Shakira prepares for trial and declares her innocent

Update August 1, 2022:

News of a tax fraud case against pop and Latin singer Shakira recently drew public attention after more details of the case were revealed. Prosecutors said Shakira failed to pay about $15 million in taxes to the Spanish government between 2012 and 2014. The team of prosecutors is also trying to sentence Shakira to eight years in prison on suspicion of fraud.

In response to these allegations, we reached out to Shakira’s story. Read the statement from the singer’s PR team below.

“Shakira has always cooperated and complied with the law, demonstrated impeccable conduct as an individual and as a taxpayer, and faithfully followed the advice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a prestigious and globally recognized tax firm,” Shakira said. Kira’s team told the American Songwriters in a statement. “Unfortunately, the Spanish Tax Agency lost one of two lawsuits with the taxpayer, continued to violate her rights and pursued another baseless case. Shakira is confident that she will be proven at the end of the judicial process innocence.”

Additionally, Shakira is currently refusing to settle the case, which means the singer is preparing to go to trial to fight the charges.In a recent interview, legal expert Daniel Gutenplan (partner at EPG Lawyers) issued a statement on the case against Shakira, “The Spanish government is unabashedly going after celebrities for tax evasion. We have Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and now Shakira [accused of tax evasion]. Governments often want to follow their example. “

Gutenplan also explained that Shakira and her team could revisit a settlement “on the way.” But whether or not Shakira resolves the issue at trial, we can only hope that the singer resolves it quickly and gets back to her fans.

This is still an evolving story.


Originally Posted July 29, 2022:

While Shakira’s hips didn’t lie, Spanish prosecutors claim her finances may.

The Colombian singer is currently charged with tax fraud by the Spanish government. Prosecutors said Shakira failed to pay about $15 million in taxes between 2012 and 2014. Shakira is believed to have lived in Barcelona with her family during this period. The panel of prosecutors will also seek approximately $24 million in fines for the alleged fraud.

What’s more, in addition to the charges and fines filed, prosecutors are trying to sentence Shakira to eight years and two months in prison.

The remarks came after Shakira refused to settle the case. In refusing to settle, Shakira will have to stand trial. No trial date has been set yet. In addition, the singer’s representative stated that she “has been cooperating with and abiding by the law and has demonstrated impeccable conduct as an individual and as a taxpayer”. They also said Shakira was “confident in her innocence” and viewed the allegations as a “violation of her rights”.

Now, even though Shakira is currently not actually incarcerated or even technically on trial, her fans are going all out to show their support for the singer. a few fans Blaming Spain’s colonial past without reparations is hypocritical, while more fans turn to the humorous satire.

“I distracted the guards so Shakira could sneak out of jail,” a tweet from a Shakira fan read, featuring a video of a woman dancing. Others showed dramatic jailbreak scenes in the name of Shakira’s release.

Shakira’s team has yet to make additional comment, which is a developing story.


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