Little Tina’s Wonderland Achievement Guide and Roadmap

– Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [somewhat skill and loot/luck dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
– Offline: 37 [980]
– online: 2 [20gs.png]
– Approx time to 1000gs.png: 40-50 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
– Minimum number of clearances required: 1 plus 19 Chaos Chamber runs
– Missable achievements: not any [free roam]
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No – All achievements can be obtained on the easiest difficulty
– Unobtainable/wrong achievements: not any

  • DLC: Coiled Prisoner
    • difficulty: 3/10
    • time to 20gs.png: 45-60 minutes
    • can not get: not any

Welcome to Little Tina’s Wonderland, a spinoff game from the Borderlands series that blends tabletop RPG and Borderlands gameplay. If you’ve played a Borderlands game, the gameplay here is the same, just with one more: There’s a third-person overworld for you to explore, and that’s how you get to each new area. Within each area of ​​the Overworld, the gameplay and all aspects are nearly identical to the Borderlands games, so fans of the series will feel right at home. The list of achievements is also fairly standard for the series, but luckily there are no achievements tied to any specific class, nor any actual combat-specific achievements, so feel free to build your class without worrying about achievements. The achievement will require you to complete the story, all the side quests, a bunch of miscellaneous stuff, looting, and then the Chaos Chamber (not as scary as it sounds) to do everything. let’s start.

Brief walkthrough:
As mentioned above, there are no class-related achievements or any combat your class might affect, so design your character and class according to how you like to play. This tutorial will teach you everything about the gameplay and the new overworld.

In order to complete, you’ll need to complete every side quest, so I highly recommend completing every quest as you find a new quest (or come to a new area). They’ll make sure you’re always at a high enough level to progress through the story missions, and doing them now eliminates the need to retrace areas you’ve already played. A nice addition to this game over side quests is that every side quest can be started from Brighthoof’s bounty board without the need to track down the quest giver in a specific area; the only exceptions are the overworld side quests, Most start there. This is a handy way to make sure you don’t miss anything, just go back to Brighthoof and look at the Bounty Board for the exclamation mark on the map. No side quests cause any problems, and there are no raid bosses in the base game, so it should be smooth sailing.

As far as collectibles go, there are plenty out there (scrolls, marbles, lucky dice, rune puzzles, etc.), but luckily you hardly ever need to touch them. From an achievement standpoint, all it takes is finding a scroll (which is nearly impossible to miss in the overworld). While no one else is required, I recommend picking up as many lucky dice as possible. They increase your loot luck, so you’re more likely to find rarer and better loot. Additionally, each of these collectibles is associated with an in-game challenge, which, unlike the Borderlands game, rewards you with villain tokens, where the challenge rewards you with money and XP, so they will both help you level up.

Speaking of leveling up, the max level in this game is level 40, and assuming you complete all the side quests and story quests, you’ll definitely reach level 40 by the time you finish. If you don’t, your Chaos Chamber run will definitely let you level up to the last point you need to reach level 40. So there is no need for polishing or new game+games here to get to the top level.

Chaos Room:
At the end of the story, the epilogue quest will introduce you to the Chaos Chamber and will take you through the tutorial. Your final quest to complete this quest is to reach level 20 Chaos in the Chaos Chamber. This will take quite a bit of time and effort as it takes 19 playthroughs to get to level 20.I highly recommend reading through Controlled Chaos (50G) Full instructions for this mode, what exactly this achievement does, and how to make it as easy as possible.

sweep the floor:
After doing all of the above, your last achievement may be to purchase each of your inventory upgrades. It would take dozens of hours of grinding loot, or duplicating money/loot with an online partner in under an hour.refer to Mule word (50G) to know more information. Finally, if you haven’t already earned these two simple co-op achievements, they’re quick and easy to clean up.

Coiled Captive DLC

As part of the Season Pass, the first of four DLCs, Coiled Captors introduces a new mini central area containing a new miniature version of the Chaos Chamber. Oddly enough, this DLC doesn’t start with a new quest in your diary and doesn’t have objective markers. To start/access this DLC, load into your game and quickly go to the overworld. Head to the southwest path between Snore Valley and the Queen’s Gate, which is basically where you start the game, and you’ll find the entrance to a new area, the Dream Curtain Overlook. Step inside, walk to the heart of this new hub, and Vesper will have some conversations and walk you through some brief goals. Later, she will mention going into the mirror to wake up the old god. This is where the quest ends and you can actually play the DLC. Turn around (from the wheel) and you’ll see a floating mirror. Walk through a series of six rooms (five regular rooms and a boss) that function somewhat like the Chaos Chamber of the base game.

notes: If you completed the base game achievement for Chamber of Chaos, you may still have the game set to Chaos Level 19. This will make this DLC more difficult. Make sure to go to the Chaos tab of the pause menu and turn off Chaos Mode. This DLC will now be very easy. You need to play four times in six rooms in total.The first will unlock Close friend, lore! (10G) Fourth unlock High Fish Legend Champion (10G). Please read through the latter achievement solution to save a lot of time. Each run takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and this DLC will (thankfully) be done before you know it.

Overall conclusion:
wonderland A solid entry into the Borderlands series. It keeps all the things that make Borderlands games so interesting — dialogue and voice acting, heists, constant references to pop culture and memes, and more — and adds some new ones, like the Overworld and the Chamber of Chaos, Make yourself stand out. While a bit shorter than the Borderlands game, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Hope you have fun and congratulations on finishing this game!

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the Coiled Captors DLC Roadmap]


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