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Albany: To voice actor Mark Grosso: Hate is a strong word. I will not give up my heart to hate easily. So what do I like about President Biden? He’s not the first choice for many Democrats. I love that he’s trying to unite America rather than divide it. He’s not perfect, and I don’t agree with all of his choices, but he at least acknowledges that America is a nation of racial and intellectual diversity, and he’s committed to serving all people, not just his greatest positions.

Biden will ultimately be reluctant to listen to his constituents. He did not use his powerful public service position to enrich his family. He’s actually working on our nation’s problems—climate chaos, debt, American hostages, high corporate prices, housing emergencies, the decline of democracy, human rights violations—and he’s trying to fix them.

This was actually the minimum expectation, but the last person failed the standard. Culture war issues like critical race theory and trans/LGBTQ phobia do not contribute to the value of my life. I want some policy to help me put food on the table, let me have a roof, and put money in the bank. I care about economic policies that improve my life.

I’m not driven by hate, so it feels rational, not passive. So, Trump supporters: Why do you hate everyone? Alicia Bacon

Bloomington, Indiana: I would like to address voice actor Sam Katz, who said in a recent letter that much of the violence on January 6 was caused by “white supremacy” aligned with Donald Trump committed by the activists”. This seems to be Katz’s theme. I don’t think she ever made any positive comments about her beliefs, just grandstanding by criticizing others. Grandstanding (or virtue signaling) has become ubiquitous in contemporary culture. You don’t need to have a shred of personal virtue. You just need to expose the less virtuous on the surface to win the game. You don’t need to say anything positive or promote your beliefs. Just call out rascals and rascals to impress the receptive crowd. No need to spend your own resources. By asserting how bad they are, you are implying how good you are. It costs nothing. Scott Thompson

Bronx: One thing you can be sure of: Disrupt liberal thought, like a hornet’s nest, and you can expect swift and sharp condemnation. Voice actor Renee Fineberg, your response to my initial comment suggests either willful ignorance, or you’d rather believe what you’d rather believe, and the truth be damned. But if we’re going to be real and real, you can attribute the violence in every issue I initially commented on to Democrats and the left. You can deny it and make false claims and excuses, but I suggest you drop your stubbornness and unruly attitude and accept the reality. It’s staring at your face. Have the courage to admit it and move on. Bob Pascarrera

Chester, NJ: We are witnessing record heat, drought, floods and wildfires ravaging our country. One political party has made opposition to managing carbon a creed of its loyalists. Climate denial is slowly evolving into acknowledgment of its existence. So the new partisan line is that while climate change is a “potential” problem, it’s too costly and damaging to fix – so let’s burn more fossil fuels. Remember when they said that extracting lead from gasoline would render the engine unusable? Did not happen. Pollution control makes cars unreliable? Vehicle reliability and durability are at an all-time high, and the average age of a vehicle is increasing. Are solar and wind power expensive dummies? They now cost less than other forms of energy. So the story goes. Can’t wait to see this winter idiot with a snowball ask: “Where is your global warming now?” David J Melvin

GOODYEAR, AZ: Sen. Joe Manchin admits he was wrong on COVID relief and didn’t create an inflationary spiral. Now he says he hopes the new inflation-cutting bill won’t amplify inflation or increase the deficit. In the usual fashion, Chuck Schumer claimed the new bill would lower the deficit and give Manchin the gift of a pipeline (not Keystone) in West Virginia. Schumer lowered the deficit by only extending Obamacare until 2025, and those who don’t extend it by then will be called indifferent. The bill requires 80,000 new IRS agents to seek tax income from all Americans, not just those earning more than $400,000. 80,000 left on the government payroll? Manchin hopes he’s right about lowering inflation or increasing the deficit. Hope he retire! He betrayed the American people to lay pipelines for his state. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, please don’t fall into the same trap. Peter Provenzel

Brooklyn: On “B’klyn’s Rage Over Cold Fries” (August 3): When Is Enough? Why are you calling your son to fight over french fries with a gun? The apple fell right under the tree! Workers are so sad! Maria Ciarametaro

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Manhattan: A solution to New York City’s gun problem: Hang signs in all boroughs that read: “Men and boys with unauthorized guns have tiny penises.” James A. Flagler

Brooklyn: Are Bishop Whitehead and Flavor Flav related? Erin McIntyre Hughes

Effort, Pa.: I have a word for bling Bishop Lamor Whitehead: karma. Katherine Slattery

BROOKLYN: Flatbush Ave. is the direct access to the airport for helicopters and brings a lot of noise and air pollution to our borough. Occasionally, there are 25 to 30 overpasses at lower elevations and over schools, Prospect Park, and homes along the way. Who Controls Brooklyn’s Airways? Jack Doherty

Masperth: Why the Empire State Building won’t light its beacon in the blue and white she ordered when Mother Teresa died, but on Monday night it could use tie-dye colors in honor of Jerry Garcia, a To lead a band that preaches counterculture and drug addiction? Pat Smith

Manhattan: I’m tired of hearing about queen bees and queen bees! I don’t understand what’s so great about the singer in the second stanza of the same song. She is nothing more than a women’s company. She’s lucky to have fans; she’s not that good. On the other hand, we have a singer and performer/actress icon who recently released a fantastic album. She has been singing since the 1960s and has received a string of awards, including an Oscar nomination. The title track of her latest album is “Thank You,” in which she thanks all her fans for their loyalty over the years. All 13 of her songs are great. Her name is Diana Ross! Michael De Sousa

Edinburgh, Scotland: This week I heard from a reporter from the Miami Herald about anarchy in Haiti. It is a country that is constantly on the brink of social and political chaos and weather disaster. It was forcibly inhabited by slaves and was often flattened by hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes. Aid group employees, a chronically corrupt government and now rampant gang violence have wreaked havoc on locals. In the UK, cruelty to migrants has become something touted by right-wing politicians. The pair are currently competing to replace the vile Boris Johnson’s carpet stain to see who can sound more brutal. As we listen unflinchingly to reports of migrants being “repatriated,” we must always remember that many of the horrors to which they are repatriated were perpetrated by the wealthy West (or we failed to stop them). This is tantamount to throwing a child back into a burning building. Amanda Baker

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