Small game tweaks Rockstar should consider

With Rockstar Games Delayed Release Grand Theft Auto 6the critically acclaimed fan Grand Theft Auto The franchise just wants a compelling story and pure chaos in the new installment.and with success GTA Onlinefans know that Rockstar may have a lot of surprises waiting for you Grand Theft Auto 6.

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However, with the long-awaited wait, there are still several years to go Grand Theft Auto For the sequel, fans do want to tweak and change some game elements to take advantage of the experience.Taking into account recent graphics capabilities and game elements Grand Theft AutoPublish, what kind of gameplay should it be Grand Theft Auto 6 Did the player have the most fun?

8 Job system

Although a game like this Grand Theft Auto 6 It will almost certainly only allow players to become criminals and grow into crime bosses, and it may expand the interactivity of the game to have some kind of career system. Similar to an RPG, this means giving players the opportunity to take on other criminal-like roles, such as a killer, bodyguard, or even a treacherous cop.

However, unlike RPGs, Grand Theft Auto 6 This functionality can be simplified with basic “features” that make these jobs more unique. For example, having a job gives the player access to exclusive weapons, vehicles, and a more friendly personality to certain NPCs. Again, these jobs give players access to specific mini-games and quests.

7 respect the system

One of the most innovative features of the two Grand Theft Auto 2 and San Andreas is to respect the system.both Grand Theft Auto 2 and San Andreas Players are encouraged to do things that benefit a particular faction to increase their respect, but the results vary.exist Grand Theft Auto 2, players with a high respect level for a gang can access more of their quests.At the same time, respect San Andreas Can indicate how many gang members the protagonist Karl can hire to accompany him on his missions.

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This feature did not return in any subsequent games, and the closest thing to a respect system in modern games is the “CEO” and “MC President” bonuses GTA Online. this is also something Grand Theft Auto 6 May feature, as there are a lot of open world games out there, like Bethesda games (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls) often feature faction tiers with different benefits.if Grand Theft Auto 6 With all kinds of gangs, respect can play a huge role in side quests and whatnot.

6 Challenging Funding Access System

Given how Grand Theft Auto The game is more or less “have fun” in a rather reckless and dangerous way than other games, which makes sense for players to have easier access to money. After all, the difficulty here is how players can maximize the fun they get with the items they own. However, Grand Theft Auto 6 A stricter system of earning money could be used, especially to allow players to explore other components of the game.

from GTA Online business system, Grand Theft Auto 6 Can feature various mini-games representing errands players can do for gangs and other agencies. Through these mini-games, players can earn a variety of extra cash while performing missions.

5 Clothing customization system

thanks GTA Vice City and San Andreas, players can now use different types of clothing.This adds a whole level of customization that will find its way in future games, even in GTA Online Certain garments can be modified, such as hoods or jackets.However, despite GTA 5 and GTA Online, they still lack the specific level of customization that can truly personalize the player experience.This is completely different from the situation in the game, e.g. saints row Players can customize not only the colors, but also the textures and logos of the clothing.

Clothing customization system Grand Theft Auto 6 This can go a long way in personalizing the player experience. Just the option to customize the colors manually or via the palette, as well as being able to modify their basic appearance (e.g. folding, etc.), will give players a better understanding of their character.

4 physique change system

One of the most popular features introduced in GTA San Andreas It is the choice to go to the gym to modify CJ’s physique. In this way, he can have a lean physique, a muscular physique, and a large physique. However, aside from the visual differences, the physique the player chooses can also affect CJ’s overall performance.

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For example, a bigger CJ means running slower, getting over obstacles harder, and being laughed at by others. At the same time, a skinny CJ will allow him to run faster at the expense of lower health. Finally, a muscular CJ can do more damage at close range.Such a system could greatly affect immersion Grand Theft Auto 6especially since this visual choice affects the game mechanically.

3 pedestrian interaction

in the world Grand Theft Auto, NPCs are often referred to as pedestrians because of their nature only to exist to fill the path set by the game.However, when it comes to games like Sin City After being released, pedestrians began to be programmed for more realistic actions, such as making phone calls, sitting on benches, smoking, and talking and fighting with each other. Some pedestrians also have sub-categories with unique behaviors, such as street criminals often stealing from civilians.

However, player interaction with pedestrians is still sometimes limited. In addition to statements and comments on collisions, many pedestrian interactions involving players often occur when they are being targeted or attacked. Grand Theft Auto 6 Slight improvements can be added to other forms of interaction, such as greetings, funny remarks, and even insults that can have various outcomes.

2 music streaming

This Grand Theft Auto The franchise has always been known for its rather unique and interesting soundtrack. In addition to its memorable hits in various games, its various radio shows are still fun for players who are just cruising around their vehicles. However, perhaps a small upgrade to this feature in the form of music streaming could greatly improve immersion.

simply put, Grand Theft Auto 6 The hope is to provide a way for players to connect their favorite music and streaming apps into the game, and let them listen to their favorite songs and podcasts while driving.This may increase the potential appeal Grand Theft Auto 6 as a comfortable game.

1 vertical option

One of the most amazing things people can check out Grand Theft Auto Not only the stunning visuals of modern games, but also the fact that players can travel to rooftops and other tall buildings with the help of planes such as helicopters. However, planes are often expensive, fragile and difficult to maneuver, so players are not advised to use them all the time.

should Grand Theft Auto 6 Plans allow players to access higher floors and buildings, and it can help improve exploration, giving players more vertical options. These may include making higher-rise elements that are more accessible, such as lower roofs, terraces and balconies. Additionally, more vertical gameplay, such as taking a sniper from above, driving a car to a building, or needing to go to a rooftop for a gunfight, might make exploration games more rewarding.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Currently under development.

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