Where should GTA 6 be set?

In 2002, Rockstar introduced Beach Neon after modern-day Grand Theft Auto III’s return to Vice City in 1986. If they choose to make GTA 6 (opens in new tab) By turning the clock back the same number of years, we’ll see… 2006, shortly before GTA 4 was released.Hopefully the next Grand Theft Auto won’t make us feel the grim of time so acutely, but hopefully it will There is a creative environment that keeps us away from Liberty City or San Andreas.

We now know that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development (opens in new tab), but its setup remains a complete mystery. With the whole world at your fingertips and a new city coming to life with a huge budget, where (and when) should GTA 6 go?

Seattle (1962)

  • population: 1.2 million
  • Great landmarks: Space Needle
  • You will play: Unlikely partners in crime: hippie Zack Kerouac and sci-fi fan Sara Starr
  • Odds: 614:1

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