What’s happening in GTA Online 2021 and where is GTA 6?

Collages of GTA Online characters and Dr. Dre, and NPCs from the remastered GTA Trilogy.

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Rockstar’s extreme popularity Grand Theft Auto The franchise is in an odd position in 2021. It’s a still huge game series, despite not having a big new release in years. Its online iteration is more popular than everbut if you look at Reddit and Twitter, you’d think it doesn’t have fans.

And then to top it all off, Rockstar released a collection of restorations that looked kind of pretty but were totally broken Grand Theft Auto Classic, and decided to battle modders all year round.

still have not Grand Theft Auto 6, even if it’s randomly trending online over and over again. So yeah, it’s been a weird year.

2021 is off to a great start with a fun video featuring Gerard “Slink” Johnson and Sean Fonteno reprising their roles as Lamar and Franklin The infamous barbecue scene is recreated in real life Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto role play also fried again on Twitchstarring in some non-Grand Theft Auto characters, too.And in February, some crafty and clever modders Reverse Engineering Sin City and GTA III source codeopening up the potential to port these classics to more platforms.

Meanwhile, another tech-savvy fan went so far as to fix the PC version’s poor load times GTA Online and Rockstar paid them $10,000 for it.

However, things soon turned south with a flurry of bad news. Grand Theft Auto Fans and players started.

First, Rockstar and take two Issued a DMCA to the person behind the takedown GTAIII and Sin City source code project.some Developers stand firm against Take-Two And all this led to an ongoing lawsuit.

Then, Take-Two starts using legal threat and DMCA removal remove the old GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas Mods from the Internet. This angered modders, some of whom found mods that were nearly a decade old removed due to legal takedowns. Other creators close and remove old ones Grand Theft Auto module Out of fear of legal retaliation from the publisher. (By the way, Take-Two is still doing this. As recently as last month, the publisher reportedly removed Grand Theft Auto IV moduleincluding a save file from a popular Grand Theft Auto community site. )

All of this has further fueled speculation that Rockstar is planning to release a remake of the classic. GTA Trilogy. in August, small house Confirm with sources that all rumours are true Rockstar plans to release remastered port GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas All major consoles include the Switch.

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picture: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

With the hype surrounding these remakes later this year, Rockstar and Take-Two once again angered the community: Pull the original version of the classic trilogy from the digital storefront.

Meanwhile, in the land of jet motorcycles and long loading times GTA Online, the game received the first of two large free updates. The first is in July. This summer update is entirely focused on street racing and uses fast cars for various crime and street races. if this sounds a lot like Fast & Furious, well… that’s because the update is basically Rockstar’s adaptation of those movies. (Well, early on at least.) It’s a great update that’s been widely welcomed by the community, and it feels like Rockstar is really listening to a player base that’s hungry for more automotive culture content GTA Online mode. Oh, and the update also added a nearly unkillable terminator Knockout. Like I said before, a strange year.

Around the same time, Take-Two Trying to convince investors that Rockstar Games has a very diverse range of games include Grand Theft Auto…Uh... GTA Online, And… um…. Grand Theft Auto V, againOh!and Red Dead Redemption II. The reality is that Rockstar Games has all but ignored most of its popular franchises over the past decade and has failed to create a grand or Red.

As September approaches, like Grand Theft Auto 6 There are more random trends in 2021 than in the past. This is due to several factors, including false rumors reported by the site and sources from Grand Theft Auto Want to hear from fans about the next entry in the series. Things got so bad in 2021 that someone crashed a live TV acting just for shouting Grand Theft Auto 6. When I was writing this in mid-December, it seemed highly unlikely that Rockstar Games would finally confirm and announce 2021 Grand Theft Auto 6. There is always next year, right?

Adding to people’s growing frustration Grand Theft Auto Fans are informed of the announcement PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online been delayedd. Initially, these ports were planned to be launched in November. But at Sony’s big PlayStation event, Rockstar released a new trailer that failed to impress fans and announced a four-month delay.On the eve of the event, mounting (and unfounded) rumours don’t help Grand Theft Auto 6 Revealed, even the trailer for the classic trilogy that was still gossiping at the time.

None of that happened, and instead, a game from nearly a decade ago was delayed in 2021.

in October, GTA Online Received a minor Halloween update This adds deadly cars and NPC killers to the online city of Los Santos. It also adds some deadly clowns. If you look up at the sky on a creepy October, GTA Online Infested by UFOs. While not as cool as the Tuners update, it’s a fun way to celebrate the best holiday ever, Halloween.

at last, after a massive leakRockstar confirmed on October 22 Grand Theft Auto Remake is real will be released on november 11. The new port will have newly created textures and models and will also use Grand Theft Auto V– Similar controls. everything sounds so good…

Of course, if you have been to small house Or any other video game site in the past few weeks, you know how the remake turned out. Not very good.

Although it looks good sometimesit suffers many errors, Including watching the painful rain and scary models, and Other unwanted visual tweaks. It was a complete train accident. Hell, the folks at the data-mining remake even found leftovers from the infamous hot coffee content in GTA San Andreas. oops!

right reaction GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition so bad, so persistent that Rockstar finally issues rare apology November 19. Not only that, but the publisher has also announced plans to return to the classic version. GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas Available to PC players through its Rockstar Games store. Owners of the remastered collection will receive a return to the classic for free.

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Since the release of the remastered compilation, Modders try to fix and improve game. However, many modders and Grand Theft Auto The tinkerers decided to put this asideciting how Take-Two Interactive is treating them throughout 2021. *Insert “It’s Ironic Palpatine” GIF here. *

Rockstar and Grove Street Games are the developers behind the remake port, and they’ve also released some updates to the series since its disastrous launch. These updates have actually fixed a lot and made the game more playable. But if the developers want to actually fix these remakes, they still have a lot of work to do. It seems clear now that these things need more time in the oven.

But Rockstar was able to end the year on a positive note, releasing GTA Online Recently updated. This new update, The Contract, starring Dr. Dre, is set some ten years after the events. Grand Theft Auto V. This update not only adds some great new track GTA Online radio wavesbut it also includes missions that feel like they were ripped from an unreleased single-player game Grand Theft Auto game.

it’s a shame GTA Online After all these years, it’s still a kind of junk that takes forever to load. But when you can play with the new update, it’s one of the best Rockstar has ever made. It even provides some new info about Michael De Santa for nerds like me –Grand Theft Auto V status. Neat!Also, now this means that Dr. Dre is GTA Online universe.

Sadly, on December 16th, like GTA Online Get a brand new update on PS4, Xbox One and PC, The original version of the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 has been shut down by Rockstar GamesThe company had announced plans to shut down servers for these aging versions of the game earlier this year, but the final moments of watching the game on Twitch that day were still sad. RIP.

And just like that, the year is almost over. certainly, Grand Theft Auto 6 obsessive fan Not getting what they wanted, the remastered trilogy is an unresolved disaster.But several GTA Online Update helps ensure 2021 Grand Theft Auto Community.

Let’s hope 2022 brings better news, better games, and fewer lawsuits.


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