Rockstar finally has an update for GTA 6 — sounds ambitious

screenshot: rock star game Well, after years of rumors and fakes, it finally happened. Rockstar Games confirmed next entry in Grand Theft Auto Franchising is actively developing.Of course, based on various reports and leaks, we already know this is the case – not to mention how much time has passed since the last time Grand … Read more

What’s happening in GTA Online 2021 and where is GTA 6?

picture: Rockstar Games / Kotaku Rockstar’s extreme popularity Grand Theft Auto The franchise is in an odd position in 2021. It’s a still huge game series, despite not having a big new release in years. Its online iteration is more popular than everbut if you look at Reddit and Twitter, you’d think it doesn’t have … Read more

GTA 6 shouldn’t have an American protagonist

“I love a lot of things about LA (d), which is why I moved back here after my first job eight years ago: perfect weather, laid-back people, creative people, Latino talent, really The diversity, the food scene, the artistic vibrancy. In LA, I feel like I’m at the center of the universe, where dreams can … Read more