Shakira Austin Gives Mystics Beyond Mercury Power


Shakira Austin walked to the bench Tuesday night as the crowd erupted at the Entertainment and Sports Arena as she wrapped up late in the fourth quarter. For the first time since joining the Washington Mystics, the rookie had a moment entirely of his own, with applause falling and a standing ovation.

Natasha Crowder took a few steps to the stands behind the hoop, waving her arms as the cheers kept coming, and everyone in the building took a moment to appreciate what they had just witnessed.

Austin had 16 points and 10 rebounds as the Mystics avenged Sunday’s overtime loss to the Phoenix Mercury with an 83-65 victory on Tuesday. The No. 3 pick leads the Mystics in both categories, and has done so most of the time with former WNBA MVP and former Mystics standout Tina Charles.

“That’s doping,” Austin said of the moment. “I try not to get too excited about it. Enjoy the moment, but it’s really exciting. I just want to take on the challenge. [Alysha Clark] It was mentioned in the last game – just to stand up. …I really just want to be able to turn it off. “

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Austin walked into the postgame media conference with two big bags of ice on her lap and declared, “I’m tired!” She fought for 26 minutes, at one point frustrating Charles so much that after Austin forced another turnover, she broke attacked the young man.

Perhaps Austin’s most impressive moment of the night was when she caught the ball at the 3-point line and quickly turned to see Charles getting ready to defend. It’s not a typical area for the 6-foot-5 center to handle the ball, but she doesn’t look uncomfortable. Austin dribbled twice without hesitation, turned the corner to Charles, and went down on a running half-hook.

The rookie took on the WNBA legend and was undeterred.

She has no fear,” coach Mike Tebow said. “She just doesn’t. We interviewed her at the draft, and she’s looking forward to playing all these players because they’re people she looks up to. …she was trying to steal information from part of their game and she wanted to test it with them. “

Claude added: “She’s a dog. She’s a dog. … She will respect who you are, but in the end she doesn’t care. She also knew who she was. “

The Mystics (10-6) led by 17 points early in the third quarter on an 11-0 run and prevented multiple rallies from there. Ariel Atkins had 13 points, Clark had 11 and Elizabeth Williams had 10 off the bench as Thibault scored for loss to Phoenix Two days after a “missed opportunity” in China, the mystics have found the answer.

Diamond DeShields had a game-high 21 points for the Mercury (5-9) and Charles had 19 points on 7-of-14 shooting.

Here’s additional information about the Mystics’ win:

The Last Time: Mystics laments ‘wasted opportunity’ in overtime loss to Mercury

Elena Delle Donne is back in the Mystics’ starting lineup and says her recent absence is “nothing to worry about.” She missed Wednesday’s win over Chicago, had a rest day scheduled for the Mystics’ win over Minnesota on Friday, and was the last minute before Sunday’s loss. The official report was a tight waist.

“I need a little reset,” said Dale Donne, who had seven points on 5-for-3 shooting in 26 minutes. “Go back to the weight room, lock something up. I’m feeling better now. It’s a season of exploration. We know we’ll be dealing with something different. That’s it. Nothing to panic.”

The two-time MVP explained that she could feel her hip “dislocate” before the warm-up game against Chicago. Muscles start to tense during the game, so it’s time to “turn it off”. For the past three years, Delle Donne has gotten very comfortable with her body and can recognize little things – like needing to push more from the inside of her foot.

Thibault said it hasn’t been decided whether Delle Donne will play in New York on Thursday, but the original plan was for her to sit at home for Sunday’s game against Connecticut.

Crowder improved her team’s streak to 18 with five or more assists. This is the fifth longest record in WNBA history. On Tuesday, she had a season-high 10 points with six. She said her shot was a little off, so her goal was to put her teammates in positions of success.

“I’m just being myself,” she said. “Everyone talks about this record, but I don’t think about it. I don’t necessarily care about it. I just want to be who I need to be every night.”

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