Média-Participations to label all of its French productions to Ellipse Animation; shares content lineup

The French-Belgian group Média-Participations has unveiled its cross-media strategy and its diversity of original and adaptation projects in the animation sector. During a press conference at the ongoing Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, Média-Participations, Europe’s leading independent home entertainment group, announced that they have decided to combine all of their French production brands (Dargaud Media, Dupuis Edition and Audiovisuel and Ellipsanime Productions) The combined brand: Ellipse Animation, synonymous with 170 titles and heroes (Asterix, Tintin, Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Babar, The Garfield Show, Jakari... ).

For more than 60 years, its production houses in France and Belgium have created successful animated series and films, ranging from garfield company. to the new 3D series The Smurfsincluding feature films Yakari and the upcoming marsupials, Most of them are sold worldwide.

“Although we come from the publishing industry, our job is to tell and share stories more broadly. Our ingenuity is that we know how to do this in almost every medium: books, video games, amusement parks, news, digital and Audiovisual of course. Animation, which allows our heroes to reach large audiences in France and abroad, is more than ever at the heart of our strategy and one of our core businesses,” said Julien Papelier, Deputy CEO of the Média Participations Group .

“We hope to create more and more synergies with Belgium through our cross-media ecosystem and the expertise of the new team around Ellipse Animation Managing Director Caroline Audebert and Lila Hannou, VP of Creative Development and Strategy, who will lead this change Belvision together,” he added.

“This new brand will allow us to make our offerings more visible, especially internationally, reconnect with our heritage and take an offensive strategy for the future. We aim to produce 4 to 6 a year by 2024 series and a feature film. We have already developed some projects with other production companies. We have stepped up and opened the door to new collaborations with French and international producers,” said Audebert.

“We are consolidating our production facilities and through our three studios Ellipse Paris, Ellipse Angoulême, MadLab Roubaix and the collaboration with DreamWall in Belgium, we are able to have 500 positions for the most ambitious projects,” added Audebert road.

“Diversity is very important to us. Not only in the content we create, but also globally, in our vision for the business. Starts with the production teams we work with (Gaëlle Guiny, Pierre Reyssat, Audrey Serre) They come from different backgrounds and bring their expertise, expertise, enthusiasm, sensitivity and different perspectives, allowing us to continuously enrich our list of projects,” said Lila Hannou.

While Ellipse Animation has a solid in-house 3D and 2D production ecosystem, it can count on the support of its two historical and strategic partners: Belvision in Belgium for production and Mediatoon Distribution in France for international distribution.

“Belvision has been an iconic player in Belgium since the 1950s. We are proud to work with Ellipse Animation on several projects, including Living with Papa, Marsupilamis, the Badger Family, and many more. We explored many genres, but always with a distinct Belgian touch,” Belvision managing director Raphaële Ingberg said.

As for Mediatoon Distribution and Citel, whose goal is to help finance, distribute and monetize projects worldwide, they have the largest anime catalog in Europe, with over 4,000 hours worked, and the largest Japanese anime production (titles like as Naruto, Hunter X Hunter and Fairy Tail).

“For over 20 years, we have been more than happy to support our internal studios (Ellipse Animation and Belvision) as well as external partner studios (Bayard Animation, Folivari, Futurikon, Kodansha, Media Valley, Pierrot Studio, Toon Factory, etc.). Complementarity allows us to address all genres and objectives. Our VOD, DVD, games, music, licensing and publishing activities continue to complete the package to further maximize revenue for our partners (and enrich the experience for our fans and consumers) ),” said MD Jérôme Alby.

From preschool blockbusters to adult animation, Ellipse Animation caters to all audiences and covers all genres: comedy, slapstick, adventure, action… The team of Caroline Audebert and Lila Hannou has successfully developed all formats: series (Marsupilamis, Belfort and Lupin, live with Dad...), feature films (Yakari…), TV specials and even theme park attractions (Marsupilamis by Parc Spirou), using different techniques for different styles: 2D, 3D or Hybrid.

dream– After great success roger and his humans Ellipse Animation, created by YouTuber Cyprien and his more than one million followers on YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat, presents a new teen project developed by La Chouette Compagnie and Média Participations’ dedicated animation platform ADN.

“At ADN, we are proud to partner with Ellipse Animation and La Chouette Cie dream. As a French streaming platform focused on animation, we are excited to start producing premium original content.We can’t wait for the audience to find out dream and allow other ambitious projects like this to see the light of day in Europe,” said ADN President Benoît de Tauriac.

dream Based on the best-selling manga of the same name by Reno Lemaire, published by Pika. It takes viewers into the world of Terrence, a teenager who has been afraid of fire ever since his mother died when he was seven. A trailer for the launch will be available on ADN’s Youtube channel on June 20.

