The 10 Best Comic Relief Characters in Anime, Ranked

and full time hunter Returning from a hiatus as early as 2022, many fans are hoping Leorio, one of anime’s greatest Comic Relief characters, will return.

Shonen anime is known for epic battles and powerful moments, with a little comedy mixed in everywhere, but some characters add extra joy and humor to each scene. A good comic relief character can satisfy their niche while also having a strong moment in their own show, showing the depth of the character.

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10 Lei Cheng, my hero academia

my hero academia With some of the best young characters in anime, Kaminari Denki is one of the show’s top characters. Along with Kirishima, he is best known as one of Bakugou’s best friends.

When Kaminari overuses his electrical quirks, his facial expressions alone are enough to make the character a hilarious addition to the show. However, the character is also fun and one of the happiest members of 1-A. His friendship with Kirishima and Bakugou and his closeness with Jiro add some depth to his character.

9 Mr. Satan, Dragon Ball Z

Mr. Satan, also known simply as Hercules, is a surprising key figure in the Cell saga. He’s one of the only regulars without power among the show’s main cast.

Mr. Satan is introduced to the world for the first time dragon ball As one of the “World’s Strongest Warriors”. In fact, he’s a sucker for thinking that many of the show’s displays of supernatural powers are caused by smoke and mirrors. As absurd as he is in the Cell Saga, Mr. Satan’s help with the Z-fighters and his relationship with Majin Buu in the subsequent episodes adds to his character tremendously.

8 Chaz, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Chaz leads the Obelisk Blues

Chaz Princeton, also known as Manjumei Lei in the original Japanese, is one of the main characters of “Princeton”. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX And is one of Jaden Yuki’s three main competitors.

The brash Chaz is often mocked on multiple fronts, including his unrequited love for Alexis and his bizarre partnership with Ojamas. Unlike Jaden’s other two opponents, Zane and Esther, Chaz also lost most of his big games in previous seasons. However, thanks in part to Ojamas, Chaz found himself and became one of the best duelists (and characters) on the show.

7 Alex Armstrong, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alex Armstrong Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Title Card

Muscular Alex Louis Armstrong was the main supporting character in the original Full Metal Alchemist also Brotherhood of Fullmetal Alchemists.

Armstrong is one of the show’s most imposing characters, but he still provides a ton of humor to the show.One of his funniest and most intense moments came fraternity When he took on Sloth, it ended in a friendship between Armstrong and the muscular man Sig Curtis.

6 One Punch Man Saitama

Saitama in One Punch Man

Saitama, the protagonist one punch man, The strongest man in his universe. His strength is so great that he is known for finishing most fights with one punch.

A show’s lead is usually a major comic relief character, but Saitama fits the bill. Genos is both the main source of the show’s emotional punch, as well as the traditional action scenes, and Saitama is often brought out at the end to end the fight comically. Of course, as the protagonist, he does have his moments, but he’s mostly there for fun.

5 Joey, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Joey Wheeler Pointy Chin Yu-Gi-Oh

Yugi’s former bullies finally came to appreciate the young protagonist, and the duo of Yugi and Joey became one of the most iconic anime duos of the 2000s.

Joy has inspired generations Yu-Gi-Oh! Clone and dozens of red eye cards from the official collectible card game. Even in tense and dangerous situations in the gang, Joey always brings a lighthearted vibe with his big, boisterous personality. Joey is not without his powerful moments, including his famous duel with Malik.

4 Inosuke, Demon Slayer

Kill the ghost pig with pig head

The boar-headed swordsman is one of Tanjiro’s main allies Demon SlayerThere are very few characters in the series that bring a lot of laughs, whether it’s heroes like Kanao or villains like Gyutaro and Daki, there’s a lot of tragedy.

However, Inosuke is a rare exception, and it keeps bringing a sense of humor to the show. Yamato has a lot of funny comedy bits like his constant mispronunciation of Tanjirou’s name or his tendency to challenge everyone to a contest. Inosuke certainly has serious character development, including his loss to the Spider Demon in season one and overcoming his slump in Kanao’s training.

3 Might Guy, Naruto

Might Guy opens eighth door surrounded by energy in Naruto Shippuden

Might Guy is Kakashi’s main antagonist in the original Naruto also Blast. Guy is also a mentor to fan-favorite Tai Chi master Lee Locke.

While Might Guy is often seen as funny by Kakashi’s straight guys, their rivalry isn’t just for teasing. Guy’s obsession with youth and paving the way for the next generation is also used for comedy and inspiration. Guy has already won everyone’s laughter and respect when he fights his final battle and Madara declares that he is the most powerful Taijutsu user ever.

2 Leorio, Hunter X Hunter

Leorio HxH

full time hunterThe Leorio, despite disappearing for much of the middle of the show, was one of the most popular characters in the anime’s first and final arcs.

Much of Leorio’s work in the first season was a comedic role for the harsher Kuripika. The two boys developed an unlikely friendship at the start of the episode, and Leorio has remained a fan favorite ever since. His greatest moment came when he punched Ging Freecs, one of the most powerful characters on the show, amid cheers from fans and other characters.

1 Dodo, Jiujitsu Kaisen

Aoi Todo Applauds Unleashing His Boogie Woogie Technique

Todo is one of the main supporting characters Jiu-Jitsu is immortal. He’s also one of the most powerful wizards in the series, and Baniao’s self-proclaimed “best friend.”

Todo’s constant “What kind of woman is your type?” questioning and his obsession with idol Takada is fun, but his bromance with Itachi has him downright hysterical. As humorous as he is, Todo was instrumental in his and Itadori’s battle with Hanami, one of the best minor villains in anime, and it was a great way to end the show’s first major arc: the exchange event.

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