New Music Picks: Mariangela, Cardi B, Shakira and More

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly selection of the best new music.This week’s list features the emergence of Mexican singers Shakira’s Mary Angela An anthem of hope, and Cardi B’s latest song.

Also on the list is Zion y Lennox who hits the club beat with María Becerra, while Rebecca Black embraces her Latin roots in “Cafe Racer.” Additionally, we’ve highlighted J Balvin and Ryan Castro’s teaming up, Bad Bunny’s release of the music video for the monster hit “Me Porto Bonito”, and Ambar Lucid’s powerful new single “La Torre.”

Mary Angela, “Soñarte”

Meet Mariangela, the Mexican singer who brought an alternative edge to Latin music. She was born in Monterey and grew up in Texas. Her music reflects her bicultural upbringing. This is evident in her inspirations, which include Joan Jett, Hayley Williams, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, Selena and Carney Garcia. “[My music] It’s all down to how I grew up and where I came from and where I am now,” she told LATINA. Mariangela’s new single “Soñarte” draws from the tragedy her family has endured and Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again” ”. Backed by sparkling synths and indie rock, she sings about missing a friend who died. This sadness and loss is also present in the dark music video. “Even though people may live another life, but some of them will always live in our hearts,” she said. Regarding her upcoming music, Mary Angela added, “[It’s] Alternative pop rock in terms of music, but I just like to call it “Mary Angela” because it’s really just my mind and heart. Everything I love comes together. “

Cardi B, Kanye West and Lil Durk, “Hot S**t”

Cardi B is back! The Dominican-American superstar released her new single “Hot S**t.” She works with rapper Kanye West and rising rapper Lil Durk. On the heavyweight circuit, Cardi unleashes her hubris in trap beats. For a few days, she’s been thinking things through, including, “I don’t know what’s longer, man, my blacklist or my list.” She translated her infamous Twitter finger into a fiery line. Lil Durk popped in midway through, and West ended the collaboration, but Cardi was the favorite for the bluff. The song previews her highly anticipated second album, which will include “WAP” and “Up” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Black Eyed Peas, Shakira and David Getta, “Don’t Worry About You”

Coinciding with her recent separation from Gerard Piqué, Shakira’s music has been a hit on the charts. The Colombian icon with “tefelicito,” her collaboration with Rauw Alejandro. Now fans see the kiss track as possible reaction For Piqué, the music video has been viewed more than 201 million times on YouTube. Shakira’s “Don’t You Worry” with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta put her music career into high gear. As the world continues to go through tough times, she promises, “You don’t have to worry about one thing/everything will be fine.” Electronic dance music shines like a beautiful beacon of hope.

DAGR, Rebecca Black & LVL1, “Cafe Racer”

“Friday” fame Rebecca Blake leans toward her Latin roots in “Cafe Racer.” Her mother is of Mexican descent. Black has teamed up with DAGR (made up of openly queer producers Ceci and Veronika) and Spanish rapper LVL1. As the song’s title suggests, “Cafe Racer” is a hell of a ride. The track opens with LVL1’s fiery verse in Spanish, and Blake later plays her own intense rhythm. Both acts are supported by DAGR frenzy and grotesque beats. The music video is like a trip, showing various Los Angeles locals living their best lives. “This song and working with DAGR on it was and has been the fastest, sexiest wild ride,” Black told LATINA. “I wouldn’t be sitting in a truck bed for anyone, but this is the perfect time to live in a DAGR world and get a little bit of a mess!”

J Balvin and Ryan Castro, “Nivel De Perreo”

With Ryan Castro’s help, J Balvin is digging into his Colombian ancestry. The Medellin locals have teamed up to create an aptly named “Nivel De Perreo”. Over the past year, Castro has emerged as one of Medellin’s most promising newcomers. He collaborated with Feid on global hits such as “Jordan” and “Convent.” In “Nivel De Perreo,” J Balvin and Castro exchange verses about getting the party started. Their goal was to turn the club into a full-scale perreo event, and they achieved that with this sexy reggae song. Castro’s first US tour kicks off August 11 in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, J Balvin teamed up with Ed Sheeran on the songs “Forever My Love” and “Sigue.”

Ambar Lucid, “Latorre”

Ambar Lucid continues to embrace her alter ego, Estrella. The Mexican and Dominican singer introduced Estrella to the world for the first time when she released “Girl Ur So Pretty” in May. Although she sang “Girl” in Spanish, she sang her new single “La Torre” mostly in Spanish. Backed by flamenco beats with an R&B edge, Lucid sings about how she’s trying to escape her difficult past. Through the power of Estrella, she turns pain into a powerful statement about moving on. “‘La Torre’ was inspired by my chaotic childhood and realizing how the cycle from past to present manifested itself,” Lucid told LATINA. “It’s based on the ‘The Tower’ tarot card, which is akin to a dramatic and necessary change. For me, ‘La Torre’ is a song I need to write, something I need to process and accept so that I can be Estrella. “

Zion y Lennox and María Becerra, “Berlin”

Zion y Lennox arrives with a contender for a summer song. The Puerto Rican icon stars in “Berlin” with Argentine pop star María Becerra. Zion y Lennox embraces deep house music with a brassy Latin edge. Like Pitbull, the reggae duo have traveled the globe, including Los Angeles, New York and Berlin, as they searched the globe for their love. Becerra has become a go-to partner for artists like J Balvin and Camila Cabello, making a splash on electronic beats. She adds a sense of ferocity and frivolity to the refreshing dance music. Zion y Lennox carry their legacy into the future with this captivating club bang.

Bad Rabbit and Joe Corleone Chen, “I Porto Bonito”

Bad Bunny will continue with the music video from his blockbuster “Un Verano Sin Ti” album. After recently releasing a video of his Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit “Tití Me Preguntó”, he finally released a visual of his other top 10 hit “Me Porto Bonito”. This captivating track captivated the world thanks to the captivating vocals of Puerto Rican icon Chencho Corleone. Corleone is on fire right now, with songs by Rauw Alejandro, Anitta and Maluma. In the music video for “Me Porto Bonito,” Bad Bunny gets wet and crazy with many women at a pool party. Summer 2022 really belongs erconehomalo.

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