Why ‘Wake Up’ Won’t Ruin the Series

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry. its last major release, Grand Theft Auto V, released in 2013 but still has a huge and loyal online fan base, and the game is still regularly appearing on the bestseller charts nearly 10 years later. Fans are patiently waiting for the next entry, and it appears that developer Rockstar is now fully focused on its development, even cancelling other remakes to go all-in.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Grand Theft Auto VI Possibly more culturally sensitive than its predecessors, while also starring as the series’ first female lead, it would be a major step forward for the series. While some fans were upset by the news, claiming that the game would be too “sober” as a result, in reality, it’s unlikely that much will change.

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at its core, Grand Theft Auto Consistently offering overly sarcastic commentary on America, this is represented by the three main characters from the last game. Rugged Trevor comments on poverty and violence, while Michael’s rich wealth highlights how an obsession with money can detract from true happiness. Finally, Franklin’s character highlights the issues of racism and stereotypes faced by black Americans.

Changing these core values ​​would make the series unrecognizable, and that’s a mistake Rockstar can’t make.its recently remade classic Grand Theft Auto in the game GTA: Trilogy The response was so poor that it became one of the worst-reviewed games of all time. Rockstar is acutely aware that it needs to make up for it and earn fans’ trust by exceeding expectations in its next release.Pay close attention to satire, cultural and political commentary Grand Theft Auto So being so successful in the past will be key.

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Rather than blocking the franchise, changes like having a female protagonist (who is also Latino) would actually increase the way they portray those comments. Playing as a female character, for example, will allow players to experience the sexism and over-sexualization of women that still exists in America today. Likewise, playing Latino will allow them to explore the racism and barriers Hispanics face.

This new, more culturally diverse and responsive direction is part of a broader positive development at Rockstar. The company has recently made some changes to address the once prevalent culture of toxic masculinity. This changing dynamic could have a huge positive impact on China’s development. Grand Theft Auto VIensuring that the finished project will meet the high expectations of fans.

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this does not mean Grand Theft AutoFamously violent and exaggerated characters will disappear. Instead, it just means that any jokes at the expense of marginalized groups will stop. While there may still be some characters who have these discriminatory views as part of the game’s portrayal of American culture, they won’t be as supported and rewarded by the game’s story as before.

However, this small change is nothing new because Grand Theft Auto VThe next-gen version of the already started this transition. The most prominent example is the removal of transphobic content from ports. These measures can only be seen as a positive, as future entries in the franchise will no longer taunt at the expense of marginalized groups, allowing more people to feel welcome and comfortable playing the game.Players will see similar subtle but important and necessary changes in Grand Theft Auto VI, rather than the “wake up” overhaul that some feared. In fact, using the violent criminal underworld to satirize the core foundations of American culture may be as powerful, popular, and confronting you as ever.

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