Why trilogy is another symptom, not the cause

Grand Theft Auto Developer Rockstar Games gave us a lot to think about in the past few days. Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Definitive Edition Arriving Nov. 11, Bringing Three Classic GTAs Titles for current and previous generation platforms.While it can be tempting to have a frustrated knee-jerk reaction to the news (many of us would rather get a Grand Theft Auto 6 It’s an update, right? ) This new series actually has little to do with the upcoming sequel. if anything, Grand Theft Auto 6 More likely to be a victim of current events than development timelines.

Rockstar has little to do with the GTA remake trilogy

While it’s easy to assume that Rockstar Games itself has been working hard to bring GTA Trilogy to modern hardware with these remasters, it’s important to note that this isn’t the case.

In a Rockstar Newswire post with a November 11 release date Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogyit was revealed that the project is being handled by Grove Street Games, with Rockstar assisting only as a publishing partner.

Many reasons Grand Theft Auto 6 It takes a long time to complete, but these remakes are not one of them.rock star game

In other words, the talented people who helped us bring Rockstar North GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 These re-released creations have not been affected at all over the past few years.The timeline could be Grand Theft Auto 6 Adjustments have now been made because the trilogy exists to satisfy audiences, but technically one game is developed without directly hurting the other.

Development during the pandemic has proved difficult

If there is one factor that contributes the most to “latency” Grand Theft Auto 6it’s proving increasingly difficult to develop AAA games in the midst of a pandemic.

Last year, Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, told Business Insider Projects that require a lot of motion capture or audio work suffer from maximum latency and, assuming Grand Theft Auto 6 Expected to launch within the next two or three years, this is the exact stage of the creative process that Rockstar may be going through.

Anyone who has followed the gaming industry closely over the past year sees the outcome of the pandemic as high-profile games such as Horizon: Forbidden West, Eldon Ringeven the next-gen version Cyberpunk 2077 Both have been pushed from their respective release dates. Making games at home has proven difficult, and making games during a pandemic is even harder.These realities alone may change Grand Theft Auto 6 That’s a reduction of up to a year compared to previously planned places.

Chip shortages are killing next-gen ambitions

Needless to say, the transition to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S generations has been a little tight, mainly because consumers are struggling to get their hands on the next-gen consoles even if they have enough money. Buy one. It’s the result of a global shortage of computer chips caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s not ending anytime soon.

In late October, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told CNBC that he doesn’t expect to see a balance between supply and demand in the broader technology industry until at least 2023. So, if you’re a developer like Rockstar working on the next big game-gen hardware, you basically have two options: force a complex project onto the previous gen hardware and release it early, or wait for the demand issues to subside to Publish a single, final version of your next large installment.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Likely to be held back by chip shortages, like Chop is on his belt.

For now at least, Rockstar seems to have opted for the latter, but not every game maker does.

Over the summer, PlayStation Studios transformed from a development company that “believes in generations” to one that made releases. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden Westand God of War: Ragnarok Available for PlayStation 4 and PS5.On the third-party side, games such as Battlefield 2042 There will be completely different versions for PS4 and Xbox One.

However, as fans can see Cyberpunk 2077, transitioning an ambitious next-gen game to an older platform isn’t always smooth.This fiasco may be exactly what Rockstar avoided by waiting Grand Theft Auto 6. Similarly, Dragon Age 4an equally distant title, likely to be released around the same time Grand Theft Auto 6, which reportedly opted for an exclusive next-gen experience. However, if this is the path the developers take, then it must first wait for the hardware to become available.

This is exactly the holding model that Rockstar may face Grand Theft Auto 6. Blame the long wait Grand Theft Auto 6 About the state of the world, not several remakes of classics made by completely different studios.

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