‘Renaissance’ review: Beyonce chooses ecstasy

important components of both Beyonce and lemonade – Released in Beyonce’s 30s, a dangerous place in our sexist, racist, ageist pop culture climate – how they perfectly leverage their newfound depth and wider cultural influence to Avoid the fierce competition of pop stars. Both records centered on an element of astonishing execution, depth, and surprise to circumvent the search for hit singles, a pursuit that relentlessly ended the careers of numerous pop giants. In fact, while each of these albums was a smash — over half a million copies in its first week alone — none produced a slew of chart-toppers and remained a must-have currency for pop stars, while Beyoncé arguably hasn’t been a solo artist since 2008, when “Sweet Dreams” entered the top 10 of the Hot 100.

A few days later, Beyoncé released the album six weeks early and released the lead single “Break My Soul,” effectively giving up the shocking and awe-inspiring deal she pioneered. “Break My Soul” immediately stands out for its simplicity brightness, Beyonce’s first music without “say anything” in over a decade. Instead, it revels in being a middling pop single with obvious, familiar references to the ’90s divas, as well as a big, vague, almost pointless hook. “You won’t hurt my soul, I’m telling everyone,” Beyoncé repeats disgustingly in the chorus, with lemonadeTimes lyrics like “I like my black nose and Jackson’s 5 nostrils.”

If “Break My Soul” was somehow a respite from Beyoncé’s radically thoughtful oeuvre of the 2010s, it was also vaguely disappointing, a man who miraculously avoided them so much. The concession of the long-standing artist. What it has in terms of accessibility, it lacks the iconoclastic thrill of her recent output.

As a business strategy, it only worked partially.”Break My Soul” has been sitting low in the top 10 for the past few weeks, but it doesn’t quite reach her peak hits like “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies (Put a Rumble” bell), ” or ‘halo’. It raises questions: Is it worth the gamble to snap up a traditional hit? The rest regeneration sterilized as well?

Now for the record, the answers to these questions are “maybe” for the first question and, happily, “definitely not” for the second. regeneration Arrived at midnight on a Friday morning as planned (despite a leak 36 hours early), 16 tracks, without any visual bells and whistles, and no stately treatment required.

Records are better for it.

A sensual dance fantasia of sensuality, indulgence and release, continually incorporating some of the most intoxicating and inventive compositions in recent memory, regeneration No accessories are needed to convey what it means. What Beyoncé and her small nation-state collaborators have achieved is a fusion of her most delightful, no-holds-barred music yet with her signature political and social resonance and virtuosity.

Here, the dance floor is where blacks and queers revel. Take “Cozy,” a heavy, steamy ballroom track in which Beyoncé mumbles “I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m comfortable,” mixed with another striking observation: ” They hate me because they want me / I’m dark brown, dark skinned…that’s what I’m all about.” It’s a euphoric self-empowerment frenzy with hints of black unity and beauty, Lizzo Often try with less dexterity. Beyoncé does it all here without losing her edge in the slightest, especially in this very grim vocal performance, even sweating.

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