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‘s fans Grand Theft Auto The series has been waiting for a sequel Grand Theft Auto 5 Since 2013, many have grown impatient. Rumors of an alleged sequel are all over the place, but Rockstar itself has barely confirmed it, leaving people free to fantasize about what the next installment will bring.

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This Grand Theft Auto The series is filled with engaging and endearing characters that contribute to the overall story of each game they’re a part of. Unfortunately, some of the best characters are NPCs, and having them play them is nothing but wishful thinking. Grand Theft Auto 6There are opportunities to use secondary but familiar characters as protagonists, and while nothing is set in stone, imagining the different scenarios that could happen with certain characters at the helm is too fun to ignore.

10 Roman Belich

Roman Bellic’s character has become one of the most iconic characters in the game since its launch Grand Theft Auto 4. The cousin of protagonist Nico Bellic is well known for his love of bowling and his incessant gaming calls to players.

Rumors and leaks suggest the game may be set in the 1980s, but this has not been confirmed.If these leaks are inaccurate, Roman may Grand Theft Auto 6 as a leader. The game could focus on his attempts to leave the criminal world, allowing him to dig deeper into himself. While unlikely, fans won’t pass up the chance to see Roman’s bowling skills again.

9 Catalina

Catalina has appeared in two solo appearances Grand Theft Auto series, perhaps her most striking Grand Theft Auto 3 There she plays the main antagonist.if Grand Theft Auto 6 as a prequel Grand Theft Auto 3it can focus on the growth of her character and show the events that led to her becoming the leader of the Colombian cartel.

like Grand Theft Auto 5Trevor, Katerina is horrible and unpredictable, so one can only imagine the horrible actions she did to gain a position of power.Trevor asks Michael to help him control his anger, but an unfettered Catalina may prove to be a whole new solution Grand Theft Auto main character.

8 Lance Vance

Tommy Vercetti’s right-hand man turned traitor is one of the most endearing characters in the movie Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityHis smooth and suave demeanor fits perfectly with fictional Miami, but perhaps his character could thrive elsewhere as well.

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Lance Vance is known for switching sides to his advantage.if Grand Theft Auto 6 If it were to follow his transformation from clumsy youth to manipulative crime boss, perhaps a new side to the character could be revealed. Lance Vance is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so his role as the lead character will be a fascinating one.

7 Cesar Vialpando

Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando Grand Theft Auto San AndreasAlthough he and CJ were initially skeptical of each other, they later formed an incredibly strong bond and gradually began to think about each other’s families.

Cesar is the reason CJ finds out about Big Smoke and Ryder’s betrayal. If it wasn’t for him, CJ’s story might have ended a lot earlier. He’s an honest and dependable character who, if given the chance, is perfect for being the lead in the next installment.

6 Lamar Davis

main story Grand Theft Auto 5 Franklin and Lamar recover a 9F convertible and a fast GT from Vespucci Beach. Lamar proved to be a witty loose cannon bent on cementing his reputation in the criminal world. He spends most of the game mocking and assisting Franklin with small jobs and full-scale heists.

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Lamar, since Grand Theft Auto 5, has turned into a businessman, although his methods remain questionable. A sequel featuring him could reveal more about how his absurd mind works and why he is.

5 Patrick McCreary

Patrick McReary, or “Packie” as he is most commonly known, is one of Niko Bellic’s first-choice shooters Grand Theft Auto 4They meet through cocaine dealer Elizabeta Torres, and as the plot progresses, they slowly respect and trust each other.

Packie’s roots in the Irish mob only lie in Grand Theft Auto series. Many fans wanted to know more about his origins and how he was swallowed up by the idea of ​​theft and murder, so his role as the main character definitely explains more about his character.

4 8 balls

8-Ball, first introduced Grand Theft Auto 3, is a bomb and explosives expert who has appeared in two installments in the series. His nickname was inspired by his father, who was known for his busy ability while playing pool. Claude and 8-Ball narrowly escape jail Grand Theft Auto 3but unfortunately the game chose to focus on the self-evident protagonist Cloud.

Aside from 8-Ball, few other explosives specialists are seen throughout the series. Being the protagonist in his own game will allow the developers to flesh out his backstory and further explain why he’s trying to teach himself the art of bomb-making.

3 Pavel

Probably the cutest character ever created for Grand Theft Auto Online It was Pavel, a former Russian navy sailor. His debut saw him quickly become a fan favorite, with many fans agreeing that he is one of the best characters portrayed in the game’s online version.

Pavel is portrayed as a carefree man, obsessed with taking everything he can from El Rubio’s clutches. His background suggests he’s an expert in planning robberies, so one can only imagine the illegal antics he was involved in prior to the Cayo Perico heist. Eager fans may finally uncover elusive details of his past if he returns as the main character.

2 Salvador Leone

Salvatore Leone is arguably one of the most powerful characters Grand Theft Auto series due to his positioning in the criminal world. He is the patriarch of the untouchable Leon family in Liberty City, a family that should not be crossed under any circumstances.

He appears three separate times throughout the series, but in each depiction he is depicted as an old man who sends his lackeys to do his dirty work. His prequel game as the protagonist will finally show him doing it himself, and could document the potentially disturbing antics he was involved in before becoming Don of the Mafia family.

1 Lester Crest

Many of the most iconic events, if not Leicester Grand Theft Auto 5 will not happen. While he’s nothing to watch, he’s arguably the most crime-savvy character in the entire series.

if Grand Theft Auto 6 Set in the 1980s, before he became the criminal genius he is today, it might follow his story.Fans of the series have always been curious about Lester’s origins and his knowledge of planning heists, so made him the protagonist Grand Theft Auto 5The sequel is sure to be exciting.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Currently in development.

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