Lost Ark Salt Giants: Locations, Battles and Loot

The Lost Ark was released to Western audiences a few months ago. The game is an MMORPG similar to the Diablo series. Lost Ark has its own characters with interesting skills and playstyles. You can test your character by fighting against world bosses. If you are low level and want to test yourself, then you can try to kill the salt giant. So, here we have the Salt Giant spawn site in the Lost Ark.

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Using the DPS Meter in Lost Ark can help determine your overall damage output. It will come in handy in the Lost Ark training room. Una’s quests are a great way to level up and earn other rewards. If rewards and items are what you’re after, you might want to visit the islands in the Lost Ark. Treasure maps in the Lost Ark are another way to get valuable loot.

Lost Ark is generous to new players. And to motivate them to play the game regularly, Lost Ark will reward them with special cosmetics. The LED Glasses in Lost Ark are one such cosmetic you can buy.

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The spawn location of the Salt Giant in the Lost Ark

The Salt Giants are located in the Sarand Mountain region of the Lost Ark. It is located in the middle of the area. You’ll find Saland Hills in Aregal Salt Plains. If you pass through the area, you probably won’t find the salt giants fighting there. This is because Salt Giants, like other world bosses, spawn every 30 minutes.

The salt giants are found in the Yudia region of the mainland.

If you come to the spawn zone and can’t find the Salt Giant, then you have two options. You will have to wait for the salt giant to respawn so you can kill it and progress further in the story.

The exact spawn location of the salt giant.
The spawning site of the salt giants.

While waiting for the salt giant to respawn, make sure you hang out in the respawn area. This way, when the Salt Giant respawns, you can fight it before other players come to grab you.

If you don’t want to wait another 30 minutes to fight the salt giant, you can switch to another channel. There, check to see if the Salt Giant has spawned so you can fight it. To check, there will be a red marker on the ground indicating that the Salt Giant is nearby. Go to him and fight him.

Strategies for defeating the salt giant

The Salt Giant is a level 19 boss. But don’t let that fool you; he’s still a strong boss because he’s one of the “world bosses”. Don’t compare this world boss to the regular bosses of dungeons and islands.

The Salt Giant in the Lost Ark is the world leader.
Salt Giant has up to 10 million HP.

Alright, so you’ve arrived at the Salt Giant’s Spawn Location and started fighting him. But how to defeat this world BOSS? For that, you need a strategy to ensure that in the end you’ll be the one standing, not the salt giant.

For your strategy to fight the salt giants, you need to keep a few things in mind first. All of the Salt Giant’s attacks are in front, so you can sneak behind it and attack it. But it won’t kill him because he has a huge 10 million health. This made the fight more difficult, and it was a protracted battle.

With that in mind, you have to remember that you shouldn’t try to do it fast. Because if you try to do that, you’ll end up being killed when you try to complete the combo. Take your time, as none of his attacks have any stuns or debuffs. And his attack speed is very slow.

Regardless, the best strategy for defeating the Salt Giant in Lost Ark is to party, as Lost Ark bosses are designed not to focus on one character all the time. Their focus players change from time to time. Use it to hide behind him when he’s focused on another player.


The Salt Giant has a ton of AoE attacks, and if you don’t dodge them, the Salt Giant can take you away in a few hits. You should read their details before fighting so you can be prepared to dodge them before the fight begins.

  • ground raid: During the attack, the salt giant will roll up and slam the ground.
  • salt rain: A red AOE circle appears around the salt giant. In circles, chunks of salt rock will fall like raindrops.
  • salt sprinkler: With this attack, the salt giant will stretch out his palm. From the palm of his hand, he would shoot a bunch of salt. Salt deals residual damage to players.
  • Swipe punch: is the basic melee attack of the Salt Giant. During the attack, he rolled up and then threw his fist in the air in front of him.


Salt giants use special abilities.This ability is called Damage amplification. As the name suggests, this ability is a buff that increases the damage of the Salt Giant’s attack. But it also increases damage taken by 6%.

These are the attacks and abilities used by the salt giant. In any case, before starting a fight, make sure to add all the virtues of your character so you can fight him easily. If your level is much higher than the Salt Giant, taking him solo won’t be a problem. Check out the Lost Ark Quick Upgrade Guide.

If you’re taking Salt Giant solo, check out our guide to the best solo classes. That way, you’ll know how your class will play against world bosses. We have a build guide for almost every class. Check out the Best Sorceress, Wardancer, Deadeye, and Scrapper build guides. You can read more about them and other courses in our All Lost Ark Course Guide.

Defeat the Salt Giant in The Lost Ark

The Salt Giant is the perfect boss. If you attack slowly and steadily, you’ll instantly get the “Boss Hunter: Novice” achievement.

Although his attacks are very powerful, you can easily dodge them. Move your player clockwise around the salt giant and attack him when he has his back to you. This way, you will be able to understand his attack patterns.

Once you feel like you have confidence in it, go all out. But again, you shouldn’t forget that the Salt Giant is one of the “Chiefs of the World”. If you make a mistake, chances are you’ll have to start the whole fight all over again.

Take some tank classes at your party like destroyer or paladin building for the Salt Giant battle. This way, even if the salt giant hits them, they won’t be shot dead like high DPS characters. Taking them to the battle of the salt giants in the Lost Ark will be your best bet to win the battle.

Due to the class’s high mobility and quick attacks, using Shadow Hunters in your party will be beneficial.

The spoils of defeating the salt giant

The reward for defeating the Salt Giant is totally worth it. These are epic rewards for low-level players. This is what you get by defeating the salt giant.

  • Defeat the Salt Giant Chest
  • epic accessories
  • Epic Gear Items
  • Primary Healing Potion
  • silver

The “Defeat the Salt Giant Chest” can hold any of these items.

  • epic accessories
  • Eternal Essence
  • Epic Gear Items
  • epic secret map
  • salt giant card
The Salt Gaint loot in the Lost Ark contains his card
Salt Giant’s World Boss Card.

If you’re not satisfied with epic loot, check out how to get the Chaos Stone in the Lost Ark. They can elevate your gear to relic level. Other than that, you can try the Jinnong method in The Lost Ark to get unique upgrade items.

The legend of the salt giant in the lost ark

OK, so you’ve defeated the Salt Giant at the Lost Ark spawn point. You might be wondering who is the salt giant in the legend of the Lost Ark. The legend of the salt giant is sacrifice. Because of this sacrifice, he became so twisted that you had to kill him to save the Yudia region.

The legend goes like this. Hundreds of years ago, the salt giant was one of the elements. The Noble Elemental uses its powers to protect the region of Yudia from evil. When things took a turn for the worse and Encavia collapsed, the elements absorbed the darkness. Then it buried itself in the earth to remove the darkness from the world.

After a long time, the elf appeared again. Over time, the darkness it absorbs twists it. It is now known as the salt giant that terrorized the Judea region. And now, for fallen heroes, killing it would be an act of kindness.


So this is where the salt giants in the Lost Ark spawn. When fighting him, you have to be careful and don’t rush. That’s because the salt giant has 10 million hit points. Form a powerful party with a few tanks and try to play slowly.

Be sure to check out our own Lost Ark Guides Wiki. Here we have a full list of all the Lost Ark guides so you’re just one click away.

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