“One night, while he was dreaming, he overcame his fear by controlling fire. Then he became a traveler, a special kind of dreamer, and every night when he went to bed, he was transported to the dream world, the world of dreams, ” said the series producer of La Chouette Compagnie Sylvain dos Santos.

Work in process and new items:

Of course, adapting IP from media engagement catalogs, as well as adapting books and originals from other publishers, Ellipse Animation is providing variety for its new projects.

• Popular for preschool

Smurfs 2: This full CGI series, produced in partnership with Peyo Productions, was a huge success in 140 territories, internationally on Nickelodeon Channel, Kika in Germany and TF1 in France. 3D animated series in 52 x 11 format for children aged 6 to 10.

The series is directed by William Reynolds, with Veronique Culliford, Neil de Wilde and Brigitte Aikmans from Peyo Productions; Caroline Duvochel and Maïa Tubiana of Dupuis Edition et Audiovisuel as producers .

Kangaroo: In development for M6-Gulli. In this series, Ellipse Animation reinterprets the world of cult comic characters in 3D for five- and seven-year-olds.development of Kangaroo (52 x 13′) with strong international potential, accompanied by a real brand strategy within Média-Participations: video games, comic books, children’s books, numerous licensing possibilities.

Twins Jade and Mica have adopted 3 adorable young marsupials…they can’t stay still! It’s no easy task for the duo to keep secrets and protect these legendary creatures.

• Diverse youth programs

Trotro and Zaza: This is one of the strongest preschool IPs in the last 20 years (2017 Export Award). The first series is currently airing globally, including on major platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix. The famous little donkey in the series will face a challenge: become the big brother. Trotro and Zaza Will be shown at the next Cartoon Forum.

The series in 78×3’30’/rendu 2D format will be directed by Alexandre Coste, with Benedicte Guettier as graphic writer.

Badger Family 2: The first season won the 2020 Unifrance Audiovisual Export Award. Ellipse Animation and Belvision are currently producing the second season of this happy mixed family adventure for viewers over four years old.

Florian Ferrier is the director of the series, based on the comic book by Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet, published by Dargaud.

Akisi: A special TV adaptation of the adventures of a brave little girl by Marguerite Abouet and Matthieu Sapin airs on June 15th on France 4 and June 16th on Boomerang Africa.

Marguerite Abouet, Louise Cailliez and Baptiste Grosfilley are the writers of the show. It is based on the original comic book by Gallimard Jeunesse ‘Akissi’ published by Marguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin, inspired by the graphic world of Clément Oubrerie.

The show is produced by Arthur Coignon for Ellipsanime Productions, with Caroline Audebert and Caroline Duvochel serving as executive producers and Agelin Paul serving as line producer. Alexandre Coste directed this 26-inch 2D animated show for children ages 6 to 10.

Living with Dad: This is an adaptation of the Nob comic book dad, whose presentation was well-received at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse last September. Currently in production on Ellipse Animation and Belvision, the series will air on M6 by the end of 2022.

live with dad Directed by Daniel Klein and written by Cyril Deydier. 2D animation in 52 x 11′ format for children aged 6 to 11.

• Other original works

Versailles released: This original series by author Teddy Stehly is currently in development for France Télévisions in France. Designed in collaboration with the Palace of Versailles, the show is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 11.

It gives them a chance to learn about the story of the unique friendship between two extraordinary dogs who were at odds at the court of Louis XIV. Belfort, the king’s favorite hound from the garden, and his friend Lupin. It’s also a chance to get to know the feathered and furry tenants of the castle’s large zoo and its kitchen.

• Features for home audiences

Ellipse Animation is highly committed to feature film production, with a philosophy of producing one film per year.built on success Yakari, a spectacular ride that has surpassed 350,000 in theaters despite its release during the pandemic. It is currently working on Yakari 2, which is scheduled to be released in 2025 (final title to be announced).

In this sequel focused on the power of friendship and the magic of totems, Yakari’s friend Bison Seed falls into a coma. The Horde does everything in their power to keep him alive, while Yakari and Little Thunder search for the only one who can save him: the magical and dangerous bison Satanka.

Ellipse Animation is also working on two comic book adaptations with Pan-Européenne, Maybe Movies and Belvision Lucky Luke and a legendary person.

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