the desert, is the focus of a LAist Studios investigative podcast california city.
  • McKinney Fireburning near the California-Oregon border, has become Largest wildfire in the state so far this year.
  • Rent in California is higher than in most U.S. states, making it difficult for minimum wage workers to live comfortably. One new report Finds that those earning minimum wage need to work two full-time jobs to afford a one-bedroom apartment.
  • When mass shootings occur, the perpetrators are usually young and vulnerable hateful thoughts, with overtones of racism, misogyny or homophobia. But where do these ideas come from? Some online resources may surprise you. Here’s how you can be smart about what your kids are consuming – and How to spot it if it becomes a problem.
  • ever thought live on the moon? Good news, your chances are just a little better. Researchers have now found that Some parts of the moon have stable temperatures suitable for humans.
  • We lost some great people over the weekend. On Friday, Boyle Heights’ own Julian Nava, the first Mexican-American ambassador to Mexico, at 95.On Sunday, we learned basketball legend bill russell 88 years old actress Nichelle NicholsWho is staging Lt. Uhura Star Trek, Died at 89. rest in peace.

Before you go…3 weekend tea drinking trends

Beyonce performing at the Oscars in March. Her latest album was released last week.

(Robin Baker


AFP via Getty Images)

Time to see what caught my eye on social media this past weekend.

Three – Beyoncé resets the year and cleans up the timeline with her seventh album

I’m pretty sure you’re tired of me talking about the first act of #Renaissance, but my timeline on Twitter is definitely after the dance floor Beyonce’s New studio album released, some think it’s not just an album – it’s A love letter to queer black music. On Twitter, someone was discussing if this The album may be her best yetwhile others emphasize Black LGBTQ+ artists she has collaborated with (or recommended), Like alternative R&B singer-songwriter Syd, who co-produced “Plastic off the Sofa.”

Two – President Joe Biden continues to contract the new coronavirus.

President Joe Biden It was announced Saturday that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus again — just days after he tested negative for an early infection. Some people complained that he worked for a while He should take a break, thinking it’s sending the wrong message.

ONE – New colors in the sky

Have you ever seen the sky a sickly green? Yes, neither did I.It happened about a month ago in a show called Derecho. At that time images of the sky went viral online. this weekend, this post didasking if green skies will make people really pay attention to climate change.

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