Who is 20-year-old Louisiana rapper Jay DaYoungan, who went viral with “Elimination” and “Thot Thot”

Hits like “Elimination” and “Thot Thot” have elevated his profile from regional star to noteworthy artist.

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Louisiana rapper Jay DaYoungan has made waves over the past few years by releasing a steady stream of mixtapes, elevating his image from area star to up-and-coming artist. The 20-year-old Bogaloosa, Louisiana native has done it largely on his own — Jay’s biggest featured gig to date has been on songs by emerging rappers like Quando Rondo and Yungeen Ace. In addition to building a fan base without any major co-signers, Jay prefers to drop projects that don’t have any features.

Although JayDaYoungan grew up listening to the voices of Kevin Gates, Boosie Badazz and Chief Keef, he’s only been serious about rapping for three years. Jay was more focused on his basketball dreams until he was fired from the high school basketball team.

“I didn’t take it seriously until I put a song on YouTube,” Jay told hype January 2018. I get a lot of love and they tell me I need to be taken seriously and that I have a voice. “

JayDaYoungan hit regional hits in 2017 with “Sliding Freestyle” and “Muddy Situation,” and has since hit national exposure with songs like “Interstate” and “Elimination.”The latter track was taken from his July 2018 project titled twenty three And remains Jay’s most popular song on Genius to date with 111,973 total views.

Thanks to JayDaYoungan’s rise to fame, “Elimination” went faster than his previous songs. It started off strong with an average of 770 Genius page views in July and maintained its momentum in August with an average of 687 average daily page views. Although the song’s popularity declined in the fall, Jay quickly followed up with another project before the end of the year.

His next project, forever 23Earned JayDaYoungan his Billboard 200 debut at number 86 and featured his next viral hit “Thot Thot”. Once again, the song got off to a good start, hitting an average of 700 daily views in December before stabilizing at 527 average daily views the following month. “Thot Thot” maintained a similar level of interest in February (average daily pageviews of 477), March (average daily pageviews of 479), and April (average daily pageviews of 422).

The enduring success of “Thot Thot” led Jay to drop a string of singles into his next project, endless pain, debuted at No. 70 on the Billboard 200 after its May 17 release. The most popular tracks so far are “Repo” and “War Ready,” which were both released as pre-release singles, but “Bang” has a chance to be an instant hit. The audio-only video for the song garnered more than 1 million YouTube views in two weeks, and a total of 8,709 views over the same time period.

In just a few years of his career, JayDaYoungan has displayed a prolific work ethic and developed a formula that continues to go viral. While many of his contemporaries seem content to blow up overnight due to a meme or a major co-signer, JayDaYoungan seems to be steadily growing his fan base. If the young rapper continues down this path — or gets a real breakthrough — he might be more than just an artist to watch.

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