TikTok user slams Addison Ray and Beyoncé as ‘blasphemous’

This week, Addison Rae came under fire for wearing a Christian-themed bikini look, and Beyoncé was drawn into the fray.

The now-deleted photo of the swimsuit is part of a partnership between Adidas and fashion company Praying, which sells simple clothes and swimwear accessories emblazoned with slogans.

The social media star has come under fire for a vulgar post she shared on August 2 due to her religious ties.

Now, TikTok users are slamming Beyoncé’s new song “Church Girls” for the same reason, with both being accused of “blasphemy.”

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Addison Rae slams religious bikini photo

Addison Rae caused an internet sensation on Tuesday when she shared a photo of herself wearing Praying’s Holy Trinity bikini.

The white swimsuit retails for $100 and features the words “Father,” “Son,” and “Holy Spirit” on each cup and string bikini bottom.

This is the Trinity, a Christian doctrine that defines one God in three divine persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

In the vulgar footage, which only captured Addison’s bare upper body, the influencer posed in a bikini with the Adidas and prayer logo on it.

However, the adidas and Addison Rae collaboration was not well received by fans, who slammed its offensive religious connotations.

one person wrote On Twitter: “Why are you so disrespectful to Christianity? You don’t respect any other religion, just Christianity? Why did you have to create it, @adidas? “

“What the hell is this??? So rude to turn your face. I promise you won’t do this to any other religion. Disgusting what people do for money,” the tweet said. other.

Beyoncé’s church girl also slammed

Following the backlash from Addison Rae, Beyoncé’s song Church Girl from her new album “Renaissance” also came under fire.

In a TikTok video that went viral with more than 250,000 views, one of the girls said: “I was after Addison Rae’s bikini and the lyrics to Beyoncé’s new song.”

TikTok users link the two because the lyrics of the song are very explicit, which some consider disrespectful.

The song is about religious girls going to parties, “slutty,” promiscuous, “naughty,” “vulgar,” and suggestively dancing.

While some people liked the song, others thought it might be a little disrespectful to a person writing: “Gosh, the church girl song on Beyonce’s album is so offensive, gosh, what happened. I know I’m not religious, but wow.”

“I also heard that Beyonce’s new album is about being a church girl hanging out with her single friends! Like what!?” Other Say Before calling her “blasphemous.”

TikTok users blast Addison and Beyoncé

In comments on the viral video, TikTok users slammed the two women as blasphemous.

One person wrote: “I’m blown away by Addison Ray and Beyoncé, I don’t want anything to do with her.”

“What’s going on in the world,” another said, while a third added: “I’m amazed.”

“Although it’s normal to disrespect us now, all we can really do is express our opinions and pray,” another commented.

Others, however, felt that people missed the point of Beyoncé’s repertoire, and it wasn’t intentional disrespect.

The song is about girls who break free from the constraints of how “teaching girls” should behave and echo empowerment.

